Bristol, England, GBR

Ares are a young Indie Pop/Rock collective, focused on making music that is a little bit different from all the acts currently permeating the playlists of the radio, yet still aiming to deliver catchy and concise tunes which emphasise melody and hooks above all else. While they are the kind of band who is not too afraid to branch out with their songwriting: whether a grand, big booming and anthemic song has been written to give you that empowered feeling, or a crazy high tempo, dance track has b


Ares formed back in September 2011 in Bristol, gelling instantly, and have since become a painstakingly precise and tight unit. The band strive to convey feeling through their hooky, melodic and sometimes frantic numbers. Since coming together at Access to Music they have persisted in producing new and exciting material, with no end in sight.

Unlike alot of todays rock outfits, they are capable of evoking different feelings through varied songwriting -- Whether it be an introspective ballad or a hectic dance track -- they are able to interchange styles with conviction and ease.

The band gather their influences from a vast range of artists but as they joined, they mutually agreed to put all their collective talents into one melting pot, and let the music speak for itself.