Arkham Karvers

Arkham Karvers


Arkham Karvers are a mix on Bob Marley and Arctic Monkeys in one with the fast up tempo songs of Arctic Monkeys and the Off beat break downs of Bob Marley, i know that so a bit strange but it works.


Ska and Indie, Folk and Rock - not musical styles often spoken in the same sentence, let alone combined in the same songs.

But combined with thoughtful lyrics, blistering melodies and hooks that you can't stop humming - these elements come together to create something that is as new and exciting as it is old and your favourite book out to music! Taking huge influence from The Clash, The Police, Bedouin Soundclash and Reggae, Arkham Karvers endless offbeat energy never fails to get the crowd moving.

Having already established themselves on the Sheffield circuit with sell out shows at The Plug and 02, and receiving rave reviews for their self released EP, The Big Slick, AK came to the attention of Jon Windle, ex LMT frontman now solo artist and owner of Tiny Teeth Records by way of a support slot.

Several gigs later, Windle decided to add them to his growing roster and help spread their unique musical mayhem to a wider audience.


Big Slick - 14 August 2010
Prices they Pay - 28 November 2011

Set List

Arkham Karvers
Sheffield Sound


Ticket to the pictures

Prices they pay

San Bigastro

Darkest Days