Ari Lourdes

Ari Lourdes

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Ari Lourdes: vocalist, musician, and songwriter. Her classic sound resonates in the hearts and minds of the masses and will continue to do so for centuries to come.


Is it possible for one artist to possess beauty, brains, talent, and skill? Yes. Look no further because Ari Lourdes is it. Many an audience have been left astonished by the larger than life sound coming from her 5'2" frame. Don't let the height fool you, her energy fills up any room.

Lourdes began building a buzz by winning first place in every talent show she entered. She has graced stages throughout the country performing for the Haiti Benefit Concert "Every Drop Counts" at Reggie's Rock Club, in the Dunes Theater production of the Broadway Musical "Hair," at the African Festival of Life, and at the Wild Hare. She got her start performing at open mics and singing solos for the concert choir in high school.

Ari is currently touring with her band, writing, and recording songs on her first EP scheduled for release in March 2011.


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