Ari & Mia Friedman

Ari & Mia Friedman


Two sisters who write creative and energetic original tunes and songs as well as put a new spin on traditional songs. Bridging the gap between bluegrass, celtic, and old time, they create a varied, original sound that would grab anyone's attention.


"Ari and Mia Friedman rock! Totally funky, driving and full of feeling. They are the creators of some of my favorite new tunes and wicked hip arrangements. I'm not gonna lie." -- Hanneke Cassel, Boston based fiddler

Ari and Mia Friedman are members of a hot, up-and-coming fiddle/folk band. Ari is in her fourth year at Northwestern studying cello performance, but she is mostly a folk musician, and aside from gigging with Mia, she also performs, tours, and records with Hanneke Cassel, has toured with Childsplay and teaches at various fiddle camps. Mia got into fiddling way before Ari even knew that the classical box she was stuck in had secret passageways out. Mia is a talented young fiddler in her last year of high school in Newton, Massachusetts. She has studied with Hanneke Cassel, Alasdair Fraser and Natalie MacMaster (to name a few) over the course of many summers at fiddle camps. Ari and Mia perform mostly originals and traditionals and their first CD, titled Lady and the Pants, has just been released. You can find copies on their website or on CDbaby, iTunes or digstation.


Lady and the Pants (2006), self released.

Set List

A huge array of original tunes and songs as well as traditional tunes and covers.