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On November 19, 1992 A Seed From The Heavens Was Born. His Passion For Music Is Unreal, At A Young Age He Performed In Plays and Talent Shows In Front Of People. He Now Gives Us The Privliage Of Hearing The North's and the South's Musical HipHop Voices Clash Together To Give You A Sound You Never Heard Before. He's Apart of The New Age Of Rappers That Will Take The World By Storm. And To Think All Of This Started At An Elementary "Fifth Grade" Lunch Table, Not Knowing That Later On In Life He Would Give Us Not Only A New Artist, But A New Hip Hop Icon. I Give The World, Aris.


Real Musix Mixtape

Set List

3 micophones is need (1) Main artist, (1) Feat Artist, (1) Dj
table or set up for the Dj to put equipment on, also for Dj to plug into house sound system and plug for power