Chelsea, Victoria, AUS

Aricochet are a 4 piece alternative/pop/rock/list goes on - band. Instead of keeping to the Alternative Rock formula, they mesh genres together seemlessly, bringing you a completely overwhelming and full sound of tight rhythm, catchy lead and vocal lines that stay in your head for days. Aricochet have had the fortune of being comprised of guys that are stubbornly being true to themselves. They don’t follow trends or what ever is being played on the radio. The result is something exciting, origi


Aricochet consist of 2 sets of brothers, and we have created a strong friendship through our love of music.... Each of us is heavily influenced by the nineties- ( The Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Faith No more and Foo Fighters), but as we all are so passionate about music in general, we allow ourselves to be open to any style of music, as we truly believe diversity, breeds originality.....


Optimistic Delight
My Best Side
Wits End (demo)
Just Like A Sigh Of Relief (demo)

EP to be recorded by the end of 2010....

Set List

Clever Little Boy
Wits End
Optimistic Delight
I Kid You Not
Mathematica Ecstatica
A Case Of The Smiles