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Dada country, someone once said of Brian Adam Smith's debut album. A southern and surreal take on American folk music with elements of electronic, soul, classical, and improvisation. Brian Adam Smith has a penchant for the spectacular and the dramatic, and is hell bent on everything he does.


debut album "The Night's Weight of Order"
to be self-released late November 2009.

The musical origins for Brian's debut album began when the novelist Salman Rushdie demanded that Brian play for his seminar at Emory University. Brian obliged by playing a 12-string guitar and a dumbek at the same time in an improvisational structure. Thus spawned the instrumental "Song for Salman", rearranged for the album and featuring trumpet, cello, electric bass, drums and acoustic guitar.

The rest of the material was conceived when Brian sequestered himself in snow-bound Bat Cave, NC for two months in 2009. He wrote enough material for three albums and left to record the first.

Brian is the kind of person who will show up to a town that he doesn't live in, lease a bare-bones studio, sleep on its floor, recruit 14 musicians to play for free, and record an album.

That album is "The Night's Weight of Order". Recorded high in the Appalachian mountains of Boone, NC, it is a deeply poetic and idiosyncratic concept album that does not simply play but turns over on itself. The opening track "Empty Rooms" returns in altered form and instrumentation with "Empty Skies". The Townes Van Zant inspired soul track "Between Eros and Orion" turns out to have a twin sister, "Between Skin and Dreams", and "Nightbird" quickly changes into the allusive "Flowerbird".

Brian Adam Smith is a 29 year old vocalist/multi-instrumentalist from Asheville, NC. In the fall of 2009, he moved to Brooklyn, NY and began working on the second album.



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"The Night's Weight of Order"
debut album by Brian Adam Smith
self-released 11/09

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Brian Adam Smith's sets are always full of surprises and more than a flyspeck of improvisation. Mostly playing original material, he has also been known to produce staggeringly altered covers of other artists, ranging from Otis Redding to Joni Mitchell.