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This interview was publish in September 2007 by Island Magazine. It is a candid discussion with ARIS TOMAS taken during the second leg of his "RELOADED" Tour. - Island Magazine GR


1991 – We Got To Love (Eva Records)
1992 – E Anametrisi (Minos-EMI)
1993 – Epithesi Apo Ton Ari (Minos-EMI)
1994 – Konta Sou (Minos-EMI)
1996 – Ta Flogera Sou Heili (PolyGram)
1997 – Sta Ksafnika (PolyGram)
1999 – Bombero (Magical Island Music)
2000 – Greatest Hits (Magical Island Music)
2001 – Mes Tin Monaxia Mou (Magical Island Music)
2003 – Wild World (Wizard Records)
2005 – Beautiful Lady (Wizard Records)
2006 – I Love Rock ‘N Roll (Wizard Records)
2007 – Goin’ Up! (Wizard Records)
2007 – Reloaded (Wizard Records)
2008 - To Koritsi Tou Filou Mou (Wizard Records)


1992 - E Ekthikisi Tou Karagyozi
1993 - Se Thelo
1993 - Etsi Einai
1994 - Fae Th Banana
1995 - Konta Sou
1997 - Ta Flogera Sou Heili
2001 – Mes Ti Monaxia Mou
2007 - I Love Rock 'N' Roll (Greeklish Version)
2008 - To Koristi Tou Filou Mou 2008
2008 - S'efharisto
2008 - Kommatia Ginomai
2008 - Beautiful Lady (United World Mix)
2009 - I Love 2 Love (Greek Rap Version) feat. Tina Charles



Born and raised in Elizabeth New Jersey. His music is a unique blend of hip hop, rock/pop, dance and world music elements. He is one of the first artists to record and popularize rap/remixes in the country of Greece.
1992 signed and released his debut album with MINOS-EMI as Modern Fears. The album included the song “Se Thelo” (I Want You) that has become a contemporary classic and can still be heard in the Greek night clubs today.
1994 released his second album with MINOS-EMI titled “Epithesi Apo To Ari”
1997 signed with PolyGram and released his third album “Sta Ksafnika”
1999 moved back to the US and started Wizard Records/Magical Island Music. Released his first song in America entitled “Bombero”
2000 release of first “Greatest Hits”
2001 released the single “Monaxia” and won best Greek artist award issued by the Canadian Embassy.
2003 released the Cat Steven’s song “Wild World” which was played in all over the US.
2005 records and releases single "Beautiful Lady"
2006 directed the success of the Tina Charles comeback with Top 5 Billboard Hit “Higher”.
2007 released the album “Reloaded” on Wizard Records which contained the #2 USA Dance Chart hit “Goin’ Up!” feat. Cyre’ that was also featured on US MTV.
2008 moved back to Greece and release the hit single “To Koritsi Tou Filou Mou” (Rap Version)
2009 collaborated again with Tina Charles on a remake of “I Love 2 Love” (Greek Rap Version)
2010 new album “Mou Aresoun Ta Koritsia”.