Arguments with an Elephant

Arguments with an Elephant


OUT OF THE BOX!!! Avant-garde instrumental improvisation based on folk tunes


Arguments with an Elephant is an improv collective consisting of drummer Tony Spina and clarinetist Krista Martynes. Expanding their sound with different electronic ingredients using loops, pedals, laptops, and sensors, they have played throughout North America and Europe in different sound scape situations with guest artists specializing in video, acoustic instruments, dancers, circus artists, lighting designers, beat box, vj’s, contortionist, and sound artists.

We base our work on instant compositions and graphic scores. Recently after a tour in Hungary and Slovakia, we have taken different folk songs, as well as original Italian folk songs and arranged them in a form of free improv. The sampling of different instances will also been presented in our work. Under the free form creative music, we have been able to attach other artist to approach this music with electronic effects.

Set List

Different improv programs based on members of the collective

Program of improv based on folk tunes