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Joplin, MO | Established. Jan 01, 1998

Joplin, MO
Established on Jan, 1998
Solo Alternative Rock




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Gregory Scott Fitzgibbon a.k.a ARKANGELO, was born in Joplin Missouri. "ARKANGELO", is a unique multi-faceted modern progressive recording artist, with a keen musical intuition and a passionate yearning to write music from his own personal life experiences and the personal life experiences of others. Forged from the spiritual fires of alternative rock, a true musical genius, rising up from the ashes of strife, sharing love from the heart, inspiring others with words, dredged from deep within the soul, giving hope and teaching life lessons.

Much to the long awaited anticipation of his beautiful extended network of loyal fans, ARKANGELO is now releasing for the first time a 4-pack smorgasbord of Pre-Recorded Music never before released from his previous band ventures known as Unclethumbtack, Superchild, and now currently known as ARKANGELO.

ARKANGELO'S music interest began on his parents grand piano at the age of 4 where he was taught for the first time to play "Yankee Doodle" by his grandmother, which he performed for a talent show at his local catholic pre-school. He was also inspired by the catholic church songs where he discovered his voice, at the ripe age of 5. A real music prodigy, by the age of 15, he received a hot red Charvel bass guitar and a mini amplifier for Christmas; In which he taught himself how to play in less than 3 months time. Naturally, he blossomed into fruition by 18 years old, where he formed an alternative rock band called Unclethumbtack.

Unclethumbtack performed live at many night clubs, bars, coffee shops and large outdoor concerts, with crowds ranging between 500 to 1500 people. In November of 1996 Unclethumbtack entered into the Philadelphia Music Conference, and was ranked in the top 10 out of 600 musical competitors, along with the band Marcy Playground. Shortly afterward, Unclethumbtack was approached by a Philadelphia-based record label and asked to complete a full album and send it back to the label within 2-weeks time for a secondary review, and a possible opportunity to be signed to a $250,000 dollar record contract. In which, Unclethumbtack did manage to record a 12 song album, but the effort was futile, unfortunately by May of 1997, Unclethumbtack parted their separate ways. The lead guitar player fled to Nashville Tennessee, later to become known as Smokin' J.D. Rooney of Rascal Flatts. Erin Fitzgibbon re-enlisted into the military. Colin Frayser moved to OKC and started his own plumbing business. Jason Winnie went on to pursue his craft in custom leather creations. By late 1998, determined, Gregory was later compelled to reinvent his image, so he eventually changed his artist name to become known as the original solo artist, Superchild. Who then went on to write another 12 song album called "Feel Free To Be Wild". By late 2006 he reinvented his image for the last time and changed his artist name once again to become known as ARKANGELO.

ARKANGELO'S current goals are to release his archived 4-pack music collection, revealing his artistic progression from 96' to now. While presently performing at live venues, landing slots on multiple radio stations and finishing his new Double Album Project called: "HEARTLING FOOTNOTES".

ARKANGELO has pre-written well over 3100 songs and counting.

Music Now Available for Download at:

ARKANGELO - 22 Song Double Album: 11:11 AWAKENING-THE DREAM.

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