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Arctic Flow Records

 Anchorage, Alaska, USA
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Arctic Flow Records is a breath of fresh air! In an industry that many feel is lacking substance and quality Arctic Flow delivers. Our music is professionally mixed, mastered, and packaged and contains a well rounded selection of energetic, descriptive and fulfilling songs that are sure to please.


Arctic Flow Records is a breath of fresh air! In an industry that many feel is lacking substance and quality Arctic Flow delivers. Their music is professionally mixed, mastered, and packaged and contains a well rounded selection of energetic, descriptive and fulfilling songs that are sure to please.

Arctic Flow has been in business since late 2000 and has released three projects selling over twenty thousand copies. The first, Akreams’ “Ak Blunted”, was released in early 2001 and quickly caught a buzz in Anchorage and throughout Alaska. It set the stage for Akreams’ full length album “Way Too Cold” in late 2001 which went on to sell over seven thousand copies and established Arctic Flow as a force in the Alaskan hip hop scene. Josh Boots followed that with his debut album “Cold Weather Survival Guide” in 2003. The album has sold over eleven thousand copies to date.

Arctic Flow will be releasing three projects in 2008. The first, Josh Boots’ “Possession With Intent,” will be officially released in May but has already sold over 3000 copies hand to hand at shows and festivals. The album is a mixture of songs that takes the listener through a full circle of emotions leaving them feeling completely satisfied with their purchase. Akream will be releasing his sophomore album Digital Penetration in June followed by Soiled Seeds’ “Tree Top High” in August.

Arctic Flow will be spending much of 2008 on the road touring in support of these releases. Look for us in a town near you!


No Fathers

Written By: Josh Boots

trees is trees g''s is g's
see me breathin on a piece of chronic leaf wit a piece
I ve been through hot summer nights and winter streets on freeze
got relationships with zips goin steady with cheese
ima stick it to this beat like a pussy with ease
people never rehabilitate aint no relief
they never got fixed
they said he was weak they said he was sick I said he was flipped
he got caught up in a life style where money was qucik in love with the bricks
his 45 cocked in his crotch ridin right wit his dick
he got fire in his eyes screamin ready to flip
just a cold hearted hustla pissed to exist
if they convict or dismiss he'll be just like this
he been livin life that way since we was kids
with nothin to lose stuck in the game
im fellin his pain
when I put my sox on it goes right in his shoes

hey yo when you aint really got shit and broke is not an option
you lookin for a profit nobody could stop it
the game stays poppin and everybodies watchin
the world got a big mouth and all of em talkin

I dont just sit back and watch it
I live life and walk it
I get right and profit
I grip mics and rock it
with subjects of a life time
you must be out your right mind
you think I cant go lefty
its reasons why they left me
with tales from my hood incripted thats gettin hefty
cause babies aint got papas now
coppers want to lock us down
holidays and birthday parities fathers are not around
as shitty as it sounds thats the way that it pops up
they get shot up and locked up
when they used to the lock up
they get back on the street
start burnin the block up
and the ballers is flausin the nieghborhoods stocks up they be
pushin the product twistin the rox up
mamas get shot up blwow blwow
brothers and fathers is fiendin blwow blwow
mothers and sisters is heavin blwow blwow
only god can keep em cause they way up off the deep end


Now he pushin up on lovers lane
tuggin on a jug of pain
liquor runnin through his brain
murder racin to his brain
his chick left him
snitches helpt the cops fetch em
he rollin high speed smashin with a cocked weapon
he aint got no direction he caught up in agression forgot about progressin he in the wrong profession
he wants to rule the city
but his attiutde was shitty
cause all he knew was gimme and gimmie dont get
now he shit up outa luck
cause he ran up outa bucks
and the muck got thicker and the plot got tuffer
cause he popped with out a rubber
now his first baby daughter got another baby brother by a different baby mother
with a loose cannon father tryin to keep it under covers
its a...bout to explode
will he make it and take it
or let the cold cold world just break him and shake him
its a cycle in the circle of life
and only time let a mutha fucka know whats right!

Independent Hustle

Written By: Josh Boots

Im from Anchorage Alaska
north of the globe close to the poles top of the world stuck to the flow lately weve been cold weather strugglin
arctic flows the record label thats independent hustlin
I unthawed from permafrost to form permanent publishin
I waited around for to long
lets get the ball rollin
my speach perfected the beat and the people smilin cause they all knowin
tingelin from they head to they feet
lulaby for the childrens sleep
anthems for the city streets increase my energy every week
I see it now the stars is lonely but im on my way up
I pause untill I wake up
I struggle to get my cake up
I fight with beats and rearrange my speach untill we make up like .......
but you see musics like my main bitch
no matter how many times we hit
the loves so thick that she aint ever tryin to break up
and nothin could ever ever compare the crowd could only drop they jaws and stare and watch as joshua take em there cause they was never prepared I lays it down in the vocal booth and travel to get it mixed and mastered shipped and packaged and wrapped up in alaskan plastic and now its manufactured but they cant clone me
its Josh Boots Im known as arctic flows one and only


cause I recite nothin but the coldest material
syllable spiller
Im commin through your stereo
and I wont let it go untill you fellin my possition of this written abuse the rhythems gettin
Im on a search for my lyrical relevance
arctic flow set the presedence
this be the evidece
Im representin for my folks thats left out in the cold
from 10 units to a million sold

Verse 2

now tell me can you feel it yet
did I give you the shit that makes you want me
has the cold weather survival guide intoxicated your party
robert frost done covered my city for six months outa the year
Ive been hybernated n rhymin waitin just itchin for the snow to clear
water liquified in april and drifted away in may
the hottest summer nights are some of the coldest in ak
and my father wonders why im always gone often roamin
he told me to get a job I said dont worry pop Im on it
Arctic flows my only promise
I give it my heart and soul
dearly departed watchin it grow its outta control im fellin the roll
Im sellin this hand to hand
I might be lookin at you right now like god damm its 10 bucks come on man
you aint feelin it
well some of em dont most of em will
for those that do I ripped this outta my mind just to give it to you
so there you have it I know youve cried I know you died I know your tired of watchin me illustrate this shit right infront of your eyes
Im livin my life Im sick of the lies gimmie the mic I ll give it a try
my music livin and breathin long after my body dies



Akream: Ak Blunted 2001
Akream: Way Too Cold 2001
Josh Boots: Cold Weather Survival Guide 2003
Josh Boots: Possession With Intent...Comming Soon
Akream: Digital Penetration...Comming Soon
Soiled Seed: Tree Top High...Comming Soon

Arctic Flow will be on college and mixshow radio begining in april 2008

Set List

Over the years we have developed a highly energetic and professional stage show. We do sets anywhere from a half an hour up to two hours depending on the pay. We mix in covers with our original songs from time to time; usually only one or two per set just to keep the attention and energy up. Our set list always changes but a typical list might look like this:

1. Independent Hustle
2. Possession With Intent
3. Hispanico
4. Five O Clock
5. Clockin In
6. Hip Hop
7. Filthy
8. Not Tonight
9. Intro (CWSG)
10. Bounce
11. Closer
12. Takin Off
13. Spider in the Corner
14. No Fathers
15. Penetration
16. Mash Out
17. Wanderin Free
18. Cold Weather Survival Guide
19. Problem
20. No Show Sox
21. I Push U Push