Ari Herstand

Ari Herstand


"...An acoustic pop/rock genre bending treat from one man, one guitar, one trumpet, one piano, and one loop station. His fusion of folk, hip-hop and jazz breathes much-needed warmth and verve into the acoustic rock formula...." - The Wake (U of MN)


Grabbing the attention of virtually every University of Minnesota student through grass roots promotion and a hot buzz generated from live performances, Ari Herstand had gained a loyal campus following and nearly sold out the historic Varsity Theater in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota before ever releasing an album.

His full length, debut album Baby Eyes has already been added to over 250 college radio stations and is currently being featured on MTV's The Real World. After returning from playing the 2006 South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas and Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the music world has begun to take notice of this rising star.

Ari's unforgettable live shows, blending genres from acoustic pop/rock, folk, hip-hop and jazz, display his talents on the guitar, piano and trumpet. Fusing them with his vocal percussion and beautiful vocals - with the help of his loop station - Ari stuns every person that has the opportunity to catch his performance.


Baby Eyes LP, 2005
* Radio play - added to over 250 radio stations nationwide
* MTV play

Live Album LP, 2007

Set List

Up to 2.5 hour performances.

Mostly original sets

Recent covers include: Coldplay, Damien Rice, Eminem, Nelly, Jamie Cullum, DMB, Phish, anything upon request