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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Arioose Goes to Port Richmond High School"

February 17, 2011, Staten Island, NY. Former gang member turned inspirational hip hop artist Arioose won over an audience of several hundred students at Port Richmond High School.

Just four years ago this hip hop role model was involved in a Haitian gang, sold drugs and was facing three years incarceration for an armed robbery he committed with another gang member. Shot and nearly killed, Arioose found himself hitting rock bottom in a juvenile prison in New Jersey where he would later learn his craft of songwriting and producing music.

Enter Karam Nahas, the criminal defense attorney who represented Arioose as a juvenile and is currently his manager. Arioose wanted to change, wanted something better for his life, but didn’t now how to go about it. He reached out to Karam. After a rocky start, Karam promised to help Arioose if he graduated school and worked hard at whatever his ‘legitimate’ passion was. That turned out to be hip hop music. Over the past three years, and one year since his release, Arioose has written over 50 songs, recorded at studios on the East and West coasts and performed wherever he could at athletic events, universities, clubs, and private parties. “For a Minute,” a song written by Arioose, mixed and mastered by Spider at the Tony Maserati studio, was performed in Las Vegas at the Rio Crown Theatre while “Playing my Hand,” a song mixed by Ibo Butler and Sotti Entertainment, was released in Las Vegas on Power 88. Arioose has also performed at the UFC Boston Fan Expo in 2010 debuting his UFC track called, “Anything Goes…” and last summer performed at the Van Warped Tour on tour with Columbyne, a rock band.

At Port Richmond, Arioose sang: “Pain in 1804,” a song about his homeland Haiti; “Don’t You Care,” about renewable energy; and several commercial songs written for corporate sponsors like Untamed Industries Apparel Company. Arioose finished the show with a surprise -- a fight song he wrote for the Port Richmond Raiders. Arioose received ovations during his inspirational story and was thanked by many kids who enjoyed the show.


“I’m just glad I can give back and inspire others with my story through my music. Someone helped me change my life, I want to help others, especially the kids.” --Arioose

“Port Richmond had a great vibe and we enjoyed doing the show. Arioose has a long road ahead of him – as do many kids. Playing schools is an excellent way to reach kids, many of whom could go either way and simply need some direction and support.” -- Karam Nahas Esq.

Student reaction to the show? Here’s one text:

“yhu came 2 mii skewl 2daii & truthfully, ii wuz like here comes someone else tryna 2 tell us wat 2 do but bye the end ii wuz like im really liking dhis way of teaching...yhu were good. well thanks 4 coming 2 us wit the truth, & some background of yourself...instead of like ii said telling us wat 2 do, hope yhu can come back soon” - ROUGHKUT LLC


Upon his release nearly one year ago, Arioose has focused on developing his music and brand. He
has authored and recorded several commercial songs, which are featured in the promo package.
In addition, Arioose has also authored and recorded music relating to childhood obesity, Nelson
Mandela, Haiti, extreme sports (UFC), and renewable energy. He’s developed an aggressive song
for branding Untamed Industries - an MMA clothing company as well as a fight song for Rutgers
Arioose latest work is writing a song and recording a song for Shaolin and Abbot Shi Yongxin. Arioose has recently came from China and is currently working a soundtrack for upcoming major film.



I was Arioose’s defense attorney four years ago while he was incarcerated as a juvenile facing a
number of serious criminal charges. Arioose ran with the Haitian Mafia, sold drugs, committed
assaults, resisted arrest, and was shot by a rival gang member. His criminal episodes ended when
he was convicted at trial and sentenced to a three-year prison sentence for a robbery he committed
with another gang member (see picture of Arioose with robbery victim taken several years later).
While in prison, I continued to work with Arioose and he vowed that he would change his life to
pursue a music career. He learned how to produce music within the facility’s recording studio
and he wrote, mixed and produced music for himself and other inmates. During his term, Arioose
produced a demo CD with 19 songs and took other significant positive steps towards his personal