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Arima Ederra

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo R&B Soul


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"[Artist Playlist] Arima Ederra’s “Soul Food” Playlist"

Arima Ederra kicks off our artist feature playlist with “Soul Food,” a well diverse group of songs that she frequents because of the creativity she gives us has to be fed by something of equal amount. Make sure you follower her on Twitter at: @ArimaEderra

Teebs – Estara

I guess this one’s a little difficult to describe being that it’s just an instrumental. Every time I listen to it, I get a different feeling. One thing I love about Teeb’s production is that it’s way beyond that. I like to listen to him really late at night, or first thing in the morning to wake up my mind and let my creative juices flow. It’ like getting a good workout in and feeling rejuvenated afterwards, it preps me for the day and sparks my imagination.

Little Dragon – Brush The Heat

I’m a little obsessed with Little Dragon as of lately. Ritual Union is probably my favorite album. Although all the songs tap into an unknown part of myself I’ve yet to discover, “brush the heat” just makes me feel good. Yukimi’s eclectic jazzy voice, the tantric repetitious chorus, the luminous lyrics that visually take me somewhere else, and of course the psychedelic soul sounds that immensely pour from the band as a whole. Brush The Heat makes me want to dance ridiculously and write about my feelings, all at the same time.

Phony Ppl – I Wish I Was A Chair

“and when it’s not my day, you make everything okay.” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fall for this song the moment I heard it. I’m such a sucker for love and ridiculously cute lyrics expressing it. Every line makes me feel all bubbly inside, like a little kid who has a crush or something. The song is cute, only 2 minutes, but still very cute. One of my temporary fixes at the moment.

Internet – Give It Time

Time is something I still continue to struggle with. It doesn’t seem to exist in my world, especially whenever I’m listening to a really good song like this gem. I usually listen to this while I’m driving home at night and find time to wind down. The production on the whole “feel good” album is kind of addicting, no sample or drum kit can compare to live instruments; it feeds the soul. Not to mention all of her beautiful melodies and harmonies. She’s a really talented song writer too. “Gave you all my energy, thankful for your faith in me.” I can’t seem to undo the repeat button.

Amel Larrieux – Shine

This is probably the oldest song out of all of my new favorites. Don’t you love when you hear a song you haven’t heard in a while? I just recently found “Infinite Possibilities” on wax and it found its way back into my daily rotation. She’s one of my biggest inspirations and favorite song writers. I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, but sometimes you come across obstacles that question your beliefs. Shine helps me realize that it’s all a part of your quest. Her lyrics are like my positive affirmations whenever I’m unsure of something and help ground me all over again. Whether it’s 2001 or 2013, I still learn something new from it every time, “got to be to survive.” S H I N E

- See more at: - Jenesis Magazine

"BLU & Bombay - Summertime (Feat. Arima Ederra)"

Blu and Bombay have been long at work on their collaborative album Good To Be Home. While we still don’t have a release date, the two have dropped a new track featuring vocalist Arima Ederra on the hook. “Summertime” is a fresh take on The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff‘s classic barbecue jam (more on them in aminute!) though Blu focuses on life in California rather than Will Smith’s West Philly. It also sounds like the sample flips the fat synth solo on the amazing live version Kool & The Gang‘s “Summer Madness” which provided the Fresh & Jeff version with its natural aphrodisiac. Blu has already flatly stated that this album will be his best to date and based on the few tracks already leaked, we’re definitley anxious to hear the full record. Stream the track below and stay tuned for more information on the release of Blu and Bombay’s much anticipated LP. - Okay Player

"Old New School Love"

New music today from Arima Ederra, a singer out of Las Vegas, NV. The song, “Old New School Love”, gives exactly the vibe the title connotes–groovy, gritty old soul seasoned with a modern, futuristically eclectic sound. The combination is solid, and the Dirty Legend’s songstress’ vocal work is quite good. Waxing poetically about the undeniable natural magnetism of new love, Ederra’s tribute to her love is really felt.

The track, which was produced by Airlocke, an up and coming producer from the Bay Area–is simply an ideal summer soul sound.

Stream it below, and look out for Arima Ederra’s debut EP “Earth to Arima”. - The Source Magazine

"Arima Ederra - Flow Chart (Music Video)"

True to its name, Arima Ederra‘s jazzy debut feature left listeners with more Questions than answers regarding the Las Vegas soul songstress. Thus, she’s decided to enlighten inquiring minds as to what she’s all about by way of a detailed Flow Chart. OK, not really; making its world premiere on our front page along with its Ashlay Cashlay-directed visuals, this freshly-released EP cut only serves to deepen Ederra’s musical mystique. An ambient, downtempo electronic beat by Bhostro backs Arima as she encourages listeners to turn their inhibitions off and let the music carry them away. Feel like taking her up on her invitation? More fresh, soulful material awaits on the artist’s Earth to Arima EP, available online as of December 2012.
- DjBooth

"Arima Ederra - Prototype"

To me, a successful cover contains two basic components: staying respectful to the bare foundation of the original and adding unique brush strokes that complement the original's legacy. It should simultaneously raise feelings of nostalgia and novel curiosity. Furthermore, an exceptional cover should not only cover the first two components, but also increase the reputation of the original. Arima Ederra checks off all boxes on her cover of "Prototype," the single from Outkast's fifth studio album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. (Side note: I remember thinking that the video for the original, with Andre 3000 as a white-haired, "extra, extra terrestrial" was a very interesting use of four minutes of my life.) Arima's "Prototype" is bright, sensual and smooth. Her convincing vocals add the essential ingredient of genuineness. The bouncy production by Al B Smoov is not only rich, but brings the track from 2003 to 2012. The song reminded me of both Conya Doss and The Floacist and their latest releases this year. Arima continues with her unique brush strokes towards the middle of the song with a spoken word verse where she describes how she appreciates her lover's "mental process" and "aura." The only disappointment is that she deviates from the original's classic use of the phrase "stank you, smelly much." I highly recommend this track and hope that Arima continues to put as much thought and creativity into her future original releases as she has with this remake. - Soul Bounce

"Arima Ederra - Earth To Arima (EP)"

Last night DJ Spintelect was telling me about this project Arima had recently dropped. I began listening to it this morning, and he was right; it’s a pretty damn good project that I haven’t stopped playing since I turned it on. You may enjoy it too, so I’ve provided the tracklist and link down bottom.

- 2 Dope Boyz

"Arima Ederra - Questions (Ft. BLU)"

Next month, Las Vegas' Arima Ederra will be releasing her debut EP, Earth To Arima. Although the official date has not yet been set, the R&B/soul singer-songwriter is giving people something to look forward to with this brand new cut from it, "Questions." The track features none other than Los Angeles' own Blu, and it's easy to see why. As soon as the Bhonstro-produced beat kicks on, thoughts of the rapper's critically-acclaimed 2007 album with Exile, Below The Heavens, instantly come to mind. Press play below to hear this marriage of soulful vocals and laid-back raps, and be on the lookout for a release date for Earth To Arima. - Hypetrak

"SOULy Beautiful Q&A with Arima Ederra"

When a new voice travels throughout your ear drums, it’s almost like a breath of fresh air. That’s exactly how I felt when I first heard Las Vegas songtress Arima Ederra. The emotions and soul that poured out of this girl took me by storm that I couldn’t resist to get involved in some way. Just yesterday, we here at presented her first EP, Earth To Arima. With the project being her introduction to us all, we had to grab Arima for an exclusive Q&A to get to know her a little better…

Ashley Outrageous (AO): First things first, introduce yourself to our readers…
Arima Ederra: Peace world! I am Arima, nice to meet ya.

I’m aware that Arima stands for “Soul” and Ederra stands for “Beautiful” – how did this name come about? Is it your real name?

I like to think of “Arima Ederra” as a name that was given to me. It wasn’t a name that I just randomly came up with, I asked my best friend to describe my personality and she said a beautiful soul. She was actually the one who found the name for me and it instantly clicked, it was beautiful. I felt really connected to it, almost like it was my name in a previous life time…

When did you begin to sing?

Since I can remember! My most memorable times I have as a kid were doing talent shows and just singing for my family at home. It always felt so good to me and I always had fun entertaining my friends and family.

Tell us about that moment when you knew that you wanted music to be your career…

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a singer, I just never thought it was as an attainable goal. It was always just something I fantasized about doing but never something I thought I could actually pursue. It was more a DREAM than anything. There was a few moments where I tried pursuing music but I never took it seriously. Reflecting back on it now, I was always afraid of failing. There was a 100 feet black brick wall in front of me that I was never brave enough to climb. My father passed away the beginning of this year and I think that was my moment of clarity; the moment my “Arima” was awakened and I let go of all my fears. I had to ask myself what it is that really made me happy and there was only one thing that always came to mind. I was done running from it, and finally felt free. Music is my freedom and I love every moment of it

Who are your inspirations?

I don’t even know where to begin, I’m inspired by a lot of things. Musically jazz plays a vital role in my life; John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, and the list goes on. Hip hop has always been a very influential aspect as well, the 90′s was the shit. Ms. Badu, Jill Scott, Groove Theory, Lauryn Hill… there are way too many to list! Jiddu Khrishnamurti is a spiritual philosopher that I’ve also learned a lot from. My parents also influence me in so many ways, I am who I am because of the way I was raised; my family is most definitely my biggest inspiration.

Now lets talk about your debut project “Earth To Arima” – tell us about the title choice…

Ahhh… Earth To Arima is Earth to your soul! It’s basically my perception of life, love and experiences. I woke up and decided to wake the world up, it’s an introduction to me.

How long have you been working on ETA?

I’ve been working on ETA for about a year now.

What’s your creative process like?

I do a lot of writing without music but for the most part I listen to a beat and before any words are there I automatically hear a melody and go off that. I work purely on emotions and how the song FEELS, then the words are already there.

You’ve written all the songs yourself which contain some pretty deep thoughts about love/relationships – are the songs stories from your own life?

Yes. My imagination is pretty creative but all of my songs are based off of emotions and how I’m feeling at that current moment.

Your single with Blu, “Questions,” received great feedback and the chemistry was certainly there. How did this collaboration come about? Did you guys record together?

When I first heard the beat, the song was written and recorded very quickly, instantly fell in love with it! It was supposed to just be a short little interlude but I wanted to add something to it. My boy Bhonstro killed the production, it was so soulful and jazzy and Blu automatically came to mind. A friend of mine sent him my recorded version and Blu was down to do it! He was on tour with Exile in Europe at the time, but he recorded it once he got back to LA. That would have been amazing to record it with him but I laid my verse at a studio here in Vegas. I thank Blu for showing me love and blessing the track!

What are some dream collaborations of yours?

Ahhhh, I have tons of dream collaborations! I would love to work with Yasiin Bey, Ab-Soul, Jessie Boykins, Brother Ali, Frank Ocean and so many more!

Now that the project is out, what’s next? Can we expect some visuals?

I’m already working on a new project with an inspiring concept that I’m very excited about! As far as visuals, you can expect a few from Earth To Arima coming real soon

Any last words?

We are shifting, the universe is moving. Let go of fear, and become free! Oneness and one LOVE~


Download “Earth To Arima” here
Follow Arima Ederra on Twitter

Head over to Jenesis Magazine where Arima speaks on her favorite tracks off ETA - Ashley Outrageous


Reminder (Prod. Miranda Crespin) 2012
Lovemological (single Prod. Dead702) 2012
Prototype (cover Prod. Al B Smoov) 2012
Questions ft. BLU (Prod. Bhonstro) 2012
Earth To Arima (EP) 2012
Summertime- BLU & Bombay ft. Arima Ederra 2013
Old New School Love (Prod. Airlocke) 2013
Welcome Home-Dizzy Wright ft. Arima Ederra 2013



Arima Ederra
(Soul Beautiful) given name Genet was born in Atlanta, GA but raised in Las
Vegas, NV. With chilling vocal abilities Arima Ederra always considered herself a poet who sang.

solo debut from Dirty Legend singer/songwriter  Arima Ederra entitled"Earth To
 , presented by Ashley Outrageous sponsored
by Jenesis Magazine was released in 2012 and has since received much
support and interest. This EP was entirely self-written by the songstress
and is a more creative thought project
exploring Arimas artistic and introspective thought process.
Arima also displays her creative approach to Jazz, R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop and Non Hip-Hop melodic music production.. "Earth To Arima" features production from Bhonstro, Dead702, Al B Smoov,
Cam, Nabeyin, and Sol X with guest verses from emcees Sham, BLU and GIBBY
all based out of Los Angeles. Enjoy it now while its here and be on the lookout for a
visual to Flow Chart off Earth
To Arima
which has now been released.

 Arima Ederra, has released her latest tune
"Old New School Love." (premiered by The Source). The
song is produced by Airlocke, a new up and coming producer from the Bay Area.
Arima is currently hard at work on her first full length LP. Be on the lookout
for more music! Until then, enjoy this summer groove "Old New School

Band Members