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Miami, FL
Established on Jan, 2009
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PANTHERS ANTHEM SINGERS - Florida Panthers Hockey Club, Ltd and the National Hockey League

"Opera Singer balances school, musical career"

For most of us, college is a balancing act. There are classes, homework, clubs, meetings, tutoring – not to mention the ever-present temptations that South Florida offers. But for sophomore Ariel Snihur, college isn’t just about making time for a Starbucks fix before psych – it’s about balancing a full-blown musical career with being a full-time college student.

Ariel Snihur, or Ariel Rose as she’s known in the music world, is a student at the Frost School of Music. She has also released a full-length album, along with several other singles, and is a regular performer throughout Florida. November marked the release of the music video for her song, “Get Somebody Up (On the Dance Floor),” a pop track with an infectious beat.

The Miami Hurricane got the chance to sit down with Snihur to talk about her career and how she copes with being a singer and a student.

Pop to Opera

Snihur has been pursuing music from the time she was 6 years old. Growing up, she sang pop and musical theater all around her hometown of Miami. In fact, she released her first CD, “Rhythms of Life,” when she was just 15.

The CD showcases Snihur’s strong pop vibe and the Latin influence of Miami, with singing in both English and Spanish. It was produced by Juan Vincente Zambrano, who was nominated for several Latin Grammy awards.

However, Snihur also has an interest in an entirely different genre of music.

“I was taking lessons with my vocal coach down here and he said, ‘Oh, why don’t you try singing some opera,’” recalled the singer.

At first, she was not too keen on the idea. However, opera became an important part of her life and her music. She even chose to study it here at UM.

“Opera is the best training you could possibly get,” Snihur added.

Chasing Opportunities

Described on her website as the “‘Go To’ Girl for the National Anthem,” Snihur regularly performs at sporting events for teams such as the Marlins and the Panthers, as well as at many other venues around Florida.

Snihur has also had the opportunity to not only attend the Latin Grammy awards twice, but to perform at one of the Latin Grammy street parties in New York and walk the carpet.

These experiences have made singing in front of a stadium second-nature.

“If there’s three people, I’ll get a little bit nervous, but if there’s 20, 30, 40,000 people, I’m so calm,” she said.

Under Pressure

However, the life of an artist does have its struggles. In addition to balancing the chaotic schedule of a musician, Snihur is taking 12 classes this semester at Frost and is a sister of the sorority Alpha Delta Pi.

“I go crazy, honestly,” admitted Snihur of her hectic schedule.

But she continues to balance a professional and academic career well while recording and performing. Doing so requires constant focus and effort.

“Even when I’m about to sing at a stadium, I’ll be writing an essay right before I go on,” she said with a laugh.

To find out about upcoming performances and see the video for “Get Somebody Up (On the Dance Floor),” check out Snihur’s website, - The Miami Hurricane

"Shireen on the Scene: Ariel Rose Almost Famous Segment"

Ariel rose isn't a normal 17-year-old she already has a CD, a single, and a music video tonight, we're going behind the mic, and mingling with miami's newest "Almost Famous" pop star.

It's "My Perfect Day."

Shireen: "How was that? that was bad, right?"

Ariel: "No, that was good."

Shireen: "The rhythm's gonna get me. it's gonna get someone."

No, not mine up & coming pop star ariel rose

Ariel: "I'm so glad to be here, i love deco drive."

Shireen: "Flattery will get you everywhere."

We met up with the diva in training at Studio City International in Miami Lakes.

Shireen: "She's been singing since she was, how old?" ariel "i've been singing in front of audiences since i was 6."

"My Perfect Day" is ariel's first single off her debut album "Rhythms Of Life" .

Shireen: "How would you describe it?"

Ariel: "My music is pop tropical with a latin twist."

The single has a cumbia beat:

Ariel: "I describe the beach, of how my perfect day would be going to the beach with the guy i love. wanna leave school, my boyfriend calls me on the phone, and i pretend i have to go to the bathroom, so i can leave with him and we drive to the beach."

Mind you the boy in the video was a model.

Shireen: "I was crushing on him, i'm a cougar, he's a cutie."

But the dancer?

Ariel: "I have a twin brother. alexandar."

Shireen: "Who is older?"

Ariel: "Me, 10 minutes, i had to think about that one."

Yep her twin provided some funky footing. This 17-year-old is a 305 girl thru and thru..

Ariel: "I sing in english and spanish and basically, i've just incorporated miami in my music."

Btw, ariel is *not* latin but living in soflo has shaped her sound. She loves the likes of shakira, gloria estefan and beyonce' to name a few. This 11th grader isn't just down to earth.

Shireen: "You bake?"

Ariel: "hmm"

Shireen: "Shut up you are so cute! what is your specialty?" ariel "chocolate chip cookies. i know the recipe by heart."

Ariel isn't just looking at the stars, she's on her way to becoming one.


Read more: - Shireen Sandoval - Deco Drive

"Winners of the 12th Annual Great American Song Contest"

Click link. - Great American Song Contest

"College musicians work toward professional aspirations"

Singer/songwriter Tony Ferrari was not born knowing he was destined to be an musician. In fact, when he was younger, his mother would kindly suggest that he not sing.

But at the age of 16, Ferrari found his voice.

“I was singing The Fray and [my mom] leaned her head in and was like, ‘Was that you?’” Ferrari said. “And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ And she said, ‘That sounded OK.’”

Five years later, Ferrari, a junior at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, Calif., has mastered the balancing act of pursuing a musical career while in college. As he has found, succeeding as a young musician with professional aspirations requires two important things: a passion for the music and a passion for education.

“I’ve actually had a lot of friends who have dropped out of college because they couldn’t handle not being able to perform and not being able to pursue their career,” said Jane Claire, a singer/songwriter who is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Claire understands the struggles many musicians face. Singing, she said, has always been an integral part of her life. As a baby, she would hum herself to sleep, and she constantly sang Happy Birthday — the first song that she learned — during her toddler years.

Throughout her career as a country/blues/rock performer, she has won countless talent shows and made it to the second round of auditions for NBC’s The Voice.

Although she’d rather be traveling as a singer, she recognizes the importance of a solid education.

“I’ll be 21 when I graduate college, and I’ll be able to move wherever I’d like to and I’ll have the means to get a job if I need to,” said Claire, who is majoring in journalism. “It’s best to make sure I can secure that job just in case singing doesn’t work out.”

Ariel Rose, a freshman at the University of Miami, is pursuing a career as a pop singer. She has attended two Latin Grammys awards and was invited to sing at a Latin Grammys street party.

Like Claire, Ariel Rose, a singer/songwriter and a freshman at the University of Miami, has been walking that fine line almost her entire life. She first discovered her vocal talent while watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when she was 6 years old. She heard a trendy rendition of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and decided to emulate the singer’s riffs.

“Everyone in my whole house stopped what they were doing and came into the family room and looked at me,” Rose said. “From that point on, I started singing at all my parents’ friends’ houses. I would always sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Since, she has made a name for herself in the South Florida pop-music scene. She sings at charity and sporting events, is the official singer of the National Anthem for the Florida Panthers’ hockey team and has attended the Latin Grammys twice.

But between her jobs, Rose finds that at some points, it’s difficult to make time for her college life.

“While a lot of my friends are going out to clubs, I have to be the one performing at the clubs,” she said.

Additionally, the dog-eat-dog music industry might leave some wary. Ferrari, whose acoustic-soul single reached No. 8 on iTunes’ singer/songwriter charts and who is currently preparing to open for singer/songwriter Edwin McCain and American Idol season-nine winner Lee DeWyze, said he constantly faces naysayers.

“As many supporters as there are, there are always going to be people that are like, ‘Yeah, good luck with that. That’s a hard industry,’” Ferrari said.

So is pursuing a professional music career worth it? All three musicians would agree it is.

“For me, music is not a means,” Claire said. “It’s more of a necessity. I’m not looking at music as a way to get famous or as a way to earn money; I’m looking at it as something I have to do in order to be happy.” - USA Today College

"Dogs take to catwalk for fashion fund-raiser"

Mercedes-Benz Swim Week will attract thousands of fashionistas to Miami Beach to see the latest bathing suits on the catwalk. But in one Swim Week event, the stars will be straight from the sidewalk.

Bamboo Miami will host “Doggies and Divas,” a night of runway fashion for dogs – and humans, too – on July 17.

Organizers say 100 percent of donations collected will benefit the Humane Society of Greater Miami’s PetNet.

PetNet is a group of young professionals that organizes social events, like happy hours and wine tastings, to promote awareness of the Humane Society. Proceeds from their events fund the Humane Society’s spay/neuter program and microchip program.

“If you go to the Humane Society and get your pet spayed or neutered its $50 or $60, but at the vet it’s $300,” PetNet chairman Ben Wilson said. “And the microchip program – if a dog is lost, hopefully that dog can be tracked.”

“Doggies and Divas” will showcase local talent, from “American Idol” and “The X Factor” competitor Tiffany Miranda and recording artist Ariel Rose, to fashion brands Eva Daniella and Gabbita.

The evening will consist of several fashion shows featuring swimwear and resort wear. The main event, however, will feature models working the runway with dogs dressed in styles by Kiki Hamann Canine Couture.

“When I was walking my dog on Lincoln Road, I thought it would be really cool to have a fashion show with models walking with dogs while also showcasing fashion,” said Wilson, who has a 2-year-old English bulldog named Rodney.

PetNet hosts an event at least once every two months. Their last events have been held at Miami Beach’s Haven Lounge and Chalk Miami and Midtown’s Ricochet Lounge. Each event raises an average of $1,500 for the Humane Society.

“These events give the opportunity to give more exposure to the Humane Society and the programs that are available,” Wilson said. “Maybe more people will see the dogs and cats that are available and adopt them as pets.”

“Doggies and Divas” is a 21+ event and will take place from 8:30-11 p.m. on July 17 at Bamboo Miami, 550 Washington Ave. in Miami Beach. Tequila Alacran will be serving complimentary cocktails from 8:30 to 10 p.m. A $20 donation to the Humane Society is required at the door. - The Miami Herald (by Alexa Lopez)

"Ariel Rose Named July “Best Vocalist Of The Month” With Her Song "Many Miles Apart”"

Ariel Rose, a promising, young pop singer & writer based in Miami, FL, has won the July SingerUniverse “Best Vocalist Of The Month” Competition, for her performance of her song “Many Miles Apart” (co-written by Juan Vicente Zambrano & Taura Lennox). "Many Miles Apart" is included on her debut CD Rhythms Of Life, which she released in June 2010.

“Many Miles Apart” is a very appealing, graceful pop/AC ballad, which sounds like it's ready for radio play. The song is well written, and features a pretty melody throughout the song (particularly in the chorus) and a lovely acoustic guitar-based arrangement. This song provides a fine showcase for Rose's expressive lead and background vocals. "Many Miles Apart" was expertly produced by Juan Vicente Zambrano, a prominent pop & Latin writer/producer who's worked with Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony.

Rose, who is 17, was born and raised in Miami, where she started to perform publicly at the age of six. She was inspired by listening to such favorite artists as Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion and Shakira. Rose has performed at many talent shows, and has appeared in several professional, music theatre productions such as Narnia, Madeline's Christmas, A Chorus Line and Pirates Of Penzance. She has also sung "The Star-Spangled Banner" and other patriotic songs at sporting events, including Miami Heat, Florida Marlins and Miami Dolphins games.

Rose collaborated on her Rhythms of Life album with Zambrano, whom she met via a studio owner friend, Steve Cuiffo. Interestingly, the album features songs sung in both English and Spanish. "Being from Miami, I've grown up loving Latin music," said Rose. "So I decided to record an album which included songs in Spanish. And on 'Many Miles Apart' (which is sung in English), I added some Spanish lyrics which I whisper." Another key song on her album is "My Perfect Day," an uptempo cut for which she has filmed a music video.

Ariel Rose at the Latin Grammy Awards.
Zambrano spoke highly of Rose and her music: "Working with Ariel has been a great privilege," he said. "Her natural talent combined with her professional attitude and artistic maturity create the perfect combination that will make her one of the great young artists in the music industry."

Since the release of her CD in 2010, Rose has been promoting her album online, and she has performed many shows, including charity events and the Special Olympics. Rose also performed recently at a Miami Beach beauty show, and she has done some modeling. Notably, she has struck a relationship with clothing designer Ema Savahl, who designs all her dresses and gowns.

Currently, Rose is writing and recording songs for her next album. She has begun collaborating with producer Jorge Luis Piloto (a Latin Grammy award winner), and she will continue to write and record with Zambrano. - Dale Kawashima

"Ariel Rose Arrives at Latin Grammys"

Click link to see Ariel Rose at the Latin Grammys - Zimbio

"Ariel Rose Performs at Latin Grammy Street Party"

Watch Video on the Latin Recording Academy's website link. - The Latin Recording Academy

"Rising Teen Singing Star Launches 1st CD This Week"

There's a 16-year-old aspiring star from South Florida who is about to launch her first CD. Ariel Rose is a student at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in North Miami. The teen, who has been singing as long as she can remember, will release her first CD, "Rhythms of Life" on Friday. Included on the CD is her first single, "My Perfect Day"

"I'm so excited, I'm jumping for joy. This is a dream come true," said Ariel. "I've been wanting this my whole life and to have this happen, I'm only 16, I can't believe I was given this opportunity at such a young age."

Not too long ago, a mutual friend introduced her to respected music producer Juan Vicente Zambrano who has worked with such stars as Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin.

"He had me sing every song I've ever sung before and he had me learn 2 songs in Spanish. Also, from then on, we decided to blend my love for American music and his love for Latin music and make a cool genre, " said Ariel.

The result is her new CD with two songs in Spanish.

Zambrano said he decided to make the album because her sound is so unique.

"The way she has developed her voice and the way I was able to develop her music is a sound that's only hers," said Zambrano. "She has her own quality."

Ariel Rose, sweet 16 with an even sweeter career in music in the future.
"I want to make people happy. It's fun, maybe I'll tour one day. We'll see what happens with it," said Ariel.

On Friday, June 4, Ariel Rose will perform live and debut the music video for My Perfect Day at MI-VI, a nightclub located inside The Village of Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach. - (Lisa Petrillo Reporting)

"A Musical Bond: For a Budding Aventura Teen Singer, the Music Business is a Family Affair"

At a recent press junket, given by teenager Ariel Rose Snihur to promote her new album, a reporter asked young Ariel to sing a medley or two. She wasn't nervous crooning among the flashing cameras.

After all, Ariel Rose is used to being in the spotlight.

The 16-year-old aspiring star has performed at the Sony Ericsson Tennis Tournament, Orange Bowl Classic Basketball games, Special Olympics and Miami Heat games.

You could call her Miami's version of teen pop sensation Mylie Cyrus. A soprano in training, her supporters say they admire her vocal talent and ambitious nature.

"She has a really unique and wonderful drive," said Gary Keating, a vocal teacher at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School..."it's not a struggle for her to juggle school and singing because it's what she wants to do."

A junior this fall, Ariel Rose is enrolled in Krop's prestigious vocal magnet program. "She's learning how to arrange and write music in addition to vocal training at a classical level." Keating said.

Next month, Ariel Rose will release her first CD, "Rhythms of Life".

The album is produced by Juan Vicente Zambrano, who has previously worked with pop stars Marc Anthony, Carlos Vives, Ricky Martin and Gloria Estefan.

Zambrano met the young singer through a mutual friend and immediately saw her potential.

"She's not trying to be a one hit wonder, " he said. "She's serious about her voice and doesn't want to do what everyone else is doing."

The Cd is being released by Bayview Music Corporation--and indie label founded by her parents. The pair also manages Ariel Rose's career and tackles everything from public relations to footing the bill for music production costs. "It's a change of career for us," said Mom May Cain. Her parents, who are practicing attorneys, co-own Cain & Snihur, LLP, an Aventura based law firm.

They both say they are dedicated to supporting their daughter's career.

"We believe that it's really important to give your child a chance to have their dream fufilled," said dad Bill Snihur. "So many parents want their child to be more practical and not necessarily go into the arts. It's a difficult road, but if you don't follow your dream when you're this age, when are you going to follow it? The teenager comes from a musical family.

"I used to be a concert pianist, her grandfather was a musician and her great-grandfather was a concert master for the New Jersey Symphony," said Bill Snihur. The father and daughter team co-wrote the lyrics for songs on the new album, which was recorded at Studio Center and other local production studios.

Of the creative process, Ariel Rose said it was challenging but fun.

"Sometimes I told Juan the kind of music I wanted, and he wrote the music for me," she said. "Then my dad and I would sit down and listen to the music over and over again until we got a feeling for what the song said to us."

Her first single, "My Perfect Day" pays homage to the Magic City. "It sounds very tropical and very Miami...I'm really proud of it."

Although she's not Latin, Ariel Rose taught herself to carry a tune in both Spanish and English.

Zambrano saays that gives her a leg up in the music industry.

"She can appeal to more markets," he said. "Her album has a Spanish flavor and she sings in Spanish very well."

On June 4, Ariel Rose will perform live and debut the music video for "My Perfect Day" at MI-VI, a nightclub locaated inside The Village at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach.

She can't wait for people to hear the new album.

"My dream is to touch people with my songs, and to have them be able to relate to my music." - Miami Herald (Reporter: Micaela Hood) (May 30, 2010)

"A Rose is a Rose"

ARIEL ROSE is not going out to the mall or hunting for boys Friday night.

The 16-year-old will be on stage at the Village of Gulfstream Park, debuting her CD "Rhythms of Life," a blend of tropical meets pop. Call it tripipop?

The Aventura resident is duly excited. She'll perform her original stuff..."I want to appeal to people 2 years old to 100 years old".... - Miami Herald (People Section) (Reporter: Maddy Marr)(June 4, 2010)

"A first for Clifton as LGBT flag is raised at City Hall"

See Pictures in Link. - New Jersey On-Line


"Rhythms of Life" first CD released in 2010.
"My Perfect Day" music video released on "Rhythms of Life"
"I Wanna Dance" on Women of Substance Radio in rotation on Saturday nights
"Reach for the High" single released in 2012
"Lipstick and my Jimmy Choos" single released in 2012
"Miss You" single released in 2012
"Get Somebody Up (On the Dance Floor) released in 2013



Ariel Rose is an award-winning artist from Miami, Florida. Her first CD, “Rhythms of Life” and music video were released at the age of 15.  Ariel’s first CD reflects the multi-cultural sounds of South Florida, which can be heard in her songs, sung in English and Spanish. She collaborated with multi-Latin Grammy nominated producer/songwriter, Juan Vicente Zambrano, who also produced her first CD. Her first single from that album, “My Perfect Day,” won 1st Place in the Pop Category in the Great American Song Contest, among entries submitted by artists from over 45 countries. Another song from the CD, “I Wanna Dance," was voted in the top 10 of the most listened-to songs on Women of Substance Radio.

Ariel Rose is the “Go To” Girl for the National Anthem, having sung for every major sports team in South Florida, as well as for many other professional sporting events, such as the Miami Marathon. Ariel Rose was the Official Anthem Singer for the Florida Panthers for three seasons. She is also a Miami Heat Anthem Idol, regularly sings for the Miami Marlins, Miami Dolphins, NFL events, and at the Miami Open Tennis Tournament. 

She recently graduated from the prestigious Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.

 Ariel Rose loves to give back to her community. She can be seen singing regularly at many charitable events including the Special Olympics, Relay for Life, and civic events. The high energy “Reach for the High,” co-written with Latin Grammy winner producer/songwriter, Jorge Luis Piloto, and her father, is dedicated to the Special Olympic Athletes and was released at the Special Olympics “Inspire Greatness” Gala to inspire greatness in everyone no matter what their limitations. “Reach for the High” was voted Finalist in the Great American Song Contest for excellence in songwriting. 

Her newest holiday song, “Dear Santa” was a finalist in the pop category of the Great American Song Contest, as well. Currently, Ariel Rose’s latest pop music, which she co-wrote with producer Russell Pollack is about to be released along with her newest music video for her single “Holding On.” Check it out!


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