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Stratford, Connecticut, United States | INDIE

Stratford, Connecticut, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Pop


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""Here with me" airing on "Love and Hip Hop""

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"Arika Kane " I Can Do This ""

Arika Kane is a chic, elegant young woman who is as alluring as she is driven. Her music is warm, tender and soulful with a touch of old school R&B. Her self-titled
debut album (which includes the single “Bcuz I Luv U”) is currently available online and will be in stores on February 23.
Arika grew up surrounded by music. “My mother and all of her friends were in a church choir and they developed into a group later on. There was always three or four part har- monies and all these beautiful sounds.”
“I learned a lot from my mom and her friends,” Arika continued, “but as far as another influence from an artist . . . Mariah Carey was definitely the first artist who really intrigued me — I wanted to do what she was doing. I didn’t know if it was possible because I was so young, but then I was like, ‘Wait a minute, I can do this, too’ type of thing. That’s when I was first starting to discover my whole singing ability.”
Kane took a series of classes with various vocal teachers and she was in the choir throughout school. After school she had more training, “but nothing that was really stable.” Her impressive tone, color and control mostly came from a lot of listening to
other music and from her parents.
But her parents’ influence did not stop at singing. “My father is a songwriter,” Arika declared proudly. “He definitely played a big role as far as influencing me because every night — even till now — he’ll be up until1or2inthe morning, sitting in the living room with his guitar writing a song. He’s been writing music since he was young. He writes country and rock and roll.”
Arika’s father did some work in Nashville, but he never had the success she felt he deserved, so one of Kane’s career goals is to eventually help her father’s songs get heard.
As far as her own songwriting goes, Arika revealed, “I have a very creative side to me that I found out about four years ago.” For her debut album, she wrote lyrics and melody to tracks composed by Big Score Entertainment’s Louis Humphrey and Jazz-O Joyner.

“I’ve always felt that I’m able to put myself in everybody’s shoes, in everybody’s situation, like I’m able to really feel another person’s feelings. Music is a great way to express that ability.”
A case in point might be Arika’s current single, “Bcuz I Luv U.” The track is a silky smooth groove where Kane reassures her guy that he has nothing to worry about because she’ll never hurt him, she’ll always treat him right because she loves him. Traditionally, this might be a sentiment that a guy expresses to his girl, but if feels perfectly natural coming from Arika’s lips.
As if being a gifted writer and a natural vocalist weren’t enough, Arika Kane also enjoys the recording aspect of creating a song.
About a year ago, Arika signed with Big Score Entertainment. Lillian Smith (whose credits include The Donahue Show) came onto the label just after that. Arika is very happy with her team, “They are awesome, they are fighters, they are very determined and they are very excited about being an independent label. It’s hard . . . it’s really hard, but we’re not quitting, we’re all very hungry.”

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A New singer to the scene Arika Kane grew up in Northeastern Connecticut. As a
child, she was exposed to music at a very young age. Her family was close-knit and some of her earliest memories are of traveling with her parent’s as they played different gigs, which is why music has been an intrinsic part of her life for as long as she can remember. Arika says, “I was raised with the belief that I could follow my dreams and growing passion of singing, to see just how far it could take me.”

When she came of age, she decided to do just that. “I worked a lot of jobs, and saved up all the money I could to buy a car because I wanted to travel to New York, and go out to sing in the nightclubs, comedy shows, showcases, and just find as many outlets as I could to perform, write, record, and meet people.” Her strategy paid off.
About a year and a half ago, in July 2008, Arika was working with a producer who knew Louis Humphrey, CEO of BSE Recordings, and contacted him. Arika shares, “I was having a really bad day and got this phone call. It was my producer. He said, ‘I’ve got somebody you need to meet, get over here right away.’ So I went and
met Louis. He took me seriously, we negotiated a contract, and that’s how this path I’m on
now officially started.”
Since that point, she has performed with some of the undisputed best in the business, “I have had really great opportunities. I’ve been able to
perform with Frankie Beverly and Maze, Charlie Wilson, Babyface, and others which has been
In the midst of gaining this unparalled experience, Arika has also been working on her own album, recently released on BSE. The self-titled project, “Arika Kane,” is “a good introduction of who I really am to the
world,” she says.
The first single, “BCUZ I LUV U,” began climbing the charts and ranking on Urban/Rhythmic almost immediately after receiving airplay. As an independent label, breaking into the next levels of the industry can be a challenge, and for BSE it has been radio that has helped make all the difference in launching Arika’s music career and listener awareness. Arika recalls, “The station called us saying, ‘People are calling every day. They want to know where you are performing and where they can buy the single!’ ”
With the album “Arika Kane” now available at FYE, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and a number of other outlets, the label is currently in the process of putting together a promotional tour.
She describes her music as universal and doesn’t want to limit herself to one specific sound, because when going back to the roots of her own upbringing, she was exposed to so many different genres. Arika says, “I feel as the years go by, music is just connecting like crazy. You have Gospel doing Hip-Hop now, and Hip-Hop doing Gospel, and so many other combinations. I myself pull a bit from everywhere, but bottom line, anything soulful and passionate is what I love, and that is the kind of music I perform.”
Looking forward to her career in the industry, Arika’s ultimate goals perhaps say the most about her authentic soul. After achieving success, she hopes to achieve something even greater, “I have a lot of dreams and wishes, but try to keep things in as much perspective as possible. My parents raised me to work hard for what I get, to be happy, and love what I do in life. Later on down the road, I would really like to be in the position to not only impact people through my music, but be able to give back in other ways. It’s really not about me. I just want to help make a positive change in whatever way I can, the greatest way I can.” With that type of outlook, maybe we should all take a real listen to what else Arika Kane has to say.

PR Contact: Phil Brown
- Frequency Magazine

"Arika Kane Bcuz.... It's Her Time"

Even though offered opportunities to be a part of the girl group Danity Kane and compete in American Idol, new recording artist Arika Kane wanted to hold out for her own solo reign. With the help of Louis Humphrey, CEO of Big Score Entertainment (BSE), this little girl from Killingly, Connecticut is realizing that dream come true with the release of her debut self-titled album. Led by such singles as Why Did We Fall N Luv.and Bcuz I Luv U, the album introduces fresh air into the musical landscape.

Just ask Stevie Wonder, Urban AC KJLH-FM (102.3) in Los Angeles or Beasley Broadcasting Top 40/Rhythmic WPOW-FM (Power 96) in Miami. Bcuz I Luv U is already in the Top 5 at radio. From coast to coast Arika finds a home. So says Clear Channel Urban WWPR-FM (Power 105) in New York City and
CBS Urban WPEG-FM (Power 98) in Charlotte, NC or Clear Channel Urban WHRK-FM (K97) in Memphis.

The accompanying video, shot in the Florida Keys, expresses that feeling of joy Arika wants to convey in her music. Bcuz I Luv U, she says, is about opening up your heart and trusting. The first single, Why Did We Fall N Luv 's about women empowerment and having an attitude, she explains, while Make It, her most personal song, is an uptempo inspirational cut about her journey and how all things are possible.
It hasn't been easy, she confides. Her journey has had obstacles chief among them, sorting out the riff raff or those with their own motives and having others take her seriously. Shes paid dues, she explains. It takes a lot to get here. But being able to live out her dreams on her terms has now brought her to a place of peace within herself. Im happy Im not conforming or settling. Holding out for my own direction is paying off now. everything is falling into place. And my label is so-o-o wonderful, she adds. Nothing going to stop me now.

Kane comes as a 360 deal--the whole package with songwriting, image, producing, performing, recording, singing and anything she can do to help her label succeed, she says, as the first lady of BSE Recordings. Born with a musical DNA from both of her performing parents, Arika literally grew up in the front row seats watching her parents performances. Following in the footsteps of her songwriting father, Arika writes her own material as well. Melodies just come to me all the time, explains the ASCAP songwriter who also sees producing and writing for others in her future. never write them down, but I never forget them. They just come back to me.

Like her idol Michael Jackson, Arika wants to make music with great messages that people can dance to and just have fun with. Positive, universal, across the board music, she says that connects with people.

A hopeless romantic, Arika appreciates love and commitment. Whether its based on the 26- year marriage of her parents or both of her grandparents who are still married, loyalty to her label or to a mate, the feelings are universal. Tonight Im Urs, Cant Be Without U, 4 The Lovers, Follow Me, Ring My Bell, her album is full of positive songs of feeling. She even adds her interpretation to Bobby Brown's Rock Witcha, the only song on the album she didnt write.

Envision her opening for a Robin Thicke or Justin Timberlake. Her energy and live performance would juxtapose perfectly with their demos. She�s already held her own opening for such legends as Frankie Beverly & Maze, Babyface and Charlie Wilson, among others, and brings a soulful energetic fun to the set that endears her to audiences.

With the album release scheduled for February 23rd, radio embracing her latest single and the Internet abuzz, a successful release party in NYC, and a promotional tour in the works, Arika is ready to make 2010 her year.All the stars are lined up and this is my time, she asserts. Im glad I waited for my moment. - BRE Magazine/ Music Spotlight March 2010


BSE Recordings rising star
singer/songwriter ARIKA KANE is taking the music industry by storm. July 2008,ARIKA met LOUIS HUMPHREY,CEO of BSE Recordings, and he heard her soulful voice with a pop flair and knew right away she was the female artist he was looking for. Not only could she sing,but she was serious and disciplined. ARIKA is no stranger to the music world; her parents are musicians.

ARIKA officially signed with BSE,August 2008. ARIKA's hit single, "BCUZ I LUV U," is climbing the charts on Urban/Rhythmic radio reaching over 5 million listeners; ranking #8 on the rhythmic/Indie charts, #2 on the Urban/Indie charts and the single continues to receive excellent responses in all major markets. Arika has interacted with various icons in the music industry from All Access' Jerry Boulding to sharing the stage with Radio One's Kathy Brown and world renowed DJ Red Alert. National CBS radio host Barry Z and veteran Billboard editor/pop-culture commentator Larry Flick of Sirius radio both fell in love with Arka's sultry music and personality. She has performed at Ashford & Simpson's famous Sugar Bar venue in NY and received rave reviews for her performance. ARIKA appeared on ABC television in Memphis, TN promoting her appearance on stage with legendary R&B artists Maze featuring Frankie Beverly,Babyface and Charlie Wilson.

ARIKA's debut album has been remixed by veteran music producer Louis Humphrey and mix master Edwin Ramos with remixes of the hit single "BCUZ I LUV U" in stores, February 23rd 2010. The self-titled Pop/R&B Album is as much upbeat and energetic as it is smooth and soulful. ARIKA says, "i want to connect and relate with people through my music and at the same time make you feel really good. BSE Recordings has given me the opportunity I only dreamed of,"

It is obvious that BSE and ARIKA KANE are on the rising path to success and intend on sticking around for a very long time.

ARIKA KANE's self-titled debut album and hit single ,"BCUZ I LUV U," is available now on Itunes, and

Interviews and appearances: Contact :Phil Brown

BSE website at
- The Urban Network

"Arika Kane from Killingly releases CD"

Kane has made it a full-time thing for herself, starting when she was a little girl.

"I was 10 years old when I discovered my talent," she says. " Mariah Carey was brand new, and she came out with her first album and to me, she was like my vocal teacher. She was the epitome of everything at that point to me, because I realized I could kind of do the same thing."

Formal vocal training wouldn't come until later, but Kane sang in school choirs growing up, began writing songs and, eventually, signed with Big Score Entertainment, a small Stratford label, to record a self-titled debut.

"Arika Kane" is a collection of 13 songs steeped in the sounds of '90s R&B — she also counts Aaliyah and Jodeci among her influences — with titles cribbed from text-message shorthand: "Bcuz I Luv U," "Whatcha Waitin 4," "Tonight I'm Urs."

Kane says she writes from personal experience, putting melodies and lyrics to musical arrangements by songwriters Lou Humphries (also head of Big Score Entertainment), Jazz Joyner and others.

"I'm a big fan of love and relationships, and I just really want to encourage and inspire people," Kane says. "It's very important to me that my music is a form of expression for other people, and not just for myself."

She's found some success so far. Kane performed last year on the One World tour with Maze, Frankie Beverly, Babyface and Charlie Wilson, and her song "Here With Me" reached No. 69 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in October and broke the top 20 on Mediabase's Urban AC chart, based on radio spins.

Her 2011 plans include recording a new album, for which she's already writing songs that she says reflect her personality.

"I want all my albums to represent who I am as an artist and I really just want to give good music to people," she says. "I believe my music is soulful, yet universal, and that's really important to me, because I want to connect people through my music."

"Arika Kane" is available from and the iTunes music store.
- The Hartford Courant

"Sonic Spotlight"

HOMETOWN: Killingly, Conn.
MUSICAL ROOTS: "As a young girl, it was always a dream of mine. When I really became serious about pursuing it, I was about 18. I worked a lot of jobs to save up for a car so I could travel to the city and go wherever I could to meet and connect with artists and producers.
"About a year and a half ago, I was fortunate to run into the owner of BSE Recordings. Ever since I signed with them, so many amazing things have been happening."
THE JOURNEY: Pursuing a music career as an independent artist "has been wonderful.
"At the same time, it's been a battle because independent artists and independent labels, it's a lot harder to break through and be accepted. You kind of have to make your path to have enough of a fan base and enough press out there to get the same respect. But at the same time, it's wonderful because everything that I do, I'm involved in. I'm passionate about every song that I write, and I'm able to write my own music."
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Song Here with Me has entered Billboard 100; No. 1 independent artist on Urban AC charts for 20 weeks straight; three singles have made the Top 20 on the Urban AC charts; has charted on Billboard for single sales and R&B airplay
ABOUT THE MUSIC: Kane classifies her music as "universal." It's a mix of R&B, pop and soul. "I'm truly passionate about my music and my lyrics. In my whole career, I really want to make a difference. I want my music to resonate and make people feel good."
MUSICAL INFLUENCES: "I love (music) because my parents love it. They were involved in various bands, and they were in a singing group. They would bring me and my brother to their rehearsals. My father is a songwriter, so at night he would be playing guitar and writing a song." Also, India Arie, Donell Jones, Mariah Carey and Shania Twain
WHERE TO FIND HER MUSIC: Self-titled album is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, all major download sites, retailers and Kane's Web site: - The Augusta Chronicle

"Arika Kane Is the #1 Independent Urban AC Artist for Sixth Consecutive Week"

STRATFORD, Conn., June 3 /PRNewswire/ -- For the sixth consecutive week, Arika Kane is the top Independent Urban Adult Contemporary Artist according to Mediabase. Arika's sophomore single "4 The Lovers" is currently No. 27 on the Billboard Hot Adult R&B Airplay Chart and recently was No. 10 on Billboard's Hot R&B Single Sales chart.
Much like the similarly named soap opera character, Arika Kane has loved, lost and lived to tell about -- all of which is reflected in her music. Some of Arika's musical career highlights have been opening for such notable artists as Frankie Beverly, Maze and Babyface as well as performing at the Ashford & Simpson's legendary Sugar Bar in New York City. - PR Newswire

"Arika Kane: The America's Next Great R&B Superstar"

At the age of 10, she discovered her musical talent. At An inspiring and motivated 17 years old, Arika Kane decided she was ready to pursue her dream. Arika decided that it was time for a change in her life.
She wanted to showcase her talent for everybody to see and hear. Fast forward, and now Arika is signed to BSE Recordings.

Continue reading on Arika Kane: America's next great R&B Superstar - Baltimore Club Scene | - The Examiner

"Album Review"

Make room for Arika Kane, with stunning good looks, personality and vocals that are soulful, passionate and soothing; Arika is the latest blue-eyed soul singer to hit the music world.

Arika enjoys combining crossover genres in her music. She is a fan of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock & Roll, Alternative, Country and of course, Rhythm & Blues. She is a believer from the bottom of her heart that MUSIC is a permanent bridge that brings people together.

Growing up in Connecticut , Arika began singing at the tender age of 10. She has been in the presence of music since she was born. Both parents are musicians and her Dad is also a songwriter. No need to guess; Arika too is a songwriter. Arika grew up in a house of music. She watched and danced while her parents rehearsed their act. Arika is the first to say she has one of the most supportive family members in the world. They truly understand her love of music and songwriting. In fact, she admits they are her #1 fans.

Arika has loved music and has always been drawn to R&B. "I was always a big fan of music. I grew up smack in the middle of big hits like Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love," and "Vanishing," and Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love." These were very powerful songs which had a huge effect on me. They had me hooked!"

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"Appreciate the Moments..."

Arika Kane expresses her deep thoughts about Songwriters Monthly - Songwriters Monthly

"Bridgeport Songstress Arika Kane is making her Mark"

Listening to the soulful, urban voice of Arika Kane, it's hard to imagine the R&B songstress came from a small, rural town in Connecticut's "quiet corner."
But for Kane, who was reared in a musical household and grew up admiring the legends of contemporary rhythm and blues, her style is only natural.
"After listening to my music, people are often surprised when they hear where I'm from," said Kane, 26, a native of Killingly. "But I'm not surprised."
From the outskirts of Connecticut to the Deep South, the Bridgeport singer/producer has been turning heads with her self-titled debut, a record of heartfelt, hook-filled R&B jams that channels her reflections on the struggle for success and the virtues of love. It's an achievement born of decades of hard work and a lifelong passion for music.
"I've always known deep down that this is what I wanted to do," Kane said during an interview last week. "But I needed to grow up a little bit and experience life to know how to get there."
At the age of 25, Kane scored her first record deal, signing with Stratford-based Big Score Entertainment Recordings. Her first single, "Here With Me," reached No. 69 on the U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. And last October, she shared the stage with soul icons Frankie Beverly, Babyface and Charlie Wilson on their acclaimed One World Tour at Mississippi's DeSoto Civic Center.
While Kane has yet to match the success of her R&B idols -- Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Prince, among others -- she has already been cited by various publications, including "Hip Hop Weekly" and "Sister 2 Sister Magazine," as one of the most promising heatseekers in the world of contemporary R&B.
Lou Humphrey, founder of BSE Recordings, was stunned by Kane's ability to "sing with a very urban feel" despite her rural upbringing.
"It's the kind of sound you expect from people like Beyonce and Mary J. Blige," said Humphrey, who founded the record label in 2007. "Not being raised in that background, and yet being able to capitalize on that sound, was nothing short of amazing.
"What Arika is doing hasn't been done since Teena Marie."
But for Kane, success hasn't come easy. After relocating to Bridgeport five years ago, she toiled in the underground music scenes in Connecticut and New York City, performing at local venues, comedy shows and open mic nights.
To pay for recording time, she worked as a blackjack dealer at Mohegan Sun. But she became incensed by many of her musical collaborators, who made unscrupulous deals with sound engineers to take cuts of her studio payments.
"They wanted to keep me under their wing as long as they could, and never wanted me to advance or succeed if it wasn't under their control," Kane recalled of her erstwhile collaborators, whom she refused to identify.
So, she took her song-writing destiny into her own hands, teaching herself to use audio production and recording software such as Pro Tools and Qbase. That ability, coupled with her vocal prowess, impressed Humphrey, who was introduced to Kane by another BSE artist, Stamford-born singer/producer Kmelz.
After "playing him all the music I had worked on, and ever written in my whole life," Kane went into Humphrey's Stratford studio to write and produce her first album.
"When I met Lou, I was so surprised because it was a very discouraging period for me," said Kane, who had quit working to pursue music full time. "I wasn't sure what was going to happen. It was surreal."
Kane is already grinding away on her second album, which is slated for a March release. At the same time, she is planning on working with music students at area high school schools and sharing her experience in the music industry. She may even return to her alma mater of Killingly High School, the first pleace she ever performed on stage (she was a contestant in the school's talent shows).
Kane wants to show that no matter where you grew up -- whether it be the city, the suburbs or even the boonies -- you can fashion your own style and ability. All it takes is perseverance, hard work and most importantly, self-reliance.
"It took a few years, but I finally learned to deeply believe and trust in only myself," she said. "It's been an incredible experience."
- Arika Kane's singles include "Here With Me," "Bcuz I Love You," "Ring My Bell" and "4 The Lovers." To purchase or listen to her music, visit

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"Young R&B singer Arika Kane looking to learn at fest by Mark Jordan"

Young R&B singer Arika Kane looking to learn at fest

Pre-Thanksgiving Day Music Festival at DeSoto Civic Center on Sunday

By Mark Jordan
Friday, November 13, 2009

Though the youngest -- and only -- female on the bill at Sunday's Pre-Thanksgiving Day Music Festival at DeSoto Civic Center, R&B singer Arika Kane isn't nervous about hitting the stage with veteran soul survivors like Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.

"I'm not worried," said Kane, resting at home in Bridgeport, Conn., before the tour kicks off here Sunday. "I think it's wonderful. I'm excited to be bringing that female vibe to the audience. I'm so looking forward to it. They are where I would like to be someday, so I'm looking forward to learning a lot."

Kane, 25, recently released her debut album on Big Score Entertainment Recordings. The first single, the mid-tempo contemporary R&B jam "Bcuz I Luv U," has been gathering steam with airplay around the country including locally on K97 WHRK-FM. She recently completed a video for the song, directed by Lamont "Liquid" Burrell who has helmed videos by Alicia Keys and others.

The release of Arika Kane represents the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for the singer, who started performing in junior high school and writing songs in her late teens. Kane grew up in rural northeast Connecticut, and her father, a struggling songwriter himself, encouraged his daughter's musical aspirations, even though her music tastes -- which run toward Mariah Carey and Prince -- were quite different from his.

"My father's more rock and roll, country, light rock. He's actually done a lot of things in Nashville," said Kane, who hopes to someday be in a position to open doors for him. "He always told me that I should really try to write music because I always loved writing stories and things. And I tried it one day and it was the best feeling ever because I realized I could really do this."

Kane's big break came when a producer she was working with in Bridgeport recommended her to BSE, a nascent label based in Stratford and co-headed by veteran R&B tunesmith Louis Humphrey.

"I'm very happy with everything the label has done for me," Kane said. "My vision has always been to be heavily involved in every aspect of my career, and BSE has been wonderful to let me be that involved."

With her album finally completed, Kane is now concentrating on her live show, an elaborate affair for such a young artist with a full band, backup singers and dancers.

"It's amazing, but I'm sure people are going to be surprised when I pop up on stage. Who's that?" Kane joked. "I think people will enjoy it, though. The show's really energetic and fun, but it's also really soulful as well."

It's hard word, Kane admits, but after years of struggling to get to this point, she's enjoying getting to see all the work finally pay off.
- Commercial Appeal

"Radio Airplay BCUZ I LUV U"

The following stations are playing Arika's latest single "Bcuz I Luv U":


"Media Contact"

For further information, please contact Aly M. Cleary at Hype-PR ( (215) 407-8600. - Aly M. Cleary, Hype-PR

"The Mediabase Sortable Stats Report"




- Arika Kane

"Album Reviews"

Arika Kane is the newest kid on the block and she's going straight to the top with her sultry sound and sex appeal to spare. Born to parents who themselves are professional singers,songwriters, and performers,Arika is a genetically engineered singer/performer who's quite comfortable with both sides of the pen. Her album will be enjoyed from the first track to the fifteenth and her well done,updated version of Anita Ward's 1979 disco classic "Ring My Bell" speaks volumes about her musical background and upbringing. Arika is sincerely soulful on "BCUZ I LUV U," her melodies are well executed and her vocals are absolutely appreciable. The production on "Make It" is only outdone by Arik's delivery. "Here With Me" is perfect in all ways imaginable-Ms. Kane is killin''em on this one. Arika's debut delivers a complete composition that will really resonate with true music fans. - Hip-Hop Weekly


With her single 'Bcuz I Luv U' already gaining attention (not to mention airplay), Arika Kane has definitely hit the ground running for her self-titled debut album. The Connecticut-born singer, who comes from a musical family, certainly shows her pedigree with this 15-track album while paying stylistic homage to influences including Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Wrapping her voice up in a soulful delivery with a pop twist Arika Kane has the potential to truly make a name for herself. From the outset her coupling of head-nodding beats, a clear and crisp vocal and an undeniable edge come to the fore with tracks like 'Make It' and 'Whatcha Waitin 4.' While the one strong track as she shows a slower feel on the rich 'Here With Me.' Other smooth moments include the fine '4 the lovers' which comes across refreshingly as Arika Kane turns her back on the almost-yelling style of R&B singing that seems to have taken hold of late to favor a slow and soothing style. Truly soulful, and with some strong tracks in her arsenal, Arika Kane uses her debut to showcase her undeniable vocal talents while the production keeps pace throughout. While the two remixes of 'Bcuz I Luv U' could perhaps have been left for the single release they don't detract from the overall feel of this strong debut and, with the first quarter of 2010, being relatively light on R&B releases so far this could just keep fans entertained as spring takes hold. - Grind review


Arika Kane - 2009
Bcuz I Luv U - 2009
Why Did We Fall N Luv - 2009
Bcuz I Luv U remix - Feb 2010
4 The Lovers - March 2010
Here With Me - May 2010
Ring My Bell - July 2010
ARIKA KANE the Album- August 2010
Burnin 4 Ur Luv - May 2011



Arika Kane, recording artist, singer & songwriter. The dark horse to the music industry; the diamond in the ruff to BSE Recordings & music lovers worldwide.

While the music world is thirsty for originality, longevity & substance, Arika Kane is the consummate quencher for it all. With natural appeal & charisma, Arika Kane has sailed into the music industry collecting fans & successes since the release of her first single, “Bcuz I Luv U” in 2009. With passionate lyrics, infectious harmonies & soothing instrumentation, “Nostalgic ear-candy” are not the only words a buzz about Miss Kane. Arika’s luminous appeal is undeniable, and her music, rooted from rhythm & blues has a universal, and commercial sound that speaks to the masses.

With 1,000,000 digital downloads sold from her self-entitled debut album, “Arika Kane” released in August of 2010, the spotlight is shining vigorously. She has reached #2 on Amazon for R&B downloads, and #18 on ITunes for R&B downloads. Kane’s sophomore single, “ 4 the Lovers “ charted in Billboard # 7 Single Sales, # 19 R&B Airplay & # 80 in Billboard Hot 100. Her follow up soulful ballad “ Here With Me “ also charted in Billboard # 4 Single Sales, # 14 R&B Airplay & # 67 in Billboard Hot 100. The UAC Mediabase charts placed Arika Kane & BSE Recordings as the #1 Independent artist & label in the country for 20 weeks straight. Hip Hop Weekly wrote: "Arika's debut album delivers a complete composition that will really resonate with true music fans." CD Baby named Arika Kane as “one of the hottest new up-and-coming artists to hit the music scene." Arika Kane’s music has been placed & featured on several VH1 Reality & Sitcom TV shows. such as: “What Chili Wants” “Basketball Wives” “Single Ladies” & “Love & Hip Hop”. Arika Kane enchanted the stage as she appeared on the “Monique Show” in March 2011. She also recently captivated the audience @ the world famous “Ashford & Simpsons” Sugar Bar in NYC. Last November, Arika Kane was the only female to perform on the "One World Tour" with R&B Legends Maze, Frankie Beverly, Babyface, and Charlie Wilson in Southaven, Mississippi to a sold out Desoto Civic Center.

Growing up in a small rural town in Connecticut, Kane’s parents were both singers & musicians. They enjoyed gigging on the weekends as they had to pursue jobs during the week to support Arika & her brother. Kane became familiar with the joy & passion for music early on, and started singing at 10 years old. Influenced by her father’s songwriting, Kane also connected with her songwriting ability later on & is now very proud to be co-writer on each song off of her current debut album. Arika is influenced by artists such as Janet & Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Shania Twain, and Dru Hill. Kane also has a grand appreciation for legends such as Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Etta James & Quincy Jones. Arika Kane is currently recording her next project. She & BSE Recordings are both fervent to release her dual single release in September 2011. This release crosses genres with the enticing ballad “Just A Plus ”& the dynamic, pop-rhythmic record “ Ease Ur Pain “ Kane’s upcoming album is armed with a monumental collection of heartfelt & memorable “Hit-Songs” that will release in January of 2012.
Lou Humphrey (CEO BSE Recordings)