Arizona Baby

Arizona Baby

 Madrid, Madrid, ESP

Arizona Baby are the new boy wonders of indie. They shoot acoustic bullets and raw wisdom. They are called Arizona Baby, a daring threesome that has stirred up the Spanish music pot with their album Second to None, an irresistible deep-rooted journey of Western ballads and haunting fantasies.


Put your hands up!!! This is ARIZONA BABY…

Although the biggest newcomers of 2009 are acoustic, format-wise, it’s not how you may think it is. Their style is not folk, country nor Americana, but rather acoustic rock. Just like some of their American counterparts, Fleet Foxes, Two Gallants, Devendra Banhart - they have the look of three rogues in search of the gold rush.

News of this band have been spreading like wildfire throughout music festivals, media and fans all over Spain. Second to None, their debut album on Subterfuge Records, is the most unruly collection of truly timeless classics ever committed to vynil. It is an exciting and exhilarating album; songs that shoot first and ask questions later. When you listen to the hypnotic intro of sitars and tablas of X’ed Out (which in fact is a lovely marriage of percussion and guitars) you are transported to a scene in a far-flung Wild West landscape complete with a psychedelic dawning sky. The inventive riffs, fiery slides and changing rhythm patterns combined with pop, swing, rockabilly and Western swing create a foot-stomping explosion which is getting people talking loud.

Shiralee, The Truth, Ouch!, Runaway, Getaway, Dirge, A Tale of the West… Great songs and raw emotions: this must surely be eligible for album of the year.

Band members

Arizona 1: Javier Vielba. The band’s frontman and preacher. The mind behind the action, a feverish workaholic guilty of summoning the band’s concepts, songwriting, imagery and artwork. His side projects roam the fields of folk and beyond, to the valleys of proto-electronics. Studied English Literature & Linguistics + Film Studies at the universities of Edinburgh and Valladolid.

Arizona 2: Rubén Marrón. The quiet man. Rubén spent his teenage years in Los Angeles and counts Gilby Clarke and Slash, from Guns ‘N’ Roses, among his acquaintancies. If everything goes as it should for him, this shredding beast will soon be on the cover of magazines such as Guitar Player. A gifted talent, quite possibly the best acoustic guitar player in recent years.

Arizona 3: Marcos Ubeda. The free spirit. Breast-fed Latin beats, protest songs and Celtic folk, he’s vocational and reluctant to fit in the crowd. His musical abilities and performance onstage are his trademark. He provides the band with perfect vocal harmonies and mesmerizing beats. He actively supports the American Indian Movement.

Having extensively played the London scene and a few festivals in Greece right before they got in the studio to record Second to None, Arizona Baby are set to play different countries -Portugal, France, UK, USA, Mexico…- in a near future as they now tour Spain on a 25-gigs-a-month basis. A travelling and hard working band that will open for Chris Isaak in his Spanish tour next June, as well as headlining some of the most legendary underground music festivals in the country.

Fans and critics, for once in this life, agree: Arizona Baby is here to stay.


First album Second to None (October 2009, Subterfuge Records)

Songs on the album are

The Truth
A Tale of the West
Ballad of A
Muddy River
X'd Out

These have had regular radio play on Spanish national radio. Their album has been described by the press as "the most unruly collection of truly timeless classics ever committed to vinyl. Think Clint Eastwood, Doors, Love’s Forever Changes and Calexico sailing a wild ocean of dreamy songs."

Set List

Sets typically last an hour- 1.5 hours and the band performs songs from their album as well as some comedy to keep the audience happy. In the past they have performed bonus songs by well known rock artists such as Neil Diamond and they did a take on 'My Baby Shot Me Down'.To see them live is a music life-changing experience; a surprise of fever and emotion. Three haunted souls projecting imaginary deserts. Getting the audience clapping, tapping and howling under the spell of their mesmerising melodies.