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Thornlie, Western Australia, Australia | SELF | AFM

Thornlie, Western Australia, Australia | SELF | AFM
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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Away from the world" review"

Arkayan began as an acoustic side project by members of local acts Fractious and Book Of Lilith before evolving into their current electrified form, but those roots can still be heard throughout this debut album, particularly in the guitar intro to Amputations. Melodic song structures and soaring vocals put them at the lighter end of the spectrum, but that’s not to say there isn’t a good, crunchy rock base under the complex harmonies and intricate guitar work.
In terms of influences, the band draws from a wide range of points on the alternative rock landscape. There’s definitely some prog metal there, and some stoner rock, but the most obvious antecedent is Pearl Jam, along with everything that came after Pearl Jam, especially on Bon Jovi Weekend.
All up, this is a solid debut, albeit not an amazing one. The album feels all of a piece, not just a collection of songs cobbled together to fill a CD. While there are no obvious standout tracks that might make for decent singles, there’s a strong sense of unity and identity; Arkayan know who they are and what they’re doing, it only remains for them to push it to the next level in order to deliver something truly noteworthy. - X press magazine

""Away from the world" review"

Australian music makes me happy. Not because it's good, or bad, or strange, or anything like that. But, because it's Australian. It comes from a land down unda'. It already gets high marks before I even listen to it.

I'm not going to bore you with all the info about where this band came from, who they used to be band-mates with, what their mother's maiden name is, or how many times a week they need to string their guitars (3 times. Ok, I am going to tell you that). What I AM going to tell you is that if you're in Australia, and these guys are playing, then you NEED to see them.

And that's an order!
- The Biggest Letdown

""Away from the world" review"

For little overseas enjoyment we look to Perth Alternative rocker Arkayan. This currently unsigned five piece hails from Perth, Australia. Molded in the likes of Porcupine Tree, Thrice, and The Cooper Temple -in 2010, amidst extensive live touring they released their debut album "Away from the World." Arkayan was originally developed as an acoustic side project but slowly morphed into the 5 member group that constitutes their current line-up. Vocalist/guitarist Jon Mazzardis also serves as the bands manager, and is accompanied by Niall Ridgeway (guitar), Djan Irianto (drums), Raq Santella (vocal harmonies) and Dan Bruce (bass). "Away from the World" displays many skills and characteristics of a band that has been together a while, let alone, in this case, one that is relatively new and currently unsigned. The album opener "Long Standing Silence" blasts with a pulsating riff and sharp lyrics that sets the bar pretty high and is maybe failed to live up to throughout the rest of the tracks.

An interesting characteristic of Arkayan is the almost duel lead singing, which in truth is more of a harmonized duality between lead singer Mazzardis and back-up/harmony vocalist Raq Santella. Santella, (a chick) makes for an interesting combination in the harmonizing and dual lyrical sound, adding a soft yet hauntingly echoing voice to Mazzardis's raspy yet melodic and powerful tone. This duality is a prominent characteristic in all their songs, and while sometimes it works in the band's and listeners' favor, (see Moving Mountains, New Decay, and One-Side Decisions). It can also hinder and confuse the feeling and tone of a song, particularly on "Amputation," which is a half acoustic, half electric number that seems to lose its direction halfway through the song.

The guitars, bass, and drums seem to be tightly knit and fused together in their rhythms and sonic synchronicity, which again pulls me in two directions. On one hand I can get locked into a groove on a song like "Bon Jovi Friday" with its searing blasts of frenetic sounding guitar and percussion that drives and steers the groove I realized I have trouble differentiating the songs because of the similar pace and arrangement of half the album.

The counter to the previous statement is the album closer "Vanishing," which provides a magnetic intro and showcases some of the musical talents I believe could and should be displayed throughout the album. I highly recommend the album opener and closer, one can clearly see that this band does have tremendously potential. The fact that Arkayan remains unsigned is very surprising and I have a hunch that it will not last long. There are many positives and signs that Arkayan can make themselves known in the music world, including here in the States. They seem to stay inside their particular straight forward musical confines; it would be interesting to see where they can go musically as a group. Mazzardis's voice is a strong point in the group, along with the pulsating guitars and rhythm section Arkayan could have a very bright future. "Away from the World" is an ambitious start, having just discovered this relatively new and unknown Australian group I am eager to see what direction they take their musical talents in. Visit their website for more information and to purchase their debut Album "Away from the World." -


Away From the World - released Nov 27 2010 and is currently available to listen to on all our associated websites.

Long Standing Silence is currently being played on the following stations:
PBS 107.3 in Melbourne, Victoria
The Luver webcasting station in Berkeley, California.
WKGB in Dunmore, Pennsylvania.

Vanishing is currently being played on the following stations:
The Tjuma Pulka Media Aboriginal Corporation in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Moving Mountains is currently receiving airplay on the following stations:
Intensely Modern (internet radio -currently number 14 on rock charts)
KKUP No Pigeonholes radio program in Berkeley, California.
KFMA Test Department radio program in Tucson, Arizona.
HGRNJ in Long Valley, New Jersey.
KACV in Amarillo, Texas.
SRN Mediaworks in Woodbridge, Ontario.

One Sided Decisions is currently receiving airplay on the following stations:
Radio Orphans Podcast.



Like the slightly awkward hip thrusting movements of the next door neighbours dog on your leg, Arkayan leave an impression. Formed in 2009 from random miscreants of several perth bands, Arkayan released their debut CD "Away from the world" in November 2010 and toured abroad to spread their wondrous anecdotes about celebrity body parts (not many people know that Mark Wahlberg can do pushups just using his nipples).
“Away from the World” tells many a story of relationships, broken hearts and the underlying story of Chuck Norris's battling of emotion and robotic demons while fighting a team of cyborg ninjas (it's open to interpretation of course).
Arkayan compare the sound of their album to “the recording of the rowdy interactions of Porcupine Tree, Incubus, Thrice, The Cooper Temple and a Shetland Pony on a tour bus”.
See Arkayan live and you’re in for a high energy, rock-fuelled show accompanied by heartfelt songs delivered with passion, sincerity and occasional nudity. If you’re lucky you may even get beaten by the spongy sound of awesomeness at live performances in Perth, as well being informed on the finer points on why Chuck Norris could beat Superman in a fight underwater.
Arkayan consists of Jon Mazzardis (vocals/guitar/manliness), Niall Ridgeway (guitar/Futurama quote machine), Djan Irianto (drums/swarve ), Raq Santella (harmonies/random swaying) and the newest addition to the group, Dan Bruce (bass and sexification). In a past life, these experienced musicians have supported acts such as 'Full Scale', ‘Dead Letter Circus’ and ‘Sydonia’ to name a few. Now they’ve come together as Arkayan and are ready to take their rockin’ rants around the country with or without pants.
Arkayan's second CD "The Marsh Chapel Experiment" is due for launch on the 13th of January 2012