From The Ashes Of Hurricane Katrina Rises A Band Full Of Passion And Emotion Called Arjuna. Arjuna Is A Herb Believed To Heal The Heart, Their Will Do Just That.


Arjuna is a four piece Rock / Emo / Post-Hardcore band from New Orleans, LA. Their music is original with creative guitar riffs, catchy, emotionally driven vocals, pumping bass lines, and rocking drum parts.much of their music has been shaped from their influences such as Hopesfall, Armor for Sleep, and Taking Back Sunday.

They have been playing together since January of 2005 and have a friendship that will surely make them successful in anything they do.

The band consists of: Gary Sleap - Vocals, Josh Haydel - Drums, Mike Ballz -Bass, Steve Bond - Guitar.


Arjuna - Dear ________

Written By: Arjuna

Starry skies for starry nights
You ask me not to question you
Simple times looking for highs to
Help her forget the ones who hurt you
This blanket is laid out on a trace
They tell us this is just a waste of time
Of peace, a simple plea for me
Take it back all that you say
She hides it all throughout the day
And cries it all throughout the night
Dry your eyes

Take it back, all those words you said
Cause’ these words were sent to kill, kill me

The only thing I have to question
Is questioning itself
It’s so hard to watch you destroy yourself
Well I hide it all throughout the day
And I cry it all throughout the night
Who will dry my eyes?

I swear that I’d do anything to try and make this work-2x

You play the role of a sparrow
With one broken wing
Trying to fly out of this place
Fly away from me
You can’t fly away from your dreams
You can’t fly away from me


Love Regret Without Remorse - 2005

Set List

All Original Music With A Few Accoustic Songs In The Middle Of The Set.