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“Arhytmia” - San Francisco band playing New Age and Rhytmis Soul type of music.


Visionary Music Pilot - San Francisco Music & Video Production studio.

Vitaly Mosk – music composer, lead vocal, guitar, synthesizer.
Russian born musician from St. Petersburg.

At age 6 began piano lessons and were influenced by the classical music only. At 10 studied guitar and by age 15 started playing in the various of local rock bands influenced by Pink Floyd, Queen, Deep Purple and ELO. At 16 started to write his own music and songs, but never expected a career as a musician.
Graduated from Marine Academy. Served 3 years in Soviet Reconnaissance Special Forces.

At age 23 lost his mother from sudden death of brain tumor and following death the rest of the family.
He was sailing on the vessels as a radio officer and spent some time travelling around the world. Went through two marriages with one child, son Pavel.

From 1992 lives in San Francisco, California. Recorded three albums and continue to composing music and songs for films, bands, musicians and different artist in his Recording Studio -”Visionary Music Pilot" (VMP) with Mediocrit LLC – Mediocrit Music & Video Production. Owned rock band “Arhytmia” who is doing most of the studio work.


Artists, Singers, Musicians and Filmmakers who needs a creative music.

Do you need to record album or just a single hit? Need music for your song, album, films, video, TV shows…?
We compose music and songs of all genres.

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Written By: Marina Koorkoff

I’m mesmerized by windows – they divide,
The world inside and the surrounding night.
I fail to catch the moment when my face,
Becomes a portrait on the glass within their frames.

I wonder, If the windows,
Could ever keep my image.
So, I may see this portrait,
In colors of the day.
Perhaps, I would distinguish,
My most important features.
Which through the faithful mirrors,
Have never been conveyed.

I’m mesmerized by lack of noise – I breath,
The silence. It unfolds at least.
A thousand voices. Everything around,
Has its unique and rather quiet sound.

I wonder, If this whisper,
Could ever reach my portrait.
So, I may feel sensation,
Of tuning to its tone.
Perhaps, I would distinguish,
In this communication.
One sound long forgotten - The only name I own.


2008 Album - "Mesmerized"
2009 - "Praying Mantis"

Set List

List of Songs for album "Mesmerized"

1. Mesmerized 5:58
2. Let it go 6:39
3. Wonder 6:11
4. People of the Middle 5:18
5. Matrix of my Soul 8:06
6. Snowhite 5:36
7. Stupid Wish 4:42
8. Sin 6:08