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"Kamloops, BC thinks Ariel Mura is a "star in the making""

Coming of age

By Mikelle Sasakamoose - Kamloops This Week

Published: September 06, 2008 12:00 PM Ariel Mura is sitting back and enjoying the ride — and at 17, why shouldn’t she?

The teen singer/songwriter from Milestone, Sask. released her debut album, Uneven Flight, in the spring with fellow musician Danton Moorhead.

The album details Mura’s experiences in life thus far, which some might argue aren’t many because of her age, but that’s not the point.

“My first album here is all about growing up and finding yourself,” Mura said.

“And that can relate to not just young people, but there’s many older people who haven’t really found out who they are.”

The music is also about having faith and giving hope.

The duo spent some time this summer on the Tour for a Cure in Saskatchewan to help raise money and awareness for cancer research.

A cause close to her heart, Mura said she had an 18-year-old friend die from cancer and wrote about it in a song, which she performed on the tour.

“I think music helps a lot of people through their problems, especially if it relates to them,” she said.

After a self-released demo CD in 2007, Mura was awarded the maximum grant from the Saskatchewan Arts Board to record Uneven Flight, which Moorhead produced.

The resulting album demonstrates the highs and lows of a star in the making.

“The name itself relates to the imbalances in life, which is a big ride,” Mura said.

“So what it means to me, is sit back and enjoy it.”

Mura and Moorhead play The Commodore, 369 Victoria St., on Thursday.

For more information, visit - Mikelle Sasakamoose - Kamloops This Week

"Victoria, BC anticipates Ariel Mura Performances"

Young songstress sings with voice of experience
Published: September 04, 2008 1:00 PM
Updated: September 04, 2008 4:26 PM Prairie artist touring West in support of new CD

Still not old enough to legally drink, Ariel Mura seems to sing with the voice of experience.

The 17-year-old Milestone, Sask. native sings of love, loss and yearning in her music, and is comfortable fielding questions about whether she’s been around the block enough to back it up.

“I’m not saying I know everything, that’s for sure,” said Mura, who plays three shows, Sept. 13-14 in Victoria.

“If an older person can relate to it, that’s great. You know, something that a 30-year-old might be going through might be the same thing that I just went through.”

Mura’s introspective acoustic rock lyrics and guitar work are joined by Danton Moorhead, also on vocals and guitar. Moorhead is the former leader of rock band Green Door Club, and another Milestone native. He discovered the young singer-songwriter through her MySpace page. Moorhead helped her release a five-song EP in 2007, which led to a grant from the Saskatchewan Arts Board to record her debut album Uneven Flight.

Although known for her guitar strumming, Mura got her start on another instrument, piano, which she said everyone in her family was forced to learn while growing up.

“It was kind of a family tradition,” she said. “And when you’re young and forced to do something, you’re always kind of reluctant to do it.

“When I got a bit older I really got into poetry, which kind of turned into writing lyrics. And then I got my first guitar from a pawn shop when I was 13.”

Soon to turn 18, she did a fundraising mini-tour through Saskatchewan and Alberta this spring for Relay For Life (a friend succumbed to cancer a few years back) and this month kicks off a full-fledged Western Canadian tour in support of Uneven Flight.

Many of her lyrics tell of someone seeing the light through tough times, or dealing with broken relationships. This doesn’t mean Mura has had her heart trampled over numerous times, she said; in fact some of her inspirations comes from those who confide in her.

Mura is also eagerly working on her follow-up, looking to one-up Uneven Flight. She hopes to expand her sound with Moorhead into new territory.

Asked to describe the flavour of the songs she’s already written for the new album, she hesitates.

“You know, some albums, they just seem like they’re playing the same song over and over again, and with this one, I really want to make each song special in its own way. And in terms of writing, I’m definitely in a different kind of head space. I’ve graduated from high school, so now I’m sort of out in the real world, growing up as they say.”

Ariel Mura plays the James Bay Market at noon on Saturday, Sept. 13 in what’s described as a rain-or-shine outdoor show. Later that evening she heads indoors at the Cornerstone Café, 1301 Gladstone Ave., for a 7:30 p.m. show. She then hits Logan’s Pub, 1821 Cook St. on Sunday, Sept. 14 at 8 p.m. - Peninsula Review, Victoria, BC

"Regina, SK looks forward to an Ariel Mura show"

Mura uses music to help others

Christopher Tessmer, Special to The Leader-Post
Published: Thursday, August 07, 2008
Aug. 13
Riddell Centre

"I had no clue how to play an instrument," explains Ariel Mura about her inauspicious musical beginnings.

Mura, a teenaged singer/ songwriter hailing from Milestone, has come a long way since that time, having released her debut record, and plans to tour Western Canada this fall.

The young vocalist, who also plays guitar, found at an early age that music could be her escape, and her most effective therapy.

"I knew how to play piano," she explains, "but I didn't really like it, so I started to write poetry. I started playing guitar after getting my first guitar at a pawn shop. I got some lessons, learning the basics, and then started to learn it more on my own by ear.

"I find it writing in music form more freeing. Music for me is a release. You get everything -- all your problems, all the tension that you have -- out in the open. Everyone can relate because everyone has gone through something that is similar to your problems and your experiences, so it's really nice to be able to share that with people and help them through it too."

One issue that's been near and dear to Mura's heart is cancer awareness and prevention. Having played numerous benefit shows, Mura and her bandmate Danton Moorhead toured across Saskatchewan and Alberta this summer playing benefit rallies.

"We toured the Relay for Life for a while," she says. "We would go out every weekend for about four or five weeks, going to different places in Saskatchewan and Alberta. We would play the Relay for Life, basically playing a show while all night participants were walking laps to raise money for cancer awareness. It's really close to home, so it was really nice to do it.

"I had a friend and a classmate who passed away a couple years ago from cancer, and she was only 18 -- in her graduating year. When she passed away, it made me want to help raise more awareness about cancer, and help others."

Having released her debut album, titled Uneven Flight, Mura is now hoping some of that good karma she's put out to help others will come back and help her as she journeys across Western Canada sharing her music. One of her upcoming projects is a benefit show Aug. 13 at the Riddell Centre.

"We need to fundraise for the upcoming tour," Mura states, "because we'll be away for a while. Any support we can get will be great, so that's why we're hosting a show at the Riddell Centre. We're going to have some great opening acts for it.

"Our plan was to go to the United States," she continues. "We're having a little trouble getting that ready right now, with the whole border deal, crossing into the States. We're working on it. If not, we're still going to be touring Western Canada, going to Alberta and B.C., and a bunch of different places."

These live shows are pretty significant for the young duo, as they played a mere five shows together before receiving financial support from the Saskatchewan Arts Board to fund their album. As Mura explains, though, every show is getting stronger and the connection with her audience digs a little deeper. In her mind, she's just starting to hit her groove, so now is a great time to see her at her best.

"I think playing live helps me feel better about myself, and it's nice to make people smile, as they enjoy what they're listening to. For me, that's plenty to enjoy.

"If you come out Wednesday," she says, "you can expect to see a lot of acoustic rock and great music. Everyone that's opening up is fantastic. We have Nick Faye who's a local, Jodi King from Winnipeg, who's unreal, so it's just going to be a really fun evening. It's going to be a great opportunity to hear new music, have fun and meet new people. It's going to be a lot of fun."

© The Leader-Post (Regina) 2008 - Chris Tessmer, Leader-Post, Regina, SK

"Another positive review for Ariel Mura..."

3.5/5 star review!

What truly makes Ariel's music so enticing is her voice. The vocals are reminiscent of a softer yet more candid Alanis Morissette (at times). Other times you may ask yourself just who this girl is and she is 100 per cent ready to tell you through her songs.

Where this girl shines though is in her live performances, which can sound nothing like the entire CD (this is a good thing). Her band provides more power and invites the crowd to listen to every thought provoking lyric while on stage.

Tracks to check out are "Age", "Loud and Clear", You're Better Than Me and of course the pop melody "A Sweet Goodbye".

The one downside to the CD may be the lack of variety when it comes to the songs. Some songs may seem a lot like the last one, but then again, if it ain't broke don't fix it. -

"Australia loves Ariel Mura!"

We at Indie Showcase have been in awe of Miss Ariel Mura. The strong vocals and tight sounding band bring the audience to their knees!!!! Brilliant work all round!!! This young lady is headed to the top on a bullet!! And we dont plan on missing a step. I have been waiting for a voice like this to come along. Do yourself a favor... feast your ears!!! Get this CD!!

Shashona Goodman
Owner - Indie Showcase/Awesome Radio – New South Wales, Australia
- Shashona Goodman

"US reviewer see's Ariel Mura's potential"

Ariel's vocal combined with the intricate production make for [A Sweet Goodbye] could have some big potential. I like the upbeat attitude with the songs lyrics. Ariel is a charismatic singer with thought provoking, human lyrics that strike a chord. The production features some fine attention to detail and really well crafted songs.

John Siwicki
Reviewer – Comfort Comes – Connecticut, USA
- John Siwicki

"Red Deer, AB Anticipates Ariel Mura's show"

Ariel Mura puts poetic lyrics to acoustic music
By Advocate staff - July 07, 2008 (Red Deer Express Newpaper)
Anyone who likes hearing poetic lyrics set to acoustic music might want to check out Ariel Mura in concert.
Ariel Mura is the name of a duo from Milestone, Sask. It's made up of a female vocalist with the same name as the group and guitarist Danton Moorhead. The duo will perform in Red Deer on Thursday.

Ariel Mura, the ethereal-voiced singer, began creating melodies for her poetry at a young age.

But it was only after meeting Moorhead that she launched a music career.

Last spring Moorhead, a former front-man with the group Green Door Club, helped Mura record a 12-track CD called Uneven Flight, which the duo is now touring Western Canada and the northwestern U.S. to promote.

The acoustic rock album, produced with a Saskatchewan Arts Board grant, contains a song about leaving home, called A Sweet Good-bye, and is about other everyday-life experiences.

It has traces of Mura's influences, including Alanis Morissette and Sarah McLachlan.

Ariel Mura will perform an all-ages concert at The Matchbox theatre in Red Deer at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20, plus tax, and can be obtained by calling 403-341-6500.

- Red Deer Express Newspaper

"Moose Jaw, SK recognizes Ariel Mura's charitable efforts"

Singing her way from Relay to Relay
The Moose Jaw Times Herald

On Friday, musician and vocalist Ariel Mura will be performing at 5 p.m. in Wakamow Valley, just before the official beginning of the Relay for Life.
It’s one of her earlier gigs at Relays across Saskatchewan and Alberta.
“We recently did six shows in Edmonton in three days. One was at 1 a.m., in the rain,” Mura said, laughing.
Mura, who is from Milestone, is in for another busy weekend.
Friday, after her performance in Moose Jaw, she’ll be doing two more Relay performances: One at Loreburn at 9 p.m., and then one at 1:30 a.m. Saturday in Rosetown.
Mura said she wanted to do a tour of Relays for Life, which benefit the Canadian Cancer Society, because she lost a friend to cancer.
“My friend was so strong, and I think all the people that take part in Relays are so strong, too,” said Mura.
At her Relay shows, Mura, 17, is taking the opportunity to play music from her new album, “Uneven Flight.”
She wrote all the songs on the album, which she calls alternative rock with an acoustic feel.
“My songs are about being you, finding yourself,” said Mura.
Mura has been writing music since she was 13, but hasn’t used anything she wrote at that age on her new album.
“I was an angry kid,” she said, laughing. “Some of the songs didn’t even make sense.”
Age 13 was when Mura got her first guitar — a second-hand electric.
Two years later, she posted some demos she wrote on the Internet, and soon Danton Moorhead, a musician who is also from Milestone, listened to the tunes.
“He contacted me, and we started working and performing together.”
Moorhead, who once belonged to a band, helped in the process of getting some gigs.
Mura and Moorhead will play together Friday in Moose Jaw. Both play the acoustic guitar, while Mura is the primary vocalist.
Mura is working on putting together a full band. When recording “Uneven Flight,” she had some session musicians work on the album.
Mura will perform from 5 to 5:45 p.m. on Friday evening at the speedskating oval in Wakamow Valley, during preparations for the Relay for Life.
The Relay officially begins at 6:45 p.m.

04/06/08 - Moose Jaw Times Herald


* Self Titled 5 Song Demo Summer of 2007
* "Uneven Flight" Debut Album April 2008
* "Capture" Acoustic EP summer 2009



Ariel Mura is a self-titled acoustic-pop-rock group currently made up of vocalist and guitar
player, Ariel Mura (from Milestone, SK, Canada), guitarist Danton Moorhead, former lead man of the rock group the Green Door Club (from Regina, SK, Canada)

"Time, it's just a stepping stone before you get out on your own. And life, what a wonderful thing - you just can't get enough," Ariel Mura wrote these lyrics after her sister moved away from home after graduating high school. This is the first line to her new single, A Sweet Goodbye, which is part of her new album entitled, Uneven Flight, released in April 2008. Ariel's love for music and artistic expression has led her down the path she is on today. She already knows what her life-long dream is - performing and writing/composing songs. "My experience recording the album was amazing," says Mura. "The songs have their own story to tell, but as a whole the songs are about life experiences." Uneven Flight was recorded at Touchwood Studios in Regina, SK, Canada and engineered by 2005 WCMAs Engineer of the Year, Johnny "Six-Pack" Gasparic.

In 2007, Ariel released a self-titled five-song demo CD. After only playing a few live shows, Ariel was awarded the maximum eligible grant from the Saskatchewan Arts Board to record her debut album. Danton's past experiences with producers Jim Purdy and Dino Pastin at the Platinum Labs Recording Studio in Nashville, TN, U.S.A, have given him the knowledge to successfully produce their twelve-song album.

Ariel's beautiful voice and uplifting melodies are inspiring and will put a smile on your face even on your worst day. Her music is timeless - it appeals to people of all ages. "Age to me, apart from physical and mental growth, is merely a separation of what we know and what we think we know," says Mura. "Everyone goes through similar experiences or can relate to others experiences."
Ariel's musical and/or lyrical influences include Sarah McLachlan, Kurt Cobain, Sarah Slean, Elliott Smith, Alanis Morissette, Chantal Kreviazuk and many others.

Ariel's advice to her fans is simple - don't ever believe someone when they say you can't do something. Believe in yourself, never give up, live strong - you can do anything!