Argo's core is a hell of a lot of talent and fire and imagination protected by a shimmering exterior of Rock and Roll chutzpah. Mixing a pop-rock sensibility with an experimental edge, Argo soars above the droning masses of mediocrity like a bullet into the stratosphere.


When dreamy, hooky crunch pop is done right, it melts your heart with out even trying. Even though Argo is notoriously one of the hardest working bands in their hometown of Seattle, Washington, their preternatural ability to craft immediately perfect rock gems feels completely effortless and triumphant. Now armed with a new lineup and a kind of working cohesiveness that loads of shows (several with Aqueduct, Architecture in Helsinki, and Viva Voce) and touring the West Coast brings, Argo is a band poised for constant positive progression. And why shouldn't they be? The band's 2004 release on Ana-them Records Jet Packs for Everyone, garnered substantial critical acclaim, received great College radio play, and Argo was even named a finalist in Red Hook's 2005 Emerging Music Awards.

Songwriters and multi-instrumentalists/vocalists Justin Benson and Matt Benham played together since childhood, before founding the band in 2001 with drummer/keyboard/vocalist Scott Leonard. Now the band is joined by bassist/vocalist Jon Wooster and drummer Adrian Van Batenburg, and, although some members have been involved longer than others, as Wooster explains, "Our songs are written collaboratively." And it shows, especially at Argo's live shows, where the band consistently lets intuition and teamwork push them to the next level, something Wooster adds is "a consistent element throughout the band."

When recorded, Argo captures the vivaciousness, loose energy of their live setup; there's nothing calculated here. The band's 2007 Attack of the Firebots EP is thick with infectious, danceable goodness, chalky, gritty solos that would make the Jicks proud, and enough warmth to melt the hardest of cynics who say the Pacific Northwest doesn't have even more to offer. It has also received much critical acclaim, landing the band a feature in April 2007's West Coast issue of Performer Magazine.


The Fall EP
Jet Packs for Everyone LP
Needs EP
Attack of the Firebots EP

"Kicking the Clouds Off" from the Jet Packs LP was used in episode 1710 of MTV's The Real World-Key West.

Jet Packs for Everyone and the Needs EP both achieved rotation at 90.3 KEXP Seattle and were featured on 107.7 KNDD The End Seattle, and 89.9 KGRG Green River Community College.

The Attack of the Firebots EP is receiving airplay on these radio stations:

WHCL - 88.7 Hamilton College/Clinton, NY
KUOI - 89.3 University of Idaho/Moscow, ID
KACV - 89.9 Amarillo College/Amarillo, TX
WGDR - 91.1 Goddard College/Plainfield, VT
KWCR - 88.1 Weber State University/Ogden, UT
KNDD - 107.7 The End/Seattle, WA
KEXP - 90.3 Seattle, WA

Set List

Our set list consists of eight to ten of the following songs: Needs, Firebots, All You Do, The Fall, Time Away, TV Drains My Energy, Bitter Lake, Alternate Ending, Alaska and Texas, Replayed Scene, So in Love, Taxes and Socks, Believing in Love, and Water's Red. We are versatile enough to play anything from a 30 minute set to a two hour double set.