Aris Ziagos

Aris Ziagos


rock pop rollacoaster of guitars, beats and emotions


Aris (born Aristedes Steven Lee Ziagos) believes his musical influence comes indirectly from his upbringing - the son of a Greek immigrant father and an Irish-American ex-belly dancing mother. Aris' debut LP The Storms is a collection of eclectic, lush modern rock/pop songs. Co-produced by Aris and multi instrumentalist/producer Billy Atwell, the LP delves heavily into world sounds, while also pulsating forward with layered rock guitars, intricate harmonies, enchanting strings and dense, thumping drums.
Recorded in Brooklyn and New Jersey, and mastered in New York City by Michael Fossenkemper (known for his work with Madonna, Sting and Karsh Kale to name a few), the album also features special contributions from Claudia Chopek (known for her work with Moby, Ryan Adams, TV on the Radio) playing strings on "Do You Know", and NYC rapper/producer Jay Vega.

Exploring themes of love, loss, betrayal, spirituality and mortality, "The Storms" takes the listener on a rollacoaster of emotions through it's eleven tracks, including the album's closing track which is sung half in Greek and half in English. Aris also is preparing to release a deluxe edition of "The Storms" featuring new tracks and remixes in July 2010.


The Storms - 11 track LP Released July 2009.

Set List

usually an hour long set of upbeat and mid tempo rock/pop originals, mixed with pop covers from the last 40 years