Arisin Fusion

Arisin Fusion

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Arisin Fusion makes a unique style of hip-hop/electronic music that’s blended along with various other sound elements and effects to form an astronomical environment of which reflect the dark side of the times we are living in, a philosophy and theme of Arisin Fusion.


Times are indeed changing and so is the music, this is clearly evident in the debut of Arisin Fusion, and the album The Awakening. Breaking away from all trends and patterns of music today and conveying a unique sound combined with powerful, enthusiastic, meaningful lyrics that’s, dark, distinct and original.

We are messengers, guided by visions and dreams to warn about the Arisin Fusion.
The Arisin, the coming great day of war. The Fusion, the spiritual and physical elements at conflict.

The power of the Universe, the purpose of life, and the search for the truth is the theme of our quest.

Join us .....


Spring 2004 - Arisin Fusion, The Awakening
15 tracks on the CD, all produced, mixed by Arisin Fusion.

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Set List

01. Red Scorpion 3:32
02. Prophet 4:45
03. Against all odds 4:08
04. Mercenaries 3:30
05. Uprising 4:22
06. Masters of the Universal 4:54
07. Terminator 3:32
08. Nightmare 3:25
09. Abyss 4:54
10. The Dream 5:48
11. Here today gone tomorrow 3:46
12. Visionaries 2:45
13. Prodigal Son 3:45
14. The Light 4:10
15. Forever 4:19