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Ari Gold


Ari Gold is a trailblazer. His unique brand of soulful, honest & bold R&B/Pop has been wowing fans around the world. Poised for mainstream success, Gold is fast becoming a gay icon. From his award winning debut CD to Top of The Pops to his new CD Space Under Sun, "Ari Gold is a star." (outvoice)


"...steeped in sticky pop melodies, sing-along hooks, and butt-shakin' funk rhythms... solid radio-ready material. Gold is about to hit pay dirt!" -- Billboard Magazine

"Gold's musicianship is flawless." –-Backstage

"a pop sensation [and] smash success...wowing the local music scene!"-- Time Out New York

Born and raised in the Bronx and currently a resident of the Lower East Side of NYC, Ari Gold has been “wowing” audiences as a global recording and performing artist and is fast becoming a household name in the gay scene around the world. Ari’s career began at age five, when he was discovered singing at his brother’s bar-mitzva. This led to a successful career as a child vocalist singing on over 400 jingles, doing various animated voices for Cabbage Patch Kids and the cartoon Jem and back-up singing for the likes of Diana Ross. Ari’s first following as a solo artist began in his home town of NYC where he has performed to packed houses at many NYC hotspots including Joe's Pub, Fez, China Club, Barracuda, Metronome, Flamingo East, Pyramid, SBNY, xl, Bar d'O, Starlight, Plaid, Avalon and CBGB's. He has also taken his show on the road to Kansas City, Philadelphia, LA, Milan, London, Israel and most recently, San Francisco where he performed at the DNA Lounge. Gold released his self-titled debut CD in 2001 to rave reviews from the press without the backing of a record label. The album anticipated pop music’s movement to a more R&B sound and included explicit lyrics of love songs sung to a man by another man—something the genre had practically never seen or heard of before. The album went on to take home the 2002 Outmusic Award for Outstanding Debut Recording and Ari was later named one of Genre Magazine’s “Men We Love” in 2002.

The debut album garnered the attention of legendary tunesmith Desmond Child (Ricky Martin, Cher, Aerosmith, Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, etc.) and their first collaboration "I'm All About You," (Island Universal) debuted in the top 20 on the UK pop charts and became a top 10 dance hit. Co-written and produced with UK garage sensations DJ Luck and MC Neat the song brought together the sounds of R&B, Pop and two-step—an underground genre that was breaking in the UK. The video, shot in Miami, was heavily played and requested on MTV and The Box. In conjunction with the single Ari performed with Luck and Neat on practically every major TV and radio show in the UK including, Live And Kicking (CH. 5), T4 (CH.4), Radio One Big Sunday and the legendary Top Of The Pops (BBC). The song has since gone on to appear on numerous compilations alongside other smash hits by Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, U2, Nelly Furtado, Destiny's Child, Craig David and many more.

Ari’s most recent project is his sophomore album titled Space Under Sun released in January 2004 on his own label Gold18 Records which debut at #1 on the Outvoice Charts ( An intergalactic hybrid of contemporary and 80’s R&B, jazzy future soul and spacey pop, the album was recorded in NYC, Miami, LA, Atlanta, London and Israel, and has been stirring up a huge buzz rarely seen for independent releases. The Advocate raved that, “Gold performs with equal parts of sly, finger-snappin’ sass and earthy R&B finesse,” and remarked on how “Gold has assembled an impressive posse of frame his voice with the crisp yet fleshy sound of a platinum-selling recording” which includes Major (Lamya, B2K), Desmond Child, Kahlil (Res), Kendra Ross (Talib Kweli), Peter Amato (LeAnn Rimes), Steve Skinner (Taylor Dayne), and Marsha Malamet (Luther Vandross, Jessica Simpson). While taking on the universal theme of finding oneself with the title track, Ari continues to push the boundaries of pop music. Gay City News stated that “Gold pushes the envelope as much as a rapper like Eminem does.” Although instead of lyrics that are fag bashing and woman hating, the subject matter ranges from a guy and a girl fighting over the same man (”He’s On My Team”) to getting caught having sex in public with another man by the cops (”Caught), to diva worship (”Fan-tastic”), a matter that is crucial to many a gay man’s evolution, seeking independence and self-actualization (”More Than Enough,” “Back To me”) to romantic and sexual intimacy (“Funk That Ship,” “Intimate.”) There is also the tender ballad “Bashert (Meant To Be)” in which Gold incorporates his Jewish identity of having grown up as an orthodox Jew. The CD is enhanced with lyrics, a bonus mp3 and the music video of “Wave Of You” which has been playing on Rock America and For Promo Only with videos by Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Seal and Madonna in clubs across the country and featured on VH-1’s Totally Gayer. The video, a tribute to the work of the late video director/photographer Herb Ritts can also be found as a bonus DVD extra on the fourth installment of the hugely popular series Boys Life.

Ari’s unique look and style have gotten him into top fashion ma


Space Under Sun

Written By: Lyrics: Ari Gold

In my mind you’ll find a galaxy
Even when I’m in my room alone
My head is spinning in a world of fantasy
Looking for some place that I can call home

The moon’s so high the sky looms over
Shooting stars fly intermittently
Starlight, starbright
Wishing on you tonight

I’m living in a room for everyone
(living in a room for everyone)
I’m finding my space under the sun
(finding my space under the sun)
Oh, I’m living in a room for everyone, yeah
(living in a room for everyone)
And I can no longer run

Universe reversing back in time
Black hole sun I will not fall
Infinite possibility
If I can only break down this fourth wall
Saturn’s overdue, you do return
Cause I just can’t wait to get back home

Cause there’s love, there’s truth
So help me find you
There’s joy and there’s peace
But firstly I gotta find me

Trying so hard to figure it out
What this world’s about
And find my space under the sun

No, I can no longer run
Oh, I can find my space under sun

He's On My Team

Written By: Lyrics: Ari Gold & Kendra Ross

Ari: I know the game he plays
My radars going off in spades
Kendra:You’re out of your mind
He’s not giving you the time
A: I know from this scene
K: Whatcha mean whatcha mean
A: He’s on my team

A: He’s on my team
So give it up before you cream
K: Don’t be obscene
Can’t you tell the way he’s stressing me
A: You see through a screen
That blinds you from the truth
The truth that he’s on my team

K: Question, why can’t you see
That he’s looking dead at me
A: Take my advice it’s free
Don’t come for my 20/20
K: Things are not what they seem
A: Watcha mean whatcha mean
K: He’s on my team

K: He’s on my team
But maybe he’s on yours in your dreams
A: Oh no miss thing
He plays my game and plays it mean
K: You see through a screen
That shields you from reality
Cause he’s on my team

A: He dresses too well
His shirt is too tight
K: Well it aint no thing cause it won’t be on tonight
A: That’s right! When he comes home with me
K: Don’t be so positive
Just cause he’s sensitive
A: Could be a switch hitter with too much love to give
K: Maybe he’s just a sex fiend

A: He’s on my team
why can’t you understand that he’s on my team
K: On my team I tell you he’s on my team
believe me he’s on my team
I know that he’s on my team my team my team

He’s on my Team
You better give up all your sweet dreams
Whatcha mean whatcha mean
Can’t you tell the way he’s cruising me
You see through a screen
That blinds you from the truth
The truth that he’s on my team
He’s on my Team!

Bashert (Meant To Be)

Written By: Ari Gold

There’s a word my Momma said
I’ll tell you what it means
No other word that you can say can capture the meaning
Encompassing so much feeling
A person, place or thing
Now all you need is trust in me
And this word starts to sing

Baby it was meant to be
For you and me
For us the stars align
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be
Than tenderly
Holding you close by
And baby I’ll look after you
Take care of you
Cause time is on our side
No one could make me believe
But with you I feel God

Bashert means you were meant to me
You were made for me
I know this deep inside

I’ve heard it said that de ja vu
Is only chemical
But I’ll believe what I think’s true
Don’t care if it’s logical
No scientist can tell me what
Is or is not natural
Cause what we have is far and few
Some call this spiritual


2000--ARI GOLD (Outmusic Award Winner for Outstanding Debut)
2001 "I'M ALL ABOUT YOU"--Island/Univeral Records (co-written and produced by Desmond Child with DJ Luck and MC Neat)
--Top 20 UK Pop hit (Top 10 Dance).
--Top Of The Pops/Radio One
--Heavily Requested Video on MTV and the Box
--Debuted at #1 on Outvoice Charts
--Radio Play: Serious Radio, This Way Out etc.
--"Wave Of You" Video on Rock America, For Promo Only and VH-1's "Totally Gayer"
--Numerous magazine covers and rave reviews.

Set List

Full Show:
Space Under Sun
Funk That Ship
Bashert(Meant To Be)
More Than Enough
He's On My Team
Do You Really Want 2 Hurt Me
Review My Kisses
Back To Me
Wave Of You