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Argo Navis

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde




"Daily Diversion-Argo Navis at Pancho's"

Three the-weekend-is-almost-here-save-me-Jebus reasons to head over to Pancho’s tonight…

Chicago experimental rockers Argo Navis headline this Chicago versus Holland showcase at Pancho’s. Argo Navis could make psychedelic groove rockers Mars Volta blush from how many different influences – from Latin ambient beats, dub and prog rock – the band incorporates into its sound. On the rare occurrence where there are vocals, if the track “Mega-Notes” is any indication, the band is an expert at recreating Jim Morrison-style screeching and howling in a vein that is all too similar to a crazed love-lorn Mariachi singer. Assuredly, it is a sight to be seen in person. - Loud Loop Press


The Hercules Tapes - Live Demos

Demonstration (of an Astronaut's Inner Monologue) - Self-released EP



A long time ago, in a suburb of Chicago not so far away, four young cousins had just wrapped up their annual ritual of simultaneously peeing behind their grandmother's garage during a family function when they returned to the living room and all bore witness to the pure awesomeness that is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming Out of Their Shells Live. Seeing no other recourse, the quartet decided then and there that they would pursue only two goals in life:

1) to visit a toxic waste site with turtles and colored bandanas
2) to be in a band that would leave everyone who saw them live shell-shocked.

Most of this story is probably true. Historians believe that the original text was unfortunately lost during the siege at New San Dimas. What's for certain is that the core unit of what has become Argo Navis has been practicing and performing together under several different monikers since 2006. It was not until early 2009 that the band began to more aggressively pursue a life centered around sharing their music with the world though.

Considering that these four strapping lads (brothers Adrian [bass] and Eddie Navarro [lead guitar] and brothers Gabriel [drums, programming] and Erik Barragan [keyboards, synth]) all call the same wise and loving woman abuela, Argo Navis is truly a family affair. The dynamic sound being developed by this tight-knit group comes from years of feeding off of each other's creative energies. This, along with a sense of the serious work that is put into the group's weekly rehearsal and writing sessions, is something that comes through during every live performance.

Coming from a strong musical background rooted in spanish and 'classic' rock, the members of Argo Navis have taken up the torch of their forebearers in making sure to pay homage to the eclectic mix of artists and cultures that have provided the melodies of their lives. At the same time they are on a never-ending mission to bring new things to the table. The result is an experimental sound influenced as much by the progressive movement of the 60s and 70s, dub, Latin dance and 8-bit video games as it is by electronics, post-rock, and theories of experimental space exploration. Although the music itself may be difficult to categorize, its accessibility reaches across the board.

In antiquity, Argo Navis was the name of the largest constellation in the southern sky. It represented the mythological vessel used by Jason and the Argonauts on their quest for the golden fleece. Though modern astrology eventually dismantled the enormous constellation into several smaller clusters of stars, its significance remains even today. Like their namesake suggests, Argo Navis are riding their collective imagination on an astral voyage through soundscapes in the search for something golden.

Rest assured that there is plenty of room on board and they would love the company.

Bring some money for when they stop for lunch though.