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Are You A Cop

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"Are You A Cop is a compelling band"

There are a lot of bands than can claim the same various genres and influences that Are You A Cop touch upon; the key difference that pushes the band beyond their contemporaries is this: taste. It's easier than it looks and whenever anything hard looks easy it is a red flag that greatness may be transpiring. I could list all the bands and sounds that I imagine they maybe were inspired by, but the real magic is in their clever recombination into what makes those sounds their own.

The band is very tight live and their new record sounds just like the shows. Watching the three of them and their respective musical contributions coming together is entertaining and shouldn't be missed. A new band that knows how to capture their live sound in the studio instead of constructing it there is a refreshing thing given today’s home-recording pro-tools created sound. Their energy on stage is palatable no matter if the crowd is made up of friends or strangers, in large numbers or not.

Are You A Cop is a rock band. They want you to have fun and enjoy everything going on in life that the music is reflecting. Their new album is packed with songs to make you laugh, dance and definitely rock. This album is a party record built to be played front and back.

- Jesse Sanchez


Mess of Girls EP



“If you’re in a band, and you should be, you don’t want to go on stage after ARE YOU A COP.” says L.A. promoter Eddie Solis, “They have a way of leaving you bewildered-so much energy. They are the loudest and the quietest band around. Are You A Cop makes you feel proud to be a part of the music scene.”

Indeed, it seems as if Are You A Cop is becoming this strange phenomenon of entertainment. Their music is all over the place… rock, thrash-punk, experimental, country, metal and all these vocal harmonies… just what the fuck is going on here?

For starters, their drummer, who goes by the name Drummer, is also Gregory Moore, who played on several SST Records releases including the last few Gone records with Greg Ginn. Simply put: you will never forget your first Drummer experience. Are You A Cop’s guitarist/singer-songwriter Ash Mullin is an intimidating but charming presence whose hobby seems to be strangling guitars and writing beautiful music. His playing style is unpretentious, authentic and VERY aggressive. Then there’s bassist/singer-songwriter Jonathan Pekar, who makes up the final piece of the trio. He’s magnetic, overly principled and hilarious. Hanging out with Jonathan is like spending time with Donald Duck; he also might be the loudest person you will ever come across.

Yes, there is no shortage of personality with Are You A Cop and it is apparent in their music. They pack in the fun and musical complexity that has made Los Angeles the continual breeding ground for great original music.

-Tracy Willamson