Redford, Michigan, USA

Arescyn is a hardworking blue-collar band that defies any obstacle to success. Not only do we have a live show that rivals that of stadium acts, we live and breathe to create music, and are constantly fine-tuning our craft, for perfection of our art is our goal on the road to success.


Our band has a range of influences, notably from Korn to Fear Before, classical Bach and Beethoven to the rap artist Lil Wayne. If there is true talent behind a record, we listen to it. What sets us apart from other bands is the fact that we are willing to be homeless, jobless and carless, living a life of instability to push our songs and the record that we are releasing this year. No other band that we have met has shown the type of dedication that we have. We might stumble and make mistakes, but we are strong enough together to overcome any obstacle that has stood before us. We signed to Statik Factory Records (Attila, Chelsea Grin, And Hell Followed With) in 2008 and plan to release the debut album summer of 2010.


Dr. Tongues Castle of Terror

Written By: Arescyn

Turn the music up,
Drive so recklessly
So you can sleep with celebrities.
Kissing her i feel the cold cause of effect
i just wanna see her fucking dead.
What a feverish mouth you have,
filled with ammonia rotted teeth.
She smiled with a sealed fate,
and disappeared without a trace,
my gemini has left but,
but im still here not another word called the angel of glory,
praising her wont work this time,
honestly her nose is raw with the company she keeps
they've hidden this from me all along
his name precariously whispered in my ear
my beloved symphony has broken all its strings
the pigeons will mock the paneling that you place behind you
they mock every word
and I'm tearing the feathers from your wings
I still sleep with a gun next to me
as long as I'm living and youre breathing
I will break your fucking neck.
Though thoughts slip away before I can pin
them down to words
I live in wrath,
you sleep with envy,
like ghosts chasing their once lived pasts.
for no more than the sake of comfort is such a short lived existence.
ushered from side to side
what of the birth given right to decide who lives
and who just cant get out alive.
were all the fucking same inside
we live we breathe we die we fuck we fight
were all the same

Lonesome, Wild

Written By: Arescyn

The ink from my pen could create
scenes that would escape from their pages with such
clarity that they would imprint themselves on my reality.
I am not a blessing in disguise, I am not.
How convenient could it be that your legs were flavored
origami with a smile similar to the dance of thieves.
I can't deny that I would love
nothing more than to stand before the crowd of a silent movie,
and talk my way out of it,
I could always talk my way out of anything.
So open, open wide, open your mind.
The sky's silhouette is calling me forward
and I can't deny such a generous offer of sympathy
to a cockroach as I.
I fear that my wayward heart will never find the home that it needs.
As long as the pregnant teens with
miscarried children consider themselves blessed.
I pursue illusion, my questions will never be answered
even in death, and I never realized how hard it
was to erase the sound of dreams.

Oh Pharaoh, Save Your People

Written By: Arescyn

I drag my hands across the water,
but why do I bother, it only contradicts my ways.
Brown eyes tear through hollow flesh,
I said this is just loneliness,
this is loneliness
All it would take is one word and we could be.
If jealousy taught me anything it's that you never
love me the way that I loved you at your darkest.
My bedposts are carved and I can't take them back.
Can you still count them all on one hand because I can not.
Lust forms tears as memories reimburse me for the
crime of conviction.
Gazing in wonder as our world falls apart,
is this the end.
If these eyes were ever worthy to look upon you
it was forever ago.
I'm in debt to sound once again the caretaker has
falsified his redemption and reality has exiled me.
The transition from life to death is followed by applause.
Why are we here.
The choir boys will dance themselves right out
of their Sunday vests and into the devil's dress.
It's time to wait in line,
Come with me pretty girl, let's find redemption inside each other's pants.
let's make love to the sound of the end of the world.
Come with me my sweet angel,
let's fuck to the sound of the wedding bell
tolls such a beautiful chorus.


Moving Pictures for a New Era- EP

He's a Fool, She's a Mute- LP (release summer 2010)

Set List

-We Don't Eat Sundials
-Dr. Tongue's Castle of Terror
-The Gods Looked Up
-Andy Warhol Causes Eating Disorders
-Oh Pharoah, Save Your People
-Hymn of the Fayth