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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Hip Hop EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"This album is just a piece of art."

This album is just a piece of art. Electronica (drum & bass)/Glitch/Hip-Hop hybrid... At first I didn't know how to take this album, then, I realized, IT WAS FU*KING AMAZING. It might take you a listen or two to take it in, but it's a wild ride through fantastic lyrics and crazy beats.

Presenceof1: SEAL OF APPROVAL. All damn day. -

"Argotec places 4th in Best NYC Hip Hop 2011"

"Anyone complaining about El-P not releasing records fast enough needs to check out Argotec and quit whining. Here's a post-apocalyptic rap duo that makes it their mission to cram as much information down your skull as the sonic spectrum will allow. Complete with glitchy laptops and punishing beats, Alex Argot and Rich Courage take technology, politics and culture and mainline it direct to your system. Dark and uncompromising, their debut LP Wherewithal showcases what's great about NY's hip-hop underground." -

"Argotec on Warper Radio"

"Argotec Live Interview/performance for NYC's Warper Radio on" - Warper Radio

"Argotec Mentioned in Italian Blog"

" We are Yeti and we reason for instinct and vibrations the same that make us love your music. I have introduced you (Argotec) to my public as the remedy for a healthy daily rage but not as sedative on the contrary as coadjutant!"-Picus Vento Nei - Picus Vento Nei

"Wherewithal Review"

"A-....their sound is refreshing, and I guarantee that no one on the scene now is doing what they’ve dared to."
Bryan Menegus-The Hofstra Chronical - The Hofstra Chronical

"The Deli Magazine cover Argotec"

"The Brooklyn two-piece Argotec, consisting of rapper Alex Argot and producer/engineer Defpotec, combines forces to generate chaotic soundscapes heralding an imminent apocalypse." - BrokeMC-The Deli Magazine

"Alarm Press Reviews Argotec's "Wherewithal""

"Argotec’s intellectual and socially engaging component sets it apart from many of its contemporaries. In many ways, the duo is obsessed with the current state of things, and as both artists are technologically and politically driven, the album is a labor of what they admire and despise. Add the ultramodern production that finds refuge in the disparate, and Wherewithal turns into a public-service announcement for the underground. "-Michael Nodello-Alarm Magazine - Alarm Magazine

"Vents Interviews: Argotec"

"What's the meaning behind the band's name? It has a sort of double meaning.
- Alex Argot (Main Lyricist) + Rich Courage a.k.a. Defpotec (Programmer, Engineer, Laptop Tech, Guitarist, Vocalist) = Argotec
- It can also be likened to "The Technology of Slang" or "Slang Technology" seeing as how the word Argot is defined as: a specialized language of an underground culture." - Vents Magazine

"French Blog writes about Argotec"

"A little discovery hip hop pretty cool. I am not a specialist in this kind of zic but when there is a mix of electronica with generally appreciate. This is the case with Argotec which explicitly refers to the slang, is the main tool of MCs in their battle..." (Roughly translated from French) -

"Argotec Selected for MF Magazine's Artist feature"

Argotec Selected for MF Magazine's Artist feature
More info to come. - MF Magazine

"Argotec Selected for's "Sonicbids Selects""

"Bass, glitch, rap, rock, IDM, techno…it’s near impossible to full describe the music made by Alex Argot and Rich Courage (Defpotec), aka Argotec. This New York-based duo have been getting a lot of attention lately for their studied hip-hop sound akin to El-P and Glitch Mob among others. " -

"Concequence of Sound Listen Feature"

Argotec featured on Concequence of Sound as a Listen Feature -

"Argotec performs at Genre Clash '09"

"Next up was the Hip/hop/trip-Hop- industrial/ /rock styling’s of the group known as Argotec featuring Emcee /intelligent lyricist Alex Arogot Rich Courage of ( Defpotech and former member of Magnetic North) and Dave Case(Jet Black Heart Attack, Exploder One , also a former member of Magnetic North). This was probably the first time Dave and Rich have been on stage together since the departure of Magnetic North. The live instruments consisted of guitar bass, and vocals, everything else was operated by computer. All three band members dressed in black, which was the total opposite of the previous act. Alex Argot has a low basey voice that raises slightly during certain phrases and is cleverly used when he rhymes. He will hit you it the face with intelligent and honest lyrics that make your mind wander. Rich and Dave added screams to the first song as well as some terrific vocal harmonies. There was a brief moment during Box Cutter Lover where the power cut out in the beginning of the song, but they regrouped and went right back into it as if nothing happened. From there it was a smooth set. Argot did some harmonizing with Courage as well. I liked how sometimes Argot would change the pace of his rhyming techniques with in a song , it worked so well. There was such an intensity coming from argot that you could feel the lyrics and find your self in situations that he was describing. You could tell that his rhymes came from a very personal place .The music and , melodic harmonies coming from Courage and Case were hypnotizing .You could paint a picture or tell a story. This was very entertaining set that you did not want to end."

Radio J
Aural Fix Magaizne

- Radio J or Aural Fix Magazine

"Argotec Interviewed By HofstraTV"

Argotec was interviewed on May 1, 2010 for a segment set to air on HofstraTV. - Hofstra Tonight

"Selected for "Artists to Watch""

Argotec Interview with -


In late March of 2013 Argotec released their second full length album titled "language of the Heart".
for FREE or Pay What You Like at
There is also a 14 page .pdf lyric booklet included when downloaded.

On June 17th 2011 Argotec released the "GasMoneyMix".
A 17min compilation of new songs and a remix off of their new album due out late Summer/ early Fall 2011.

Argotecs song "Inertia" has been licensed for use by Quicksilver during thier surfing competitions throughout 2012,173,Music%20of%20the%20Quik%20Pro.en.html

Argotec dropped their d.i.y. debut album "Wherewithal" on May8th 2010 and are working diligently on their sophomore effort. Here is some press garnered in 2010:

MF Magazine

Skope Magazine“artists-2-watch”

Young Rebel UK


The Deli Magazine

Interview/ Live Performance

May 2010
2.Every Step
3.Boxcutter Lover
4.Seed Reacher
5.What You Now Know
7.Dive Down
8.Chaotic Abuse Coupe
12.Kamikaze Trot
13.Appetite Insatiable

We are currently integrating MANY new songs into the mix.

And our second full length album, "Language of the Heart" is due to be completed by mid to late April 2012.



Argotec is an experiment in sound. A genre bending, raw collision of conscious intellectual lyricism, live instruments, melodic vocals, and glitched out beats that span the spectrum of electronic music genres.

There is no specific genre within to correctly categorize Argotec. The uniqueness of their sound encompasses the various influences of this eclectic collective. This broad range of influences includes Mike Patton, El-P, Amon Tobin, the Dillenger Escape Plan, and KRS ONE. Their sounds cascade over bouncy hills of Hip Hop, meander within foggy forests of Ambiant, float above slow streams of Trip Hop, and barrel through fire storms of Indie Rock.

Argotec's live show is a one of a kind multi-media experience. A marriage of live instruments, electronics, vivid lyricism and video stimulus from a projectionist who adds an intricate visual likeness to the subject matter of each song.

Argotec loves and lives to play, our songs are filled with emotion that carries over into a total performance package.

Argotec has opened for well known artists such as Diplo, Conspirator, KRS ONE, RA the Rugged Man, C-Rayz Walz, Dam-Funk, Kosha Dillz, Total Eclipse (X-ECUTIONERS/ILL INSANITY CREW) and Shinobi Ninja.

Argotec has played festivals such as Genre Clash 2009, L.I.M.F.2, Electric Farm Fest '10, Alien Acres Summer Camp'10, Close to the Edge:Music & Art Festival '10(FL), Adjust Your Eyes Music and Art Festival '11(OH), Vans Warped Tour "Bring it Back Tour" stage ('11), Happy Birthday Summer Camp 5 2011, Jam at the Grove 5 ('11), North Country Swamp Jam ('11) Indian Summer ('11).

(As well as many bar shows, Outlaw Parties and House Parties mixed inbetween.)