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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | Established. Jan 01, 1979 | SELF

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1979
Solo Hip Hop Adult Contemporary


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Ardamus @ Food Chain Collectiove Release Party @ Asylum

Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Washington, District of Columbia, USA



Currently promoting the release of his project A Day in the Life of Modern Day Living, this DMV artist by the name of Ardamus is destined for stardom. With a few albums on the shelf and a few more down the line, Ardamus is packing nearly 10 years of hip hop under his belt.

We had the chance recently to chat with Ardamus and see what he’s all about. Hit the jump to get to know Ardamus…

Where you reppin:

I am originally from Nashville, TN. but moved to Washington, DC in 1997.

Introduce yourself:

My name is Ardamus. Solo artist. Emcee/producer/beatmaker. A member of the Food Chain Collective and one half of ARDAPLUS (Ardamus and Double Plus).

Where did the name Ardamus come from?

It’s my real name mispelled. My mother was into Greek mythology and the bible (which is where the name appears once in the old testament).

Main musical inspirations:

Old jazz music my dad would listen to was the start of it. From there, hip hop from beginning in the late 70s until now. Now, I will say in the golden era around the 90s, I was heavily influenced by a lot of West Coast acts like Ras Kass, The Likwit Crew, Hieroglyphics, The Nonce, Project Blowed, and etc. Also, I would bump shit like Common, Big L, Brand Nubian, Yaggfu Front, Outkast, Eightball & MJG, Company Flow, Ultramagnetic MCs, and etc.

When did you fall in love with hip hop?

My sister had a Greatest Rap Hits tape in the late 80s that I borrowed from here. It had Roxanna Shante, UTFO, Whodini, and Run-DMC on it. I use to play it out all the time. When CDs were poppin’, my dad bought me two albums I’ll never forget: Cypress Hill’s debut album and Too $hort’s “Shorty The Pimp”.

Current projects we should be looking out for:

The newest project to come out is a collaborative effort I have with producer, The Metaphysical, entitled “A Day In The Life Of Modern Day Living”. It is an entire project dedicated to going through a person’s whole day in 10 tracks. Currently, it is for sale at Sage’s SFR Record Store for sale with limited edition posters at this site. To preview the album, you can check it out here. As for future projects, at the beginning of the year, I will drop a grimey-ass DIY mixtape entitled “When Everything Goes Wrong 2.0?. After that, ARDAPLUS (Ardamus and Double Plus) will drop our album entitled “A Fistfull Of Plutonium”. Also, I’ve been featured on a few projects such as Babytraxxx’s “Babytraxxx Is James Digger” [download] and’s compilation entitled “The Philaflava Project” [download].

Previous work that we should know about:

I dropped my solo album “When Nothing Goes Right” on iTUNES, Amazon, Rhapsody, and alot of other places online [download]. And if you can find it, I had an old EP out in 1999 called “Life Is A Humbling Experience” that I don’t even have anymore. LOL.

What’s your equipment setup like?

I’ve got a Macbook Pro with Cubase Studio 4. The MPC 2000, which I’m currently looking for a replacement screen for (if you know someone who can help out, hook me up). The TEAC GF-350 Vinyl recorder. FL Studio, Sound Forge, and Reason on a PC.

If you had to pick one song that defines your career to date, what song would that be?

“Say To The Heart” is one song that really got some people looking at what I do.

Why should the readers and fans give you a shot and listen to your music from here on out?

Because I feel I’m good at this shit but at the same time, I keep myself grounded and humble enough to keep trying out new things. And I’m down to do this shit until the wheels fall off.

If you could only take one record on a deserted island with you, what album would that be?

“Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde” probably. I played the hell out of that album when I first got it.

What’s next for you?

Another solo EP and another full-length. Pre-production for both a nearly complete. Just setting up times to record and guest verses.

Any shout outs or last words?

Shoutouts to my family, my Food Chain Collective peoples, the whole DMV (DC/MD/VA) area, my folks back in TN., my homies in L.A., and my folks on the East Coast.

Check me out at the following:

Ardamus did the beat. My and Ardamus’ lyrics after the jump…

The District


When I got to DC, I said see me, please….

I need vodka, plus a shrink

Where the chicks love to open minds, but yet close their legs and yell touch the pink

White kids in Adams Morgan will have you snortin’

with much to drink

Its recession, with depression

grip reality as you clutch and shrink

As I’m tired of the bums and I’m tired of the train

as you’re tired of the sun like you’re tired of the rain

My life is getting shorter, with these buildings getting taller

The means I live by feel like they’re getting smaller

as my heart then hardens

never went to the gardens

always feel broke but yet I kick it with some ballers

everybody hustlin’

and everybody’s strugglin’

but nobody chuckles

when our stomachs start to grumble

working so hard does so little for fulfill ya’

you’re hoping chocolate city don’t turn to vanilla (shiiiiiiieeeeeet)

you’sa nigga is what the they say listen

some of them how face to hide the racism

money for the stadium and none for the schools

its the art of war bucks from the sun to the tzu

so…..yeah, I moved here of course, I’m glad still

I’m in DC straight out of Cashville


The district…the the the the district
No I won’t miss it.

As soon as I leave I’m gonna miss it


Spill in the Choclate City cavity

Sugar sweet savagery

Blood, beats, & batteries record the tragedy

Sadder-days sinners of latter days, sip depravity,

While AIDS rates stands on the head and shoulders of gravity

Tempers humidified; but thoughts get bitter chilled,

glass menageries keep the ceilings in place

Less tinted percentage gentrification is billed as

‘Revitalization’ of both air and space


Decidedly divided decadence dimly disappears behind dark deeds discrete


Corners crowded with cluttered consciousness convoluted communities of constipated cracked concrete
Professional players in skilled in street wizardry pull j’s, slap shots,

bustin Caps in leagues without justice

Patrol stated avenues to score points for teams

as if they not the government control illegal substance.

The mayor of washing-tones scrub dirty profits clean

Playin’ Ben on the banks of the Potomac

The talented are often born here,

Raised here,

Roam here,

but when asked about it, they quickly disown it.

Nightmares are built taking the unholy sacrament

Keyote stole the gospel in the city of Feds

When unfed scrum for crumbs disciples give thanks

For the blood of black men, paired with daily bread.


The district…the the the the district
No I won’t miss it.

As soon as I leave I’m gonna miss it

As soon as I leave I’m gonna miss it

Peace Justice Universal:

This is DC part 3 - Watching Them Deceive
It don’t seem the same to me
And thats from me, P - a displaced Salvadoran from Connecticut
No I don’t mean Northwest - but the north east
Where my parents raised me
Decisions made about war and family
and this is plan B
so you see how my mindstate relate to the youth held within the sway of the beltway
dirty diamond district
cops are sadistic - picking on the misfits
Go-Go kids, gang kids, goth kids, gay kids
punk kids, skate kids - born out of the hatred
Police State surveillance, total information awareness
money is spent on preparedness
versus war with imaginary nemesis
boogieman arch rival - I will be your Stokely Carmichael
firebomb the Ellington just to watch it rise again
until then, I spar with a golden pen
praise Shiva, it’s just a matter of when


Ardamus is one of the original guest contributors (OG status) for our blog and his solo album is out on iTunes. We were super impressed with "When Nothing Goes Right" right away. Ardamus is like if Beanie Sigel was possessed by Jay-Z and then they had a baby with themselves. That doesn't make sense but you'll see... -


Perfecto --- "Hell Froze Over" (1997, out of print)
Slipstream Invitational Vol. 1 (1998, out of print)
Anonymous Inc. (debut album, 2000)
Ladder Day Saints Compilation (2000, out-of-print)
202 Mixtape Vol. 2 (2002)
Whole Car Posse Tracks (unreleased 2004)
FARC Mixtape Vol. 2 (2006)
Philaflava All-Stars Posse Cut: Part 1 (
ADON Entertainment Mixtape (2007)
Philaflava All-Stars Posse Cut: Part 2 (
AKEO aka Dayasheen Presents: Larme 2 Feu (French Compilation; Spring 2008)

Life Is A Humbling Experience (EP) (recorded in 1998-1999, released in 2001; out of print)
Sitcalm (Ardamus and Cheri Latson) --- "Commercial Free" (EP) (recorded from 2005-2007; unreleased)
Can't Please Everybody Vol. 1 (online release only --- 2006, 2007)
Can't Please Everybody Vol. 2 (released in fall 2006; online release TBA)
When Nothing Goes Right (first full-length album recorded in fall 2006 til summer 2007; iTUNES released in March through 3:15 AM MUSIC, LLC. in 2008)
ARDAPLUS (Double Plus and Ardamus) --- "Fistfull Of Plutonium" (unreleased)
ARDAPLUS (Double Plus and Ardamus) --- "The Broke Beat EP" (unreleased)
When Everything Goes Wrong 2.0 (online mixtape released in winter 2010)
Ardamus And The Metaphysical - "A Day In The Life Of Modern Day Living" (released in the fall 2009)
Ardamus And C Royal --- "The Glass Is Half Full Of..." (released TBA in 2011)
The FAR EXPERIMENT --- (group project completed, released TBA in 2011)
I Can't Replace Me (new solo TBA in 2011/2012)

Cultur Cypha album (one track, bootleg release, 2002?)
Sitcalm EP and unreleased songs (all production, 2003-2006)
IGS Album (3 tracks, 2005 - 2007)
ADON Entertainment Mixtape (3 tracks --- 2006, 2007. released online 2008)
Santos --- (tracks on new album 2007 - ?)
Phenom --- (tracks new album 2007?)
Insurrection --- (two tracks, album released 2007,
Can't Please Everybody Vol. 1 (released on-line, 2006)
Can't please Everybody Vol. 2 (released 2006-2007 )
When Nothing Goes Right (iTUNES release: March 2008, CD Release TBA)
Poem-cees (2 tracks for upcoming in 2008)
Laelo Hood (new track for upcoming album in 2008)
Night Train (various tracks for upcoming release, 2009-2010)

Other stuff: Intereviews featured at:

Affiliations (past and present):
Verbal Armageddon
Ladder Day Saints
Flipper (
The Food Chain Collective (
The FAR EXPERIMENT (Flex Mathews, Fleetwood DeVille, Ardamus, RNL)



Growing up in the south, Ardamus (who's real name is Artemis D. Thompson) was faced with challenges in terms of doing hip hop music. Influenced by early rap groups from the 70s and the 80s, he took an interest in hip hop music. As well, Ardamus was influenced by jazz, rock, gospel, and blues. The town of Nashville did not however seem to embodied of embraced the kind of hip hop music Ardamus was seeking to do at the time. After graduating from high school, Ardamus attended Howard University where not only did he get an education but, it was where he crfated his skills the most through various emcee battles, poetry slams, and showcases. In between attending Howard University, Ardamus recorded an EP entitled "Life Is A Humbling Experience" and released the EP with limited copies which he was able to do through the Young Artists Grant Initiative that was awarded by the DC Arts Commission. Along with this, Ardamus was also a part of a non-profit organization that deal with arts & activism entitled Sol Y Soul Productions, a member of a hip hop crew formerly known as Ladder-Day Saints, and one-half of a group entitled Sitcalm with Sol Y Soul member, Cheri Latson aka Kalicoh. Recentlyt, Ardamus is part of an artist collective in the DC area entitled The Food Chain Collective and has a group by the name of ARDAPLUS with fellow emcee, Double Plus. Currently, Ardamus released his solo album, "When Nothing Goes Right" in 2007/2008 and later recorded an EP with producer Metaphysical entitled "A Day In The Life Of Modern Day Living" in 2009. Ardamus has jus completed a collaborative album with North Carolina producer, C Royal, entitled "The Glass Is Half Full Of..." that will be self-released in the summer of 2011. Also, Ardamus has completed a 7-track group project with The FAR EXPERIMENT which consists of Flex Mathews, Fleetwood DeVille, Ardamus, and RNL. Currently, Ardamus is preparing to record his next solo album, "I Can't Replace", with production from Kev Brown, Oddisee, Hezekiah, and many others.

Ardamus is described in one word when it comes to hip hop: diversity. Fomr experimental tracks to raunchy humor to good clean messages, Ardamus has the potential to touch base on all aevnues through his music.