Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Music that is intentionally less obvious, for the enjoyment of playing and listening alike.


With a winding path of ups and downs that follow neither one set style nor one idea of what a song can be, A Disguise For Lies is definitive of Colourblind... disciplined and inspired.

As they have developed over the last few years in Perth, Colourblind have relentlessly pushed themselves - working as hard as they could as a touring act and taking broad musical steps forward as writers. As they found their feet - and through that their own sound - Colourblind absorbed the best music around them, taking little lessons from here and there until they arrived at the point where their approach to music was becoming increasingly more expansive and imaginative.

On a diet of influences that cast an unprejudiced net over just about all of the ’90s, Colourblind developed in the same scene that spawned the likes of Karnivool, and an ethos of taking big traditional rock, grunge and metal chops and taking them to smarter, more dynamic and more adventurous places.

Music that is intentionally less obvious, for the enjoyment of playing and listening alike.

Teaming up with the truly impeccable production team of Forrester Savell (Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect) and Sylvia Massy (Tool, Cog); Colourblind have taken every measure possible to realise their artistic vision as it deserves to be realised... with grandeur.

From song-writing, to performance, to production – A Disguise For Lies has been masterfully crafted.

Progressive in the most literal sense, Colourblind are constantly moving forwards artistically and as players. Captured on A Disguise For Lies is the here and now of this ongoing journey... songs that document where Colourblind have come from and where they dream of going next.

- Mike Wafer, Fuck Yeah! Media/Drum


A Disguise For Lies - LP
Colourblind - Double sided Single

Set List

Monkey Friends a Junkie
Get On My Ride
Self Preservation
The Dissipating Nature Of
It Has Begun

Approx set time - 40-45mins