My name is Arielle, an aspiring singer songwriter. I sing a cross-genre of Hip Hop and R&B. It's vocally and lyrically unique. It's a new take on Urban music, and a fresh sound.


Im 19 years old and I attend Seneca@York. I am currently enrolled in Independent Music Production. Recently I've been trying to record songs for my demo. I hope to some day get a record deal. Some of my musical influences branch from Old School Hip Hop and R&B. I've always had a passion for writing songs and singing, and I would love to make it into a career.



Written By: Arielle Saiphoo

Verse 1:
Callin me on my phone..all u hear is a dial tone
Cuz tonite ur gonna be all alone..not stayin home
Textin me all nite long..boy i need some time na roam
Cuz for once im gonna be un attached..let u go free

Ill da club tonite
I kno..Im gon be alrite
Ill da club tonite
I kno gon alrite

Verse 2

Goin out..wit my did wit lotsa curls
Cuz tonite dressed to impress..look at us we look the best
Put my phone on vibrate..u kno we gonna be home late
Cuz for once im gonna be un attached..let u go free

work yo body to da floor
Keep em asking fo some more
Leeve yo man at home tonite
we gona party all nite

Chorus till fade


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Set List

I've never actually performed a set, I just perform here and there for friends and family.