Areia e Grupo de Música Aberta

Areia e Grupo de Música Aberta


Acoustic instrumental quartet trying to develop a concept of improvised music called Open Music inspired by a ancient northeast Brazilian poetry form and grounded on the afro Brazilian rithms.


Bass player, composer and producer, Areia has been on the road for 20 years and on hiatus for the last 10, since releasing his first album. But now there was this growing need to realize his concept of “Open Music” and he found the inspiration for his new compositions on the cyclical improvisation made famous by the Brazilian folk singers of the Northeast. “When I started listening to Oriental music, I would notice that it always had a theme, just like the exchanges inherent to the Northeastern folk rap known as “repente”. That’s how “Open Music” is: an improvisation with a creative freedom that evolves from a theme”, says Areia.

The talented and experienced musicians that are part of Grupo de Música Aberta, also contribute to the tonality that permeates throughout his new album. Besides Areia (Mundo Livre S/A) on bass and musical direction, we have maestro Ivan do Espírito Santo (Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda) on sax, Júlio Cesar (Baião Polinário) on the accordion and Cássio Cunha (Alceu Valença).


(2011) Para Perdedores
(2013) Areia e Grupo de Musica Aberta DVD