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The hip hop you've learned to love, taken to the next level.


Ariez is an international mc born in the main south area of Worcester, MA(Kingsbury). He is the youngest child of a Greek born father and a Palestinian born mother. He was raised back and forth between St. Thomas USVI and Worcester, and lived in Greece for several years before officially moving back home to Worcester. Never one to hold his thoughts or feelings inside, he started putting them down on paper as poetry. The poetry eventually evolved into rhymes, and then he hit the studio. When asked to comment on what separates him from other rappers, Ariez replied; "I'm just trying to do me and be true to myself. I'm not killing shit all day, I'm just spitting what I know. People are so fascinated with these super-thugs on records when most of them don't live what they speak. I'd like my work to speak for itself." Ariez' music is like a breath of fresh air and he's ready to take the world by storm. Are you ready?


Singles: Ariez ft. Styles P. "Villain"
Mixtapes: "I Get It In pt.1" & "I Get It In pt.2"
Debut Album: "FOREIGN AFFAIRZ" COMING 2009!!

Set List

25-45 minute set. consisting of industry remixes, originals & accapella performance.