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The best kept secret in music


"Impact Press"

"Ari Scott's music is passionate and wonderfully recorded. Her vocals are confident and emotional - fans of Alanis Morissette should really latch onto this one."

"Discovering Artists"

"I was taken. Allured. Absolutely floored with this CD. Ari is so honest, and her piano melodies flow so well. Similar to Shawn Colvin but crossing into Charlotte Martin territory, this singer-songwriter has a bright future if she sticks to this professional female vocalist sound. In "Fill of Love" she sings, "I need someone who can offer these things to me/And like me for who I am and not walk away when things get nasty filthy and dark." She sings of family angst and love, but does so with such intensity, you'll be gripped, too. I think I have a new favorite!"
Favorite Tracks: And a Day, Fill of Love
Rating: 5 stars

"The Muse's Muse"

"Ari Scott, a singer/songwriter from the big apple in New York, sent me a CD accompanied by a note (always recommended) stating that she has ambivalent feelings about receiving attention - which she sometimes craves - but also hates. In spite of Ari's inner conflicts, there is no conflict about the commercial quality of this project or the songs on it. It is - in a word - outstanding!

Her soothing voice subtly commands and directs your attention with an almost hypnotic quality that draws you into the experiences of her life and forces you to care about the outcome. Her lyrics speak to those who have been there and done that - and have grown as a result of it, as evidenced on the project's best song, "Fortunate One," which articulates the process of recovering from a painful break-up, with a rich, layered, musical backdrop that practically tells the story by itself.

There are only three songs on the CD, but they are well-produced, concise, and benefit from great vocal arrangements that place Ari's greatest talents (her voice and lyrics) under a very bright spotlight on every track - how's that for attention! Yes Ari, you can open your eyes now... the world knows you're out there and they (like me) will be waiting to hear more from you.

Advice: Get ready to receive LOTS of attention! These songs - and your songwriting style - could be of great interest to music licensing agents and publishers...which would keep you in the background and out of the spotlight...if you so choose."

"Indie Music Magazine"

"Well, another girl has proven it to me again: chicks rule! It's really too bad this is only a three song EP, 'cause I'd really like to hear more. Ari has a voice that sounds distinctly like Alanis Morissette, but without the anger and her style is a very unusual mix of pop and alternative with just the slightest influence from European electronica, the results of which are nothing short of astounding. Or perhaps it's just her that makes it work. I wouldn't think it could. There's nothing cliche or boring about any of these songs; they're all incredibly catchy good music. When the person behind the music is a talented singer/songwriter the end result is almost guaranteed to be good music. And Ari is most definitely a talented singer/songwriter.

She lists her musical influences as Depeche Mode, Joni Mitchell, Morrissey, The Smiths, Radiohead, Madonna, Billy Joel, Tori Amos, The Cure, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more. You can detect a hint of all of these influences in her music, but I would probably list Tori Amos as having the greatest impact on her music. Previously performing as a solo act (and still getting pretty good venues) Ari is currently residing in New York City and plays keyboards and sings with the accompaniment of a full band now. Her intention is to get noticed. The fact that she hasn't already been noticed is testimony to the lifeless, spiritless and apathetic big label attitude that pervades the music industry today."


Few followers ever end up blazing a trail of their own. Ari Scott, however, seems like one who may.

A Tori Amos devotee who also cites Depeche Mode and Morrissey as favorite artists, this self-taught musician and former psychology student punctuates her album with the smooth, intricate, dense piano melodies that until now have been Amos' trademarks alone. The piano is layered over a bed of soft background vocals and muted bass guitar (played by her producer Rob Arthur). The melodies are loose and strained, almost longing - which reflects the subject matter discussed in the songs, a desire to be accepted and move beyond past pain.

But where Amos, or perhaps Sarah McLachlan, would rely on an almost cracked vocal quality while cackling out the lyrics full of veiled references, Scott's voice is as stripped and pure as her language. The lyrics are honest and simple, almost conversational: she doesn't hide the fact that she's been hurt by a guy behind some twisted, convoluted metaphor.

Her immediate influence of Amos, however, is a little too evident, and its focus too singular. Scott's capacity for emulation is impeccable, and I Can Open My Eyes demonstrates the stylings of an artist who is just beginning to experiment with her own trademarks. If she were to push that experimentation further, it would undoubtedly yield great results.

But the I Can Open My Eyes EP is promising - ethereal, honest melodies that burn with raw emotion. We should look forward to hear more from this artist who will undoubtedly come into her own soon."


i was only just a chorus girl (CD) & i can open my eyes (EP)


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