Athens, Georgia, USA

We like to have fun on stage and we try to write music that people in the audience can identify with. We could appeal to a wide variety of music listeners, from fans of La Dispute to fans of Manchester Orchestra.


All of us come from different backgrounds, ranging from heavier music, to folk, blues, and classical. We have been a band for only 8 months, but we have already accomplished enough to be locally recognizeable and are readying the release of our 1st full EP. Our varied influences come out in our music. Our songs can go from very structured and theorized to very loose and grungy. I believe our live performance sets us apart from other bands because we try our hardest put everything into our set every time. We hold live performance in high regard and try to make our listeners have the best time they possibly can at our shows. Our main goal is to play music that everyone can put themselves into and to put on a good live show.


We have two tracks posted on our facebook right now, "An Introduction," and "Saints." Within the next month, however, we plan on releasing our first full EP, including five of our new songs.

Set List

1. An Introduction