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Penticton, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE

Penticton, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter




"Lille Gard Not So Little Anymore"

“Most of us are old church people who have lost touch with our congregation, but there’s still that kind of respect for each other and there’s still this sense of grounding as far as our spirits go,” explained performer Ari Neufeld, who was among the founding friends who started the festival in 2010 on a property now known as The Bottega Farm Inn.

Billed as a retreat where the artistic community can spend a few days writing, recording and performing, the Bottega Farm Inn is a modern, glass-encrusted hall with high-end audio, cathedral ceilings and woodwork to make a carpenter swoon; but when the festival got started, the friends and artists involved were literally pulling their families together to camp out among a smattering of pine trees to share their latest work.

“It was there to be a vulnerable place for artists to show where they were at,” said Neufeld, noting it was non-denominational, even non-Christian but focused on a collective desire to contribute to social justice movements through art.

He and organizer Nico Boesten, a singer/songwriter who now heads Tribehouse Collective, handled some of the cooking to add a personal touch to the event.

“The pancake breakfast was one of the things that really stuck out for me,” said Neufeld. “It was us making crapes on barbecues for like four hours and making music under the trees.” - Kelowna Capital News

"Ferreras Keeps His Ears Open"

By Alexander Varty, January 13, 2005

As Sal Ferreras sees it, a good musician's ears are always open--even if they're only listening for the sound of the next bus home. And for singer-guitarist Ari Neufeld, that's a good thing: a public-transit encounter with the veteran percussionist resulted in two feature spots as part of the fourth edition of Listen Up!, the Vancouver East Cultural Centre's annual survey of "new sounds from the city".

Ferreras, who's capable of playing everything from symphonic music to salsa, has been the mini-festival's artistic director since its inception, and he admits that he's never sure where or when new candidates for the youth-oriented series will emerge.

"Rather than do things the traditional jazz-festival or folk-festival way where you put out a call and invite submissions, I just went looking for whatever new stuff was around," he says of Listen Up!'s early days, interviewed by phone from his East Vancouver home. "Now that word's gotten around I'm receiving more demos, but most of the people we present are people that I've seen, often as part of some show where I've appeared.

"This year, though, I met one of the performers at a bus stop. I was sitting out at UBC waiting for a bus, and I heard this guy, Ari Neufeld, singing with his guitar, just waiting for the bus as well. I thought 'Wow, this guy's got a nice voice,' so I got a little closer and listened to him, and he sounded really good and his guitar was really well in tune. So I started a conversation with him and we got on the 99 and all the way to Commercial Drive we just talked about music. At the end I said, 'Send me a demo if you can,' and he did, and it's beautiful stuff."

Neufeld plays the second and third nights of Listen Up!, which this year takes place between Thursday and Saturday (January 20 to 22). He's not the only young songwriter to be featured: Joel Kroeker, who has already inked a recording contract with Toronto's True North label, appears Thursday and Saturday. For the most part, however, the featured performers are relative unknowns, like Richmond's Issah Contractor, another musician Ferreras met at UBC--but in the classroom, not at a bus stop. - Georgia Straight, Vancouver

"Step Aboard the S.S. Sicamous"

Saturday, May 22 at 8 p.m. Celebrate in the park with local hero and rising music star, Ari Neufeld and his Band, LIVE ON THE BEACH. If it shakes, rattles, hums, strums or makes a noise, Ari has probably incorporated it into his music. Original, inspiring, Okanagan Folk with an original twist. All ages event. No alcohol.
Tickets $15 for members; $20 for non-members. Call 250 492 0403 or 0405 to reserve. Check out Ari’s music by linking from our Facebook group Save The Penticton S.S. Sicamous. Follow the event on Twitter. - Your Penticton Guide

"A Stylish Affair"

I took a few minutes to linger and take in the sublime idyllic setting of this resort. Expansive lawns, just steps to a sandy beach (hence the resort's name), waves lapping gently and the warm rays of sunshine on my back. How I adore Indian Summer in the Okanagan. It's the perfect time for a lakefront wedding. Speaking with Gabe the resort's resident manager, they book weddings in the months of April, May and September, October. You can book the entire resort with it's elegant log style cottages and lodge B & B, as accommodations for you and your guests, have the ceremony on the grass with lake views as your backdrop and the Reception in a tent outdoors. Call me about how I can assist you with planning your wedding at this exceptional location.

I had to drag myself away on this sunny Sunday, from this tranquil setting, but after a busy work weekend I thought I would treat myself to a leisurely drive along our Wine Country corridor getting home to Kelowna. Along Naramata road passing fields of sunflowers, their heads hung heavy with the abundance of late afternoon sun. Driving along listening to the folksy renditions of Ari Neufeld, a local Penticton singer/songwriter. His sound so quintessential to the feel of this laid back, historic Naramata community. His music a mirror to the artistic grass roots vibe predominant in this area. He is unique, original and very Okanagan! - Agatha Soros, Kelowna

"Fuel Radio and Ari Neufeld"

Ari Neufeld – Ari’s CD was a family fave for over a year – still is. If you have ever seen Ari perform you know he is an artist who gives it all he has. Here’s a little bit about Ari in his own words:

“I live in the hills of the Okanagan… I make rhythm with my feet… scoops and stomps on a little wooden box I found in my grandfathers tool shed. I make melodies with my fingers and tongue and teeth and lips. I play the guitar. I travel. It’s a work in progress, but it is getting acclaim from the strangest places. Famous people that have recently said cool stuff about it include Riley Inge (Temptations), Tegan Quin (Tegan & Sara), Wil (Minimnaugh), Andrew Smith, Damien Rice, David Wilcox, Gil Zsabo, Terry Kaiser, Rik Leaf, Bill Kennedy, Joel Kroeker. It’s a cross between highly ambitious flailing live one-man action, folk rock, contemplative swooning, drunken craziness and dark lullabies, with a heavy seasoning of humor throughout.” - Fuel Radio Music

"Ari Neufeld in Ft St John!"

We in the North are surrounded by amazing musicians! In early May, Ari Neufeld from Okanagan will be joining us for a weekend of amazing music and performance!

Ari Neufeld is a self-made one man band, hailing most recently from the Okanagan. He plays guitar, piano, banjo (but usually guitar), while singing and keeping time through an amplified stompbox, with ethnic beads, nuts and bells strapped to his body. His performance covers a variety of genres from folk to pop, to new country, to rhythmic soul, to rock.

Over three decades of global travel and extremely colorful living and work experience, Ari has redefined himself through a sensitive eagerness to explore the world around him and turn his musings into audience participation. This imperative supersedes the stage, where there is an even deeper eagerness to explore creativity in general: Ari has worked as a line and graphic artist, painter, sculptor, plasterer, poet, writer, pyrographer, photographer and chef.

Often Ari's performances are hall-marked by an opportunity to look deep into the knot of an old tree, and discover some tranquil revelation way down in its hollow. From there, it's a laughter-filled experience of rhythm, movement, soaring melody. Not hampered by any singular emotion, his push to explore new ideas while performing ranks with the airs of Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Martin Sexton, Bruce Cockburn.

Ari is performing in two different locations while he in town for two separate experiences:

Friday May 6th - Egan's Pub - 9pm - Free Pub Show

Saturday May 7th - Whole Wheat 'n Honey - 7pm - Theatre Style Cafe Show - $20

Checkout what a few other folks have said about Ari, and why we're so excited about having him in Fort St. John!

"Have to admit I was a little obsessed with Old Man Songs by Ari Neufeld" Tegan, Tegan & Sara, Hottest chick in Canadian Alt Pop

"Ballsy. And very Nick Drake" - Hugo Rampen, President, Salmon Arm Roots and Blues

"Ari Neufeld's music is a compass that I constantly check as I'm writing my own tunes" Sara Ciantar, Musician, Teacher, and damn fine accordion player

"Ari Neufeld is onto a very good thing with his styled traveller's folk (see Xavier Rudd, John Butler). Evocative, creative arranging and sensitive singing. Best of all, he takes chances with his writing. " Stuart Derdeyn, The Vancouver Province

"Listened to that duct tape'd album quite a bit after I dumped it into the laptop!" Damien Rice, Irish Superstar
- Northern Groove

"Reading Between the Lines with Ari Neufeld"

"A lot of people must see me and say, oh, it's just some guy playing music with nuts attached to his legs," Ari Neufeld.

The nuts he was referring to were "goat's nails" - which come from a Cameroonian tree - he uses to get an interesting percussion effect.

With a stripped down, amazingly intricate acoustic sound, a clear passion for making music and a down-to-earth attitude, Ari Neufeld blew me away last night when I saw him at the Leisure Loft.

Sometimes it's hard for me to get into an artist if I'm not familiar with the music before I listen to it live, but I was mesmerized by Ari's playing upon hearing the first song.

With his acoustic guitar and an interesting array of percussion instruments including a string of bells, a box he stood on to stomp out a beat and a tambourine, Ari captivated the small group of family - including his wife and three young kids - friends and a few others from the community who'd come out to hear him play at the Leisure Loft in Kamloops.

Right away he appeared very open and casual. He was really encouraging to the soloists who opened for him, which is always really nice to see.

From Pentiction, B.C., he's one of three sons to missionary parents and he home schooled for 11 out of 12 years.

Every year our parents gave us the choice of going to school and having a "normal life" or travelling and we always chose travelling. For grade 12, I thought I should go to school and learn how to socialize, he joked.

The Kamloops gig was the one of the first times he's really ventured afield from Penticton and the Lower Mainland to do a paid performance. He's planning on starting to focus on his music career again and was encouraged to see a pretty good turnout for the spur of the moment show.

If I had to explain what kind of playlist I'd add him to, it would be filed under my quiet, peaceful, sit-thinking-quietly, stare-contemplatively-out-the-window music. His simple acoustic setup doesn't equate to simple music, however, he's a talented guitarist able to create music that has a layered complexity with beautifully poetic lyrics.

"It's a cross between highly ambitious flailing live one-man action, folk rock, contemplative swooning, drunken craziness and dark lullabies, with a heavy seasoning of humor throughout," writes Ari on his MySpace page.

"Carousel" was one of the songs he played by request. - Rebekah Hammond

"Ari Neufeld and Brent Tyler at Avenue Bar"

A Guy and a Guitar!

Friday Night was Ladies Night and Chanine Carr and I ventured out to Avenue Bar for an amazing time! Not only did a portion of the night suddenly turn into the movie “Cocktail” with an amazing Flair Bartending display, but the entertainment was top notch!

Performing several acoustic sets were Ari Neufeld and Brent Tyler, singing together and individually their voices were incredible with the skills to match on their guitars! There’s allot to be said for the big stadium stage show experience, but for me, the best entertainment can be found round the corner at a local restaurant or bar. Anywhere with room enough for a guy and his guitar.

I loved the show, and here’s the great news! You haven’t missed the opportunity to catch either one of these guys performing this weekend! Ari Neufeld will be one of the performers at tonight’s BC Interior Music Awards – tickets still available at the Kelowna Community Theatre Box office before the show starts at 7:00 pm. Also Brent Tyler will encore his performance at the Minstrel Cafe Sunday between 8-11 pm! - My EZ Rock

"Ari Neufeld in Real Weddings Magazine"

Published in Real Weddings Magazine on May 23, 2010

Written by photographer Ellen Ho.

Last summer I had a pleasure to photographed a destination wedding at Burrowing Owl Winery in Okanagan and I discovered this little heaven – God’s Mountain Estate (see my trip to God’s Mountain last year and photos of Sunday dinner hosted by Joy Road Catering at God’s Mountain here). I was so excited and so thrilled when Mark and Jen contacted me and told me that they will be having their wedding at God’s Mountain and I will be able to photograph the wedding!! I absolutely have fallen in love with this place!! It is such a gorgeous property that is surrounded by vineyards, lake and mountains. Lots of collected antiques filled in their french-country style rooms. It’s really the most amazing place to go and especially have weddings! Another thing that excited me was that they had Joy Road Catering to cater their dinner reception. I had the pleasure to attend one of their Sunday dinner last year and have fallen in love with the food they cook!!! Everything they use is local and organic. Not only they look good, they taste good, you can feel the love in the food! How amazing is that?!!

There are quite a few pets roaming around the property including a beautiful white horse!! They had a very talented musician – Ari Neufeld playing music through out the dinner. Love his voice and love how he plays all the instrument all by himself at the same time! - Ellen Hong Photography/Real Weddings

"Evolution Photography & Ari"

Ari Neufeld 09/25/2011

Ari Neufeld is an incredibly talented local musician here in the Okanagan. We had the pleasure of photographing him today. - Evolution Media & Photography

"Ari Neufeld Now"

Ari Neufeld - Now
August 14 2010

Ari Neufeld is a singer song writer, and visual artist from Penticton BC. He also happens to be one of my favourite musicians. After a day of tracking we came up with this. Check out more of his work @

Ari Neufeld: Guitar, Voice, Perc

Rich st Onge: Cello

John Rousseau: Bass - Dave Mai

"Ari Neufeld's World"

The natural sounds created by Ari Neufeld with his hands, feet and mouth are remarkable and clever. He pours everything he has into his songs, with lyrics that tell beautiful stories. But most notably, Neufeld takes his art to a different level when performing live. With an infectious wild spirit, this Canadian artist is a raw and natural talent that will seize your amazement.

Ari released a CD/DVD/Book combo on July 16. The package is a compilation CD of unreleased materials, 10 songs he performed live at the Dream Café, one of his most memorable concerts to date. It also includes a full DVD of video content and a crafted book that documents the humor, photography, and Ari’s own artwork done before the official release.

Ari has received praise from musicians like Riley Inge (Temptations), Joel Kroeker, and Damien Rice. Ari resides in Okanagan, BC. Check out his website for more info. - Musicians At Heart/LaFamos

"Ari Neufeld Immortalizes Musical Event"

On May 21, 2010, there was an incredible musical undertaking at the Dream Cafe in Penticton, Canada. 150 people participated in Ari Neufeld's live recording project. The project was hosted by Penticton's eccentric top music organizer, Pierre Coutor. Ari was joined by his incredibly talented brother and vocalist, Chris Neufeld. During their performance, there was a live portrait of Ari painted by Penticton's most sought after visual artist, Jenny Long. The project was recorded and engineered by Ari's favorite indie producer, Corwin Fox. The concert was all captured on film by a 3 man crew of super talented film-makers. Quite an event.

Now, Ari has taken to his friends and fans to help him immortalize the event and to create a multi-media package. Here is what Ari had to say about his innovative undertaking:

What was the inspiration behind the music project you are currently running on RocketHub? Why is it important to you?

Short version: my fans have been haranguing me for an album that accurately exemplifies my live experience. Ari Neufeld Live at the Dream Cafe is a visual and audio document of how I do what I do. This project is something I've been trying to get off the ground for years.

Longer version: My project was very organized by a team of people highly trained at what they do.

First of all: me. I've been performing on average 200 live shows a year for the last 8 years, slowly developing my diversity into a multi-faceted journey hewn specifically to the energies of whatever audience I find myself with. Throughout the years, I've recorded albums on very small budgets more as documents of some of my compositions, than honest depictions of my live energy. My audience, taken in by the visual as well as audio aspects of my performance, is always nagging me to release a project that effectively captivates the energy of full-body music-making, plus some of the humor and insight spoken about between compositions.

My first priority was finding a venue that optimized both my abilities as a one-man band, and the interest of my audience. Consistently, the Dream Cafe has been voted as one of the top three live venues in Western Canada. After performing at the other two consistent venues, and finding neither of them even remotely comparable to the inspirational and vibrant environment that Pierre Couture has managed to create at the Dream, where I wanted to record my ultimate live record was pretty easy to solidify. After 3 performances in the Dream and many, many concerts Pierre let me sit in on (as "part of my education"), I felt ready to capture a night of performing, confident to render my compositions comfortably and - though in a moment of spontaneous inspiration - without any mistakes.

Corwin Fox is a genius. He is the mastermind behind several of my very favorite records, including Morlove, Scott Dunbar, Miss Emily Brown and NikTex. He was thrilled to hop on board and engineer the recording at the Dream Cafe. His tech assistant was Aaron Goodwin, a gifted musician and sensitive engineer with a quirky knack for sourcing "mids".

The video crew that came together for the evening involved two prominent local filmmakers and a professional photographer, filming in broadcast quality.

My performance was augmented by my brother, Chris Neufeld's harmony (brilliant and intuitive, as we grew up singing together, and inspiring one another's art), and a live visual acrylic portrait (of my face) painting by local muralist and artist extraordinaire Jenny Long (incidentally, her portrait is the cover of my album!).

Finally, I dug deep and invited all of my favorite fans from near and far to be a part of my performance. Each audience member signed a release sheet to be listed among the collaboratives involved.

The booklet published with the album is a 16 page journal of the process, illustrated with many of my sketches, photos of some of my bigger projects, insights into some of the album's content and huge thanks to the community that participated.

On post-production, when I was trying to source out a line of credit to finish the job, it occurred to me that there were hundreds of people (on top of those directly involved with the night itself) that wanted to participate in the project, wanted to contribute to my career, were eager to get their hands on the product, so me and the production company I'm producing the CD/DVD with (Tribehouse, specialists in artist development) started looking for the right, organized system to effectively communicate my heart and channel funding for the project. Among the many companies that Tribehouse researched, Rockethub seemed the most slick and classy. Furthermore, Rockethub was set up to handle our 3 min explanation video, which gave us the opportunity to make the project look fun and personal, while getting all the information laid out. I also really appreciated the idea of being able to fuel the project through diversifying my creative talents into trades (many of them for physical art) for pledges.

Thanks guys!!

Download this gallery (ZIP, null KB)
Download full size (56 KB)

Wow, you have quite a creative and talented hive surrounding you. How has your experience been as a crowdfunding pioneer in the world of live music in Canada - how are your supporters responding?

Crowdfunding is something I'm not entirely new to, as I grew up working for the non-profit missions organization my parents were involved with. We were constantly trying to raise support for various mission opportunities. Obviously, back in the day, we didn't have the kind of slick opportunity that RocketHub provides. In those days, it was physically meeting with people, personally sending out letters and generating information through very physical means. I'm thrilled to see how my project has been inundated with interest already and clear support from people that care and want a piece of the creative process, with concise and yet not too-in-your-face advertising.

The only set-back thus far has been educating people to donate to an online presence. This format of fund-raising is still very new to the market, and many people seem hesitant to install finances into anything online.

Aside from accruing donations through an actual, physical campaign, my efforts through RocketHub have been more effective than ANY other fund-raising project I've engaged in, to date!

Download this gallery (ZIP, null KB)
Download full size (187 KB)

Keep up the good work - education is key. Any advice for Creatives looking to crowdfund a similar project?

My advice for other Creatives interested in crowdfunding? Find a crowd of people with integrity and credibility to en-graft yourself to. This will diversify the project with deeper levels of creativity, expand your social influence, and increase momentum. The day that I launched my RocketHub site, the response was overwhelming, as people posted the video on their sites and facebook, etc. pages. Very cool, well-rounded push. Since launching the site, it is imperative now to keep the information flowing, let people know where the project's at, how much interest is still needed, and how much funding still needs to be raised.

Great advice - clusters of support are vital for crowdfunding success. Thank you Ari for your heartfelt and very honest perspective. Join the fun and support Ari, here.

-Vlad - Rockethub

"Ari Neufeld and Ymir"

by Bill Metcalfe on Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 at 12:55 pm | 1 Comment »
Visit Website Email ,

Hi everyone I just wanted to let you know that we are having an incredible show here at the schoolhouse of Friday night.
BC Interior Music Award- Male Performer of the Year
Ari Neufeld is coming! Shawn and I met Ari at Artswells a few years ago.. and we were so taken with his music that we bought every one of the CD he had.. then our paths crossed again at the BC Interior Music Awards where Ari, Shawn and Nelson’s own Wassabi Collective were all big winners…
Anyway we are blessed to have him at the schoolhouse this is not a show that I would miss.
Tickets are $10 available from me in advance or at the Ymir store.. door 8pm show 8:30.

He is also playing a family friendly show at Jodi’s place on Sunday afternoon $10/ticket or a $20/ family.
if you are interested let me know if you would like details about that show
Children are welcome but expected to be respectful and well behaved.
Hope to see you at one of these shows…
Here is a little sample of what you you can expect.

Ari Neufeld is a self-made one man band, hailing most recently from the Okanagan. He plays guitar, piano, banjo (but usually guitar), while singing and keeping time through an amplified stompbox, with ethnic beads, nuts and bells strapped to his body. His performance covers a variety of genres from folk to pop, to new country, to rhythmic soul, to rock - Arts In the Kootnays

"Rockethub Contributes to Ari Neufeld's Crowdfunding"

It has been a long time coming, but I have FINALLY begun to pull up my socks and grab my business by the horns! This has been a lifelong process for me. I've been in and out of labels and tried to do it on my own, but lately I've been developing a business model for my art that is connected with a community of other artists and visionaries, and my future is starting to take shape!!

First of all, on May 21, 2010, there was an incredible undertaking at the Dream Cafe, where 150 people participated in my first live recording project. The project was hosted by Penticton's eccentric top music organizer, Pierre Coutor. I was joined by my incredibly talented brother and vocalist, Chris Neufeld. During our performance, there was a live portrait of me painted by Penticton's most sought after visual artist, Jenny Long. The project was recorded and engineered by my favorite indie producer, Corwin Fox. The concert was all captured on film by a 3 man crew of super talented film-makers.

This evening was recorded in history and never brought to finish!! Many of you participated in the special night and many more of you have been hounding me regarding the details of this project and when things will be brought to fruition. The answer is: JULY!!!

When I originally planned the details of the Ari Neufeld: Live at the Dream Cafe project, I hadn't factored in many of the crucial follow-up costs of production, post production and press expenses. Due to this lack of foresight, the project has switched hands with several producers and executive producers and has been put to the back-burner too many times already in the last 12 months. I've finally found a solution to my set-backs and have put together a small team of producers to help me finish it.

Our finished product will not only be a CD of mostly previously unreleased (and awesome) material, but will also feature a full DVD with video content and a small hand-made book documenting with humor, photography and sketches (by Ari) the journey to its release.

I'm not only excited about this project finally getting the finishing touches it deserves, but giving my friends an opportunity to participate more in the process. This is a "pay it forward" concept that artists have been modeling, to foster deeper connectivity to the people that really care about the content, and I've thought of a host of creative opportunities you can pledge help to and greatly ease the strain of the project's expenses. Your opportunity can be as little or as much as you are interested in participating. And the personalized rewards are not only valuable, but super fun and unique.

Many of you may not be aware that I am a visual and conceptual artist as well as a musician, so many of these opportunities involve some of my other passions, including drawing, wood-burning, rusted cement wall hangings, and (!!!) cooking.

Ari Neufeld - Rockethub

"Streaming Cafe Reviews Ari's CD Release Party"

This article was published by the Streaming Cafe on Saturday, June 30th. It was written by Michael Donley. - Streaming Cafe

"Ari Neufeld's CD Release at the Streaming Cafe"

Streaming Cafe published this article Thursday June 30th. It was written by Malcolm Petch. - Streaming Cafe


Friday, August 26, 2011

It may not be his first recording effort, but Live at the Dream Café is filled with meanings and milestones for Ari Neufeld.

The album, which will be released on Sept 10, is the result of years of work for Neufeld, combined with the help of a lot of friends and especially the mentorship of Dream Café owner Pierre Couture, who discovered Neufeld while walki8ng through the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning about four years ago.

“His sound was what stopped me the first time, at the market,” said Couture , whose Dream Café has played host to some great musicians over the last decade, including the likes of Jim Byrnes, Judy Collins, Maichael Kaeshammer, Bill Bourne and many others.

“It’s not true that I don’t hire local people,” Couture told Neufeld when they met. “I hire people that I know can sell and I can sell you.”
That was the start of what Neufeld calls “a kind of casual apprenticeship.”

“He used to come out and sit on the curb when I was busking at the Saturday morning markets,” said Neufeld. “He saw the potential in me as an artist. He really wanted to help me in my education.”
That involved things like Couture reserving a table whenever a performer was coming through that he thought Neufeld could learn from. It’s an investment that Couture doesn’t regret. The best day the Café has ever had, he said, was when Neufeld had a show.

“We’ve never had so many people in here. It was a good thing for him too, to see that many people show up,” said Couture. For his part, Neufeld said there is something special that happens when you perform at the Café.

“From a performer’s standpoint, there is something incredible that happens when you are playing at the Dream Café. I think he has created a place where people know there is going to be good quality music and because of that energy, artists tend to perform really well, said Neufeld, adding that the education and help Couture offered went beyond just slipping him in the back door for concerts.

“For about three to four years, we chit-chatted about the main points of what makes a dynamic artist,” said Neufeld. “IT was super helpful time in my life, but at the end of it, we decided to cut a record and we hired my dream engineer from Victoria, Corwin Fox, to come out and record the show live.”

That was about a year ago. Since then, Neufeld has been spending his time in post-production, mixing, mastering and editing the show. He’s also put together a video with the help of Nikos Theodosakis and a full video crew that also attended the show.

“We had a full video crew, I had 13 mikes on my body, just to record the audio. And some of the special guests came out, like painter Jenny Long,” said Neufeld. “She painted a portrait of me during the show and we used it on the cover.”

Live at the Dream Café is being released as a package, combing the CD with a DVD of the performance and a book Neufeld penned about his journey to create the album.

“It looks, reads and sounds incredible,” said Neufeld, who is a little harder to pin down on what exactly the music sounds like.
“We coined a descriptor for it, we’re calling it full-contact folk,” he said, describing the one-man band style he’s developed, adding percussion by dancing on a wooden box while he plays guitar.

“It’s kind of transcended typical genres. I wouldn’t just categorize it as folk,” he said. “I think people can expect a little bit more. I am musically working through some contemporary ideas.”

The party to celebrate the release of the album takes place at the Dream Café on Sept 10 at 8pm, with John Rousseau opening the show for Neufeld and Jenny Long returning to create another live portrait during the course of the show.
- Steve Kidd for Penticton Western News


Ari Neufeld Live at the Dream Cafe - released summer 2011 Available online and streaming:

Thicket Rustle: The Lost Tapes, Vol 4 by Ari Neufeld (2009) Available online and streaming:

A Pretty Good Logging Road, (Planet of the) Tapes, Vol III (2005) Available online and streaming:

Ari(el) Live at the Hive, (Medical) Tapes, Vol II (2004) Available online and streaming:

Old Man Songs By A Boy (For A Girl), (Duct) Tapes, Vol I (2002) Available online and streaming:

Ari: I Of The Storm (2001) NO longer in print.

Art: A Collaborative Project with Andrew Smith, Ari Neufeld and Kim Johnson (1999) NO longer available

Ari Neufeld: Omnia Wincit Amori (1997) NO longer available.



Raised by missionaries and in performing arts troops from a very young age, Ari Neufeld has traveled most of the world engaging in a bright spectrum of trades, circumstances and creations. His onstage presence is augmented by a rich history of performance in a wide variety of arenas. From in-house lounge artist, to music teacher and workshop enthusiast, to folk festival involvement (largest audience: 16,000, Salmon Arm Roots & Blues, main stage), to house-concerts (toured Canada from Victoria to St John’s with VIA Rail Canada, while performing on board in the lounge cars), to community contributions (gallery, theatre and event performances), Ari has averaged 150-250 live performances a year and has serenaded over 120 weddings in the last 8 years.

Ari’s passions as an artist supersede his one man ambush (guitar, stompbox, body percussion, banjo, piano, harmonica) with interests in comedy, painting, carpentry, cooking, theatre, architecture, sculpting, writing, photography, pyrography, film and being a lover and a father. All of these texture his stories, melodies and rhythms with unique insight and disarmingly hilarious honesty.

Presently, Ari lives on an acreage in Penticton, British Columbia (Canada) with his wife and 3 kids, working out of a wood shed-converted studio.

2007 Okanagan Idol - Winner

2008 Male Performer of the Year (BCIMA)

2009 Rising Star Newcomer (Salmon Arm Roots & Blues)

2010 Best Local Entertainer (SOE Awards)

2011 TEDX Talks Featured Artist