Ariana  Savalas

Ariana Savalas


My music is part pop, part oldies, and part musical theater.


I started out as a pop singer in Europe. When I was vacationing in Austria with my family one summer, I was discovered by a label and spent a good portion of my high school career recording and touring. I began writing my own music and am now touring around Los Angeles. My influences are oldies, 80's rock, and musical theater. I love Queen, George Michael, Frank Sinatra, Robbie Williams, Peter Gabriel...and I hope you love mine! Thank you for listening!


Ariana Savalas - EP

Set List

1. The Nun
2. You Can't Have Me
3. Possession
4. Shotgun
5. Baby Let it Be
6. Kingdom
7. Perfect Man
8. Patouli
9. The Table
10. Mr. Cat's Love Song