Area Code

Area Code


Taking cues from contemporaries such as Wolf Parade, Tapes n' Tapes, Get Him Eat Him, and Spoon, Area Code mines the rich soil of 60s British Invasion, 70s prog and new wave, and 80s post-punk to invent the wheel one more time.


Assembling a crew with such a varied pedigree can be tricky. Some members are trained in jazz. Some members have played in jam bands. Some members have played with the NYC indie rock elite. The point was to get together and write inventive indie rock music. So far, it's working. Drawing from bands like Talking Heads, Wire, GBV, Pavement, Wolf Parade, and many others, Area Code is working to create a distinct sound and vocabulary. So far, people seem to like what they hear.


Rebel Salvation EP-May 2007

Set List

We usually play 10-12 songs in a set. Our set usually ranges from 35-45 minutes. At present, we don't do any covers.