St. Catharines, Ontario, CAN

ARIA - a new and upcoming female fronted band from Ontario, Canada. For fans of Paramore and Versaemerge.


ARIA is a perfect example of a persevering, hard-working band. Since 2009, this female-fronted 5-piece has been fighting to make their mark in an over-saturated and nearly impenetrable industry. Vocalist Bianca Dyrland is evidence of this, having relocated 2000 miles from her hometown of Saskatoon solely to take her place as ARIA's front-woman. Based between the Canadian city (and native home to Alexisonfire) of Saint Catharines and Cute Is What We Aim For's hometown of Buffalo, New York, this band is definitely one to watch for as their fan base continues to grow internationally. Despite the tragic loss of their band member, Kurtis Helm, and the abrupt transition from the U.S. to Canada, the band continues to thrive and bounce back with incredible resilience. ARIA's persistence and dedication is unparallelled as it appears no circumstance can slow them down. Having just finished recording their first full length album, due to be released this summer, ARIA takes Pop/Rock to a new level, avoiding the cliche chord-ridden and static-sounding music that is becoming all too common. Taking solid song formulaic structure and combining it with a vastly original sound ARIA find's itself on the artsy side of Pop/Rock, appealing to both those who desire music that requires some digestion, as well as those who like their sounds "pre-chewed". The band infuses this poppy uplifting sound with the programming of synthesizer and orchestral instruments to create their dynamic quality. All of this combined with the voice of Bianca Dyrland is ARIA's recipe, so to speak.


Self-titled EP (available on iTunes)
Chapters EP