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"Submission Review- People Talkin'"

"You have a very WARM voice. I'm slightly surprised and pleased at how good you sound. As long as you master your craft, others will want to work with you. Make sure Arielle believes in Arielle, first and foremost. I'm saying 'you have talent', so don't stop doing what you're doing. Sounds good." - --Sirge: Music CEO of Sirge Conglomerate of NY

"Singing/Songwriting Review"

"A few artists that I worked with were uneasy when it came to recording in the studio with me, but I am impressed by the naturalness you show while recording your vocals. Keep doing what you're doing because it seems like you are just naturally inclined to music." - --Howard: Music Technician of Concord Recording Studio of Syracuse, NY, 2003

"Music Review on Singing/Songwriting"

"You a very good singer and songwriter! When you go up to receive your Grammy Award don't forget to thank me along with you list of people who made a difference to as an artist." - --Mr. Charles: Instructor of Music Production at Dillard Center for the Arts, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., 2

"Music Review on Songwriting"

"When I was your age, I couldn't even write the chorus of a song! Your songs are good! - --Mr. Veasy- Music Pro. (Friend of Dillard Center for the Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.), 2004

"Review of Overall Talent"

"You have excellent diaphragmatic action! Would you like to be a soloist in tonight's open house for me?" - --Brenda Brown: Vocal techniques teacher at Dillard Center for the Arts, 2003

"Review of Singing Ability"

"You are a very good singer! I will let you be a soloist in our Christmas musical!" - --Tiffany Holmes: Honor Choir Director of Abundant Life Christian Academy in Margate, Fl., 2000

"Music School Recommendation Letter"

"Arielle has the same passion as I do when it comes to music."
- --Tiffany Holmes: Director of Honor Choir of Abundant Life Christian Academy in Margate, Fl., 2002

"Comment on Singing/Songwriting Ability"

"I'll come to you when I need to make hits... YOU'RE MY HITMAKER!!" - --Mr. Charles: Instructor of Music Production at Dillard Center for the Arts, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., 2

"Comment on Singing Ability"

"You have a great alto voice. Are you professionally trained? Are you sure you're not professionally trained?" - --Edward John: Vocal Instructor at Parkway Middle School of the Performing Arts, 2003

"Performance Critique"

"Great performance! Were you nervous? YOU WEREN'T NERVOUS!"
- --Kenneth Howard: Dillard Center for the Arts, 2003


4U2C- Released on (2005)
Set Me Free- Released on (2005)
People Talkin'- Released on (2005)

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Arielle is a native of a small town called Syracuse, which is located in the central region of New York State. As a highly exceptional student, her entire life she has planned on going into the medical field under the influence of her mother. Around the age of 6, she wrote her very first song entitled, "I Love You", which expressed her love and appreciation for the people who meant most to her in her life (her mother, father, her new cat, Muffin, and most important to her, God).
At age 8, she relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She attended Phyl's Academy Preparatory School from the 4th grade all the way until her 7th grade year. She was very much involved in their music class and was even given the chance to perform a solo at a local nursing home for the school in her first year. She performed the well known song "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music.
After Phyl's Academy, Arielle attended Abundant Life Christian Academy in which she became apart of the school's Honor Choir. Arielle was given a solo in their annual Christmas musical by the director. From there, the choir director recommended that she begin to participate in the F.L.O.C.S. (Florida League of Christian Schools) Fine Arts Competition which is held every year. Arielle performed a song by Babbie Mason called "Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here" and received an excellent ribbon for her wonderful singing ability. The following year she was invited back to the competition by two fellow friends who asked her to accompany them in the performance of Mark Heimermann and Stacie Orrico's hit song "Don't Look at Me", and the group won an excellent rating.
After all her hard work and accomplishments, Arielle did not even think of pursuing a professional music career until her 11th and 12th year when she wrote the songs "What About You" and "I Don't Really Know". That is when she began to realize that she was not only born with a talent for singing but also for songwriting and producing her own material.
By age 13, Arielle decided to take a chance by audition for a school vocal program. She auditioned at the Parkway Middle School of the Arts, singing Yolanda Adams's "Yeah". She soon received a letter of acceptance in the mail informing her that she was, in fact, accepted into the program. At Parkway, she performed many songs in the Metronome II Vocal Group and had the chance to experience what it was like to perform at evaluations for the FVA (Florida Vocal Association). The young and greatly enthused performed has stated, "Being apart of this group has taught me very much about what is like to work in the music industry and be apart of an organization that is dedicated to ensuring their students with the knowledge of music. This is great!" All of her experience has given her a greater realization that her musical journey was just about to begin.
From Parkway Arielle then moved on to Dillard. Dillard High School is the only public high school of the performing arts in Broward County. At Dillard's vocal audition, Arielle performed two songs of her choice (one entitled "I Worship You" by MercyMe and the other "Have You Seen but the White Lily Grow" by an unknown author). Arielle was very proud when she was notified of her acceptance into Dillard as well. At Dillard, Arielle was apart of the Dillard Center for the Arts Chorale, and she was also involved in groups that have created and produced musical projects including commercial jingles, music composition entry songs, and individualized group music projects. Arielle recalls that a very rewarding time for her was when she was selected by the her vocal techniques instructor to perform a Baroque Italian art song entitled, "Se Tu M'ami, Se Sospiri". "I had no idea that the teacher was going to choose me to sing for the school's open house, but I was very glad I had the opportunity to perform for all of the new students who were interested in being apart of the vocal program just like I am." Arielle feels that Dillard was also a very good place for her to "discover the true artist within herself", she says. "At Dillard, I would always spend a lot of time alone or with my friends in the practice rooms and create songs on the piano. Whenever I was having a bad day, I would always go to the practice rooms and write a new song. My friends and I would have a lot of fun in there, but no one really understood it but us and our vocal teacher. It was a personal thing. They all knew how much I loved music and I want to share my music with the entire world one day. In a good way, to help people, you know."
Currently Arielle continues to pursue her passion. She continues to sing and write music at her home and perform wherever she is welcome. "I don't think I'll ever stop singing. 'Music makes me feel complete inside', as another one of my songs says, and I think I will always want to do it for the rest of my life. My former vocal techniques teacher said that a true artist is one that ev