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"Ari Sawka Doria heats up the Triple Door's Mainstage"

I felt a very rare chemistry watching AriSawkaDoria perform at the Triple Door. On Wednesday, the 28th of February, the trio took over the Main Stage at one of Seattle's hotter spots, Triple Door.

AriSawkaDoria brings tradition and experiment together on stage with precision and warmth in a way few performers are able to achieve. The group is well-suited to the Triple Door's elegant performance space. Their music evokes tremendous emotion in its listeners and creates a very high energy, even with the songs that are more akin to dub or downtempo than jazz or jazz breaks.
Ari Joshua Zucker fronts the band with the technical skill and the soul needed to support such a role. His exuberant musical expressions radiate tremendous energy, matched only by the drummer, KJ Sawka. Sawka plays like a robot with soul. His precision and expression remind me of Elvin Jones' performances on one of my all-time favorite jazz recordings- a Coltrane Quartet tape I eventually wore out from over-playing. Sawka's rock-steady rhythm and impeccable timing provided a solid backbone around which Joe and Ari truly flourished that night. AriSawkaDoria's surprise guest Jeremy Lightfoot generously contributed his expertise on bass to the breathtaking musical landscape in the Triple Door.

The awesome blending of musical styles seems impossible to pull off, and yet as I looked around at the other attendees all I could see were transfixed stares and fervent discussions combined with a lot of finger-pointing in the direction of the stage. At times, the complexity of the sonic texture coming through the Triple Door's fine sound system was beyond comprehension. Again and again I found myself unable to comprehend the fact that this was a trio, not an ensemble. There were no moments of conflict, no competition between the players' performances, only the tension of rising and falling energy and the swift musical responses between players.

Many jazz groups tend to be highly academic in their performance; they create a sound that is technically impressive but difficult to follow or altogether lacking in soul. It is clear to me that ASD will never suffer from this discrepancy. The cohesion of this group's performance and the precision with which each member played his part created a positively sublime experience. There is no denying that AriSawkaDoria are at the forefront of a revolution in musical expression.

11 March 2007
- Alejandro G de Rocha

"ASD - Bumbershoot Preview"

ARISAWKADORIA A purposeful collision course of drum 'n' bass, dub, jungle, and jazz, this trio--whose name is almost as long as the number of styles they combine--aims to create a new meaning for prog, one harder and heavier than most other future-jazz combos - The Stranger

"The future of jazz as we know it"

The amusingly named Arisawkadoria has been featured for over a year in our lounge, and now they are going to have full advantage of our incredible sound system and lights.

The band, whose name is culled from the three members names, is a complete workhorse. Playing as a six limbed organism with one mind, Arisawkadoria play an infectious, groove-based jazz. Ari is a world-traveled guitarist and knows when to hang back. Joe Doria is Seattles best B3 organist, hands down. And of drummer Kevin Sawka, the Seattle Times boasts, "Kevin Sawka is a phenomenon and his ability to sustain the craziest tempos is a sight to behold." - The Triple Door Press


Skerik's Syncopated Septet - Ropadope
Limited Edition EP - arisawkadoria
Swampdweller - Freetone Records
Live at Commonfire - out of print (asd)
Siamese - self titled
Commonfire Compilation vol. 1 - in stores soon


Feeling a bit camera shy


AriSawkaDoria is a three-piece band featuring Drum & Bass icon Kevin “KJ” Sawka (Siamese/ KJ Sawka), B-3 virtuoso Joe Doria (Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet), and the young lion, South African born Brooklyn bred Jazz guitarist Ari Joshua Zucker (Swampdweller). Discovered by Michael Shrieve (Santana), the group's astonishing blend of D n B, jazz, and digital improv inspired Shrieve to successfully capture the intangible on tape. In the whirlwind session that followed, AriSawkaDoria honed its collective identity and yielded eleven new songs that sonically reflect a side of a new uncharted universe. The product of their collaboration, AriSawkaDoria's Chapter ONE, will be released nationwide this June on Wax Orchard.

ASD is sometimes known as well as Blake Lewis's back up band Blake is currently top 4 American Idol and loves electronic music.

Members of ASD have played / recorded / performed live with such artists as Michael Shrieve (SANTANA), Skerik, ST7, Crack Sabath, New Monsoon, The Living Daylights, Robert Walters 20th, Benevento / Russo, Shanti Groove, Andy Summers (The Police), Amon Tobin, Siamese, Bill Frisell, The Motet, Reggie Watts (Maktub/Soulive), Om Trio, Ulu, Reggie Workman, Rashied Ali, Dave Liebman, Kenny
Barron, Wynton Marsalis, Wayne Krantz, PKE meter, Signal Path, SwampDweller, Taarka, Dose, Wayne Horivitz, and more....

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