Aric the First

Aric the First

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A truth sent from Jah, blessed with the gift to share his soul through song. Aric the first, stands for originality and purpose, feel my soul when you hear the message. Through a trying upbringing to now, Aric the First has the gift to change the masses with his powerful lycrical content.


Music, is life's heart beat, it Jah's heart beat that we live by. It moves us, it guides us, it encourages us to be better. Aric the First was blessed with that gift of music by the Most High. Born on April 19, 1979, in Leesburg, Florida and place immediately in an adoption agency, then a foster home. He was adopted by a young military family based in Florida, but born in Texas. They had love their but personal battles to overcome. Aric the First's adoptive father was a classcial trained celloist, a piano player and he played the bass. So music was around Aric since months old. Music progressed with Aric as a child with break dancing and b-boying battles at the local skating rink. An that era was the new jack swing with Teddy Riley. Aric's step-brother put him on to emceeing in high school, and listening to the different stlye each one had. So they would check out mad music to Big L, Big Pun, Jay Z, Heltah Skeltah, and many more. They were in a small town in West Texas, so they had to get their heads out of the "Bible-Belt" mindframe, Hip Hop spoke about how they felt and their mindset in life. The lyrics coming from the easet and west, was talking about what Aric saw, lived through, was apart of, and witness to. Aric the First's music is life with a heart beat, that will connect to your soul and rise your spirits high.


Aric the First is coming out with his debut EP title King's Covenant, and he is currently working on his debut single, "To Be A Star" with Yadira Brown featured on it. Check out the SoundCheck, Aric the First has "Become One" and "Fresh Ship" streaming.

Set List

Just In Time, Fresh Ship, Become One, To Be A Star, Unification, Do You, Rise Up Fallen Fighters

Aric the First does Bob Marley covers