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Surfing with Demons- album
Black Stars Rebel- single



The band was born in the end of 2006, after the breakin up of the "Rogues", that was the revious Max and Dave's cover band.
Max and Dave wanted to give life to their project that had been goin on for four years: they had a lot of original songs to arrange and play, but the rest of the "Rogues" did not like this idea, considering the cover solution the best for the live performances.
That was the moment to satisfy their own desires and ambitions: Max and dave called Vincent to play bass. He is a very talented musician and a true friend. He played with Max for more than ten years (1990-2000) in the band called "Never Care", very famous in Asti; besides Max and Dave's teamwork was consolidated by 6 years of performing as a duo (The Psychedelic Soho). It was perfect. So Max, Dave and Vincent became the heart of the new project, more stimulating and fascinating: Arizona Dogs. They called to play drums a really promising young guy, Jack Stella.

The band arranged the new songs during the first two months of collaboration, and decided to bring them in a recording studio immediately: embryonical for four years, now "Surfing withe demons" is an actual fact: the first Arizona Dogs album.

This album is a methaphorical trip, psychedelic and real at the same time. It runs through life and death, with two different types of songs: sensations of dryness for the "desert songs"; hallucinatory and drowning sensations for the "stars ansd sea" songs.
The character who lives the trip metaphorically meets the devil in the desert, and he has to make a choice for his entire life: giving his soul to that devil or not?

After the accomplishment of the album, the band performed a lot of live shows...from the roughest bars to the most exclusive clubs (Diavolo Rosso, Chi cerca trova, Mephisto rock cafè,
Il Peocio, Transilvania, Hollywood, Woodstock...)with great success.

The track called "Muddy Love" had a lot of radio approvals (on Playradio, now Virgin Radio)

During these experiences the band changes a little, with 2 new tough guys: Fa Deluxe became Arizona dogs' new rithm guitarist, comin from two very important bands in Asti (Guns 'n Roses tribute, Warnipples); Jack Stella was replaced by Rob Rise (Europe tribute), a more experienced and skilled drummer in a rock context: the Dogs found with Rob a more incisive and powerful style.

On January 2008 Arizona Dogs went back to the studio to record a new single,"Black stars rebel", probably a prologue of the next album. This new track brings Arizona dogs to the final selection of an important contest sponsorized by Virgin Radio(Mind the Band),that takes place in Milan at the Derby theatre.
Now the band is powered by Alkemist Fanatix Europe management.