Arisa Safu BAND

Arisa Safu BAND

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Singer. Songwriter. Guitar player. Loves the blues.


Singer, composer, performer.

Born and raised in well known live bar “Thumbs Up” in Yokohama, exposed to live music by The Doobie Brothers, David Lindley, The Eagles, and the like. As a result, Arisa Safu’s music is greatly influenced by American music from the 1960s and 70s.She plays the violin, piano, saxophone, and guitar.After graduating high school in Japan, she moved to Montreal to study Animal Biology at McGill University. During her months of research and study in East Africa, she began to rediscover her love of music.In 2007, as a sax player, she was part of the Best New Band in Canada (Global Battle of the Bands), Lyrical Assault. The 9-piece hip hop band went onto be one of the top 15 bands that year in the global finals held in London, England.In 2009, in the same competition, her own band, Arisa Safu and the Rovers, went to the National Finals and she won the Best Vocalist Award.In 2010, Arisa Safu played at the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL.In 2012, she broke up her band to rediscover her sound.In 2013, she released her first solo EP “ME”. Later that year she performed at the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL for the second time. In October, she had her first Japan tour with legend Monsier Kamayatsu, Natsuki Kurai, and Maki Honda. In December, she released her first full album “Chasing the American Dream” from Daphne Records.


2006 - Arisa Safu EP
2010 - Arisa Safu and the Rovers DEMO

(aired on: FM Yokohama 84.7, Tokyo InterFM 76.1, Radio Shonan 83.1, and powerplayed October 2010 on Takayama Hits FM 76.5)