Aria Flame

Aria Flame

 Detroit, Michigan, USA


Aria Flame is a neo classical dark hard rock outfit featuring classical and haunting rock style female vocals, classical and symphonic keyboards, electric guitar, bass and drums that are supported with backups and harmonies. The band consists of former members of successful Egyptian themed metal band Dendura. Dendura worked with Grammy Producer Neil Kernon (Judas Priest, Nevermore Dokken), The Comedy Central Network for Monsters Ballz (for their web cartoon series) and seen in international and national magazines such as Metal Hammer, Vocals Magazine and Classical Singer Magazine. Mezzo-Soprano singer Aziza Poggi, was hired to sing as the female vocalist for recording band Amarna Sky (featuring Karl Sanders of Nile on guitar) and for a project produced by Robyn Robbins (co-founder and keyboardist of The Bob Segar Silver Bullet Band).

Aria Flame takes a new direction in musicianship with haunting diminished chords and lyrics describing ones life journey from being taken into the darkness using the myth of the phoenix that was reborn from its own ashes. The music is written in a concept album fashion. The word Aria comes from the classical word song and flame represents the phoenix. Morphing the two words together reflects the combination of styles in their music. Aria Flame is a hard hitting, no-holds barred sound done with terrific songwriting chops and great musical skill. Aria Flame is a band with talent and creativity who has something to say." - Dr Stephen Barton (Director of Choral Activities and Chair of the Voice Department at Grand Rapids Community)
Aria Flame was created in the spring of 2011 by vocalist Aziza Poggi & percussionist Erik Sales. Guitarist Paul Stein (Dendura), composed most of the bands music around Azizas vocal melodies before a live unit was put together with guitarist Dan Cruzan, bassist & producer Greg Cloon and then original Dendura keyboardist & pianist, Alicia Menninga. The sound of Aria Flame has caught the publics attention with their uniqueness in a short amount of time. Aria Flame music is inspired from film soundtracks such as Dracula, Interview With the Vampire & Queen of the Damned and rock bands such as Korn, Unexpect, Nevermore, Revamp, Muse, Tarja Turrenen , Portishead and classical & Baroque composers Beethoven and Handel. Aria Flame often performs their original music combined with Denduras music.


EP in works to be released in summer 2013.