Arete, in its basic sense, means excellence of any kind. Arete in ancient Greek culture was to what all people aspired.Translated as "virtue," the word actually means something closer to "being the best you can be," or "reaching your highest human potential."


Music from the experimental, progressive rock group, Arete, introduced itself on the Norfolk, VA music scene in May of 2009, unifying modern genres in a way which the local university newspaper, Mace & Crown, has since referred to as "awesome" and a "great sound for the ears." Within Arete's diverse blend, chord progressions and verses revolve around thick and clever bass lines. Guitar pierces the air with fluid volume swells and mini solos which intertwine audiences while adaptive and solid rhythms from the drums keep floors dancing. Vocals are soulful and relevant, brilliantly floating across the sound.

Found headlining live shows in the Hampton Roads area, Arete is adding to their growing list of original music for their debut album, Events Leading to Progress. This album not only encourages listeners to "Change the World," but also to dance with a "Sundress Lady," enjoying the more alluring sides of life. These ideas, and subsequent tracks from Events Leading to Progress, are certainly goals of their music: ideology and meaning for the listener searching for relevance in music and a relaxed, upbeat message for the smoother, carefree days everyone seeks.

Members of Arete include, Kole Matheson (vocals/guitar/trumpet), Ryan Miller (lead guitar), Kyle Waters (bass guitar), and Eric Singer (drums). Organized by Miller who independently discovered the remaining three members of the group, Arete began in local Norfolk venues as he and Matheson gained recognition from audiences as original and impromptu while on stage. However, the structure, sound, and progress Miller sought remained incomplete. As time passed and the chiefly acoustic duo developed, Singer was introduced; Arete's crucial element of percussion was realized. And finally, when Waters—the band's bass and foundation for sound—united with the group, Arete was complete. Each of these members brings his own talent and style to the music; and, as these unique facets of the group meld, a sound is produced that pulls between progressive and Avant Garde. Therefore, Arete plans to continue their charge at Events Leading to Progress as they expand their fan base, array of venues, and song salience.