Ari-West is like no other; new country and rock in a party atmosphere. An award winning energetic group performing top country hits, classic rock, & our own songs. It's crowd pleasing, foot stomping, honky tonk, & some slow lovin country music! E-mail will be glad you did!


The band is comprised of a tight knit group. We know each other's family and friends. Practicing to make sure that any cover is played as close to its original as possible and writing and creating new music that fits in with the "new country" feel. We check out the crowd, we adapt to the venue. You want loud, you got it. You have line dancers? No problem. You want to sing along to your favorites? We can handle that too. Winning awards for songs written for charitable organizations, working festival crowds, acoustic to full band etc. We care about you the listener & you the bar owner. Our aim is to set the bar high and go beyond. You will quickly see that our music and the delivery are untouchable. We are the absolute best when it comes to full entertainment. If you are looking for a group that is more than what you expect, a group that can grab an audience's attention and read them like a book, well you just found us!!


Cement City Sidewalks

Written By: Mike Haemmerle and Kevin Sylva

I’m walkin’ down a crowded street
But I feel so all alone
Jobs are scarce and there’s nothin’ to eat
No place to call my home.
I’ve been doin’ this for too long now.
It all still looks the same
Who knows whose fault this really is
When no one wants to take the blame


Cement city sidewalks seem to be my only friend
Wet newspaper on a cold park bench
With no money left to spend
God knows I’ll wake up cryin in the morning
Wonderin’ when it all will end
But after all has been said and done
Cement City Sidewalks seem to be my only friend

Park pigeon peckin’ on a piece of bread
Man, I wish he’s share
My clothes are ratty, my shoes are worn,
I really need to cut my hair.
People passing laugh and stare at me
They just don’t understand,
This gypsy of the street they’re starin at use to be a man.



Where will I go now, what will I do?
They’re tellin’ me I can’t stay
Whisky bottle in a paper sack, that’s my only escape
I’ve had too much now, but I’ll keep goin’ until it’s just too late
But the last thing I wonder as I close my eyes
Are there sidewalks beyond that gate?


They’re my only friend
Hey! Mister you got a dime? How ‘bout the time?
Well just leave me alone

Scared, Cold and Alone

Written By: Patty Thornberry and Mike Haemmerle

I wish my story was different, oh I really do
Never thought it could happen to me, only to you
I had a great life with all the comforts of home
Now I’m livin’ on the streets scared, cold and alone.

They took my husband away I guess that’s for the best
The kids and I are closer now than we’ve ever been
We lived through it together, the abuse and the pain
Wonder what would’ve happened had we remained.


We really don’t want a lot or need a whole bunch
A warm bed, dry clothes and an occasional lunch

I met a man at the shelter he’d lost his job
Had a white collar career he was so proud of
Fired people for a livin’ imagine that
Now the tables are turned and they don’t want him back.

There’s the family that made it through the terrible storm
Lost all they had couldn’t believe what they saw
The twister came down the road, their house right in its path
They ran for shelter, knelt down and they never looked back.

I’m not sure if I deserve this
Did I do something wrong
Could I go back and change time
Now that it’s gone
I miss the place that I call home


I wish my story was different, oh I really do
Never thought it could happen to me, only to you
I had a great life with all the comforts of home
Now I’m livin’ on the streets scared, cold and alone.


We recently released our debut album "This New Freedom" the title track featured on Hank FM 97.1 in Indianapolis and also played on WCBK 102.3 FM. Named country artist of the week on the Country Cafe, named best of Indy in NUVO's Music Magazine. Member of CMA and NSAI.

Set List

We typically do 3 sets, each lasting 45 minutes.
A typical set list would be :
Real Fine Place, 3 AM, Fast As You, If You're Not In It For Love, Mustang Sally, She's In Love with The Boy, Rose in the Window, Tequila Sunrise, No One Else on Earth, Let's Get the Party Started, It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere, Play Something Country, Neon Moon, Friends in Low Places, I Feel Lucky, Who's Your Daddy, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy.

85% covers and 15% originals. Top country hits of today with a mix of the number ones from yesterday. We can perform 100% originals. We adapt to what is needed.