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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Classical Avant-garde


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"CD REVIEW: ARIA ORION - Let the Sharp Stone FLy"

Let The Sharp Stone Fly is quite conceptual as it is a narrative album. The story take place on some lost mountain and deals with love and violence, among other. The sound is epic, Jules‘ shaky vocals trigger the emotions that will be amplified by the long instrumental parts, the rhythm often changes to keep the attention of the listener, the guitar and oboe play the melodies backed-up by some lapsteel, upright bass, percussions and occasional accordion. Whereas we’re used to have lyrics tell the stories, Aria Orion’s music has the particularity of having the instrumental moments be part of the storytelling as well and that’s refreshing. - The Almighty Oracle

"Aria Orion - Let the Sharp Stone Fly"

Aria Orion remind me of Dead Can Dance. I thought the first track was in Latin or Catalan or whatever it is that Lisa Gerrard sings. In fact, the phrasing just makes "Dark and Light" sound like a foreign language. As for the music, it veers from industrial cello to nervous oboe to what sounds like The Alloy Orchestra scoring a Buster Keaton flick. The entire album has the vibe of an experimental "Peter and the Wolf," eliciting characterization through instruments and making each song a mini epic. What do you see when you listen? - meredith - 75 or Less

"Novice Theory and ARIA ORION Unveil New Music at Joe's Pub"

This was a night of vision, mood, presentation and the unveiling of a new project Aria Orion from composer and performer Jules Gimbrone and headliner Novice Theory. Interestingly enough Aria Orion includes Geo Wyeth (Novice Theory) on drums, accordion and vocals. So to say I got my Geo on is an understatement.

Aria Orion is a five-piece group of guitar, violin, stand up bass, accordion, clarinet, drums and percussion novelties such as Indian Cowbells and hand held native skin drum.

The dramatic dark stage lighting set the mood as Jules stood center stage dressed in a branch headdress in front of the ensemble. The music was an acoustic dream of eerie, ethereal, bold movements and spine-tingling combination of instruments. Jules emotional shaky high vocal range turns and twists within and mysteriously edges around the instrumentation.

Opening with “When I Awake� a trance developed. The folky classical guitar style and accordion softly began to interact, as other instruments were slowly introduced. After some violin plucksthe full ensemble soared sonically into an acoustic feast. “Augur (Part 1)� began like a religious chant and segued into an experimental sound kaleidoscope. A vocal seduction “One By One� featured the awesome contrast of range by Jules and Geo singing / I am lucky to be here with you /.

The short impressive set was an intriguing introduction to Aria Orion, leaving me wanting more. - Obsession Collection Music


Let The Sharp Stone Fly, 2009



ARIA ORION, a new project from composer and performer Jules Gimbrone, weaves mystical tales
with experimental arrangements, orchestral dramatics, and soulful melodic phrasing. In the fall of
2008 they recorded an epic narrative entitled, Let the Sharp Stone Fly.
“The music is an acoustic dream of eerie, ethereal, bold movements and spine-tingling combina-
tion of instruments. Jules emotional shaky high vocal range turns and twists within and mysteri-
ously edges around the instrumentation.” (Obsession Collection, 2008)
Blending emotive vocals, oboe, upright bass, accordion, drums, violin and electric guitar/lap steel,
ARIA ORION achieves an arc of textures unique in vision and scope. Poetics of lyrics and instru-
mentation usher the listener into a world of startling discoveries, each section peeling away a new
layer of luminosity and exploration. A mountain, shrouded in pines, cut-off from civilization sets the
stage for the characters of Let the Sharp Stone Fly. Where a pubescent boy, amatory rabbit,
androgynous sooth-sayer (augur), fearful town, and a fleet of birds-turned-missiles all collide. A
perpetual loneliness is at the heart of this piece, with the characters exhibiting an array of desper-
ate and sometimes destructive attempts at connection, both internally and externally. With these
encounters, Let the Sharp Stone Fly, performs aural acts of violence and redemption all in the
name of love.