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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | SELF | AFM

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada | SELF | AFM
Band Pop Soul


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"In the Remix"

Ariel Sanders is één van die Youtube-artiesten waarvan je verwacht dat het niet lang zal duren voordat ze doorbreekt. Tot nog toe weet de 18-jarige Canadese nog geen platencontract in de wacht te slepen. Een half jaar geleden besteedde ik al aandacht aan haar op FMC door haar prachtige eigen lied "Off The Wall". Intussen heeft Ariel haar fans op Youtube verdriedubbeld naar 6.000 trouwe aanhangers. En met deze briljante cover op "Who'd Have Known" zal die teller enkel maar oplopen.

March 23, 2009 from - Future Music Charts // Sneller dan je radio Netherlands

"Review of "Off the Wall" on Blogmagog"

A beautiful self-penned song by Canada's charismatic song bird Ariel. Don't take my word, take a moment to watch and listen to something that will brighten your day. Bran:)

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"College Radio"

Originals gettin some play ... - WCKS The Whale

"ARiEL is ..."

... a determined and conscientious artist. I use “artist” as, I don’t think “musician” fully satisfies Ariel’s multifaceted determination. She’s ambitious, diligent and very much an artist I can see going far.

As a songwriter she has great potential and if she wasn’t based in Canada I’d be very willing to work with her in terms of a publishing deal (World excl. N. America). Having said this I believe a collaboration with another writer/producer would develop Ariel’s potential even faster.

She has a unique tonal quality, impressive high end range and again with a good producer and sound engineer would be more than capable of creating a great demo. Her sound is very much current yet with the right songs could create some classic material.

Ariel looks stunningly pretty and is more than captivating in terms of her stage presence. I understand she’s working hard with a band and I hope she’ll be able to make it to London to work on her live performances at some point in the future.

Kind Regards,
H. M. Thampu Esq.

Eagle Rock Entertainment [2008 – Present Day]
Asylum UK Talent Scout [2008 - Present Day]
Urban-Unsigned. com Ltd. [2007 – Present Day]
Warner Music UK [2005 – 2008] - Industry


I've been in the Top 100 on YouTube and MySpace for a year or so, but I have not released a single yet. I am working on an ep/ mixtape for release in June/early July. I appear as a guest vocalist on several records, tracks, & mix tapes. Check out the Discography links on my website.



Hiya! I'm Ariel Sanders aka ARiELLA. Nice to meet ya!

Remember when music was musical? Melodies were beautiful? There was no such thing as auto tune?

I do. I started singing along to Motown records when I was 3, then in gospel and school choir, classical in conservatory, jazz band, neo-soul group, alla that. I have heard it said a thousand times that I'm the 'luv child' of Amy Winehouse, Lilly Allen, and Adele. Cool. But I'd rather be known for making real music with people who have something to say.

My solo project is jazz/hip hop fusion and I am working with various producers in this regard.

I also hang with ridiculously talented musicians workin it out playing retro funkified pop/soul/hip hop and blues live, on Inter/webs, and in the studio. Consummate artists, these boys bring 100% energy to my ish. And the ladies luv them. No extra charge ...

We're professional, chill, artistic types who luv music. Our live sets are varied and relevant from originals, acoustic covers, hip hop medleys, crowd-pleasing blues/funk jams, UK influenced soul ballads, plus updated hits from the 50/60/70's.

We put on a heck of a show and are working on promo that reflects this. We are young musicians - all high school and university students who perform hard labour on the side to pay for our gear: I rep cosmetiques, AJ plays socker; Jon is in the restaurant biz, J Rich and Micah B are still in school. James does research. He's a rocket scientist. Seriously. He has been to the moon.

Somebody asked me "are you part of that middle class minutae thang?" LOL Asher Roth and the boys from Lonely Planet are cute and all but no, we're working class and proud of it!!!

We all have mix tapes on our independent MySpaces and download sites. Link up from my website. Check it out!

PS: We are good eggs - VISAS and work permits are no problem for us i.e. we'll never get stuck at the border and miss a gig.